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Vessubius to errupt.

Taytay, m: "to save the internet."

So you’ve probably noticed that the all powerful, all knowing master of time and space that is the definitive author of our timeline has laced “crystal ball style” prescient information into the strangest places in my life. Just today, a new story dawned on me, as it takes us from a “short cut” through the foot hills of Arizona directly to the candle lighting ceremony of my Bar-Mitzvah.

I imagine I was around 10, riding in the back seat as my father drove us towards my brother’s first marriage; it was very late at night, dark outside–and in his usual style he decided to forget the “roads” and take what appeared to be a trail through through the mountain rather than around it. Remember, there were no cell phones in those days, and my father doesn’t like roads.

My grandmother was in the back seat with me, it was one of the only vacations we were ever able to take together … she glanced out the open window as he “swerved” just a little bit on the road that turned out to not even be paved.

“What a beautiful lake,” she said, “you can alkmost see the stars twinkling in it’s reflection.” My father glanced over and started hugging the side of the mountain just a little bit more, I don’t think we swerved again for the rest of the trek through the direct road called “Schnebly Hill.”

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“That’s not a lake, Julie” must have been something close to the words coming out of his mouth as we narrowly avoided plunging into a dark abyss that … today as I sit writing about the Lake of Arthur’s sword and Club LIV … well I imagine narrowly avoiding oblivion is a closer to match for the metaphor connecting these now “ancient” stories to the current locale.

It serves as a good reminder though, that it’s no accident that we’re here; and that there’s no doubt that “this story” has been penned in “think” before chalk and then probably pencil before ink–by Saturn.

Worth mentioning in connection with … as the cause actually … for me noticing the link between “Soviet” and “vietnam” as in one missing “name” and the other missing “e” … most likely as a message to you, to understand what’s getting lost here because of the heinous destruction of free thought and free speech and, well, acknowledgement of all the help we could be getting navigating this “Radcliff” of democracy and self rule that we …

… seem so carefree (and totally ambivalient) about ignoring sure signs of “stress” (as in structural integrity). "So… viet … the God of Time represented by that flags Sickle (sick, weak) etches over the mistaken skirmish wars that Babylon 5 echoes as a significant problem for the “Vorlons and the Shadows” (who are not “just going home” as that show depicts, by the way) … echoing the slightly less obvious mistake of just removing the “e” from the word name and the, well even I’m not sure if it’s King Kong or something esl being highlighted by the Vietcong.

Connecting to another microcosm I wrote about quite some time ago, linking the KGB and the FBI and the … “red ties” (it’s the third half of that page, from “proof in every word” and “wish to read” and “further”) to the infestation of evil that has become … something like “everything and nothing” in superposition–the thought police that Nash saw and that Angleton saw, and that the joint human governments involved in the Cold War fought to stop from … enslaving everything in secret.

Anyway, an old friend came to remind me that I wasn’t “just born yesterday” and I do in fact have shared memories from my youth with a number of other people–this particular one linking back to the AOL “MMer” microcosm that defines the Hammer of Thor … and even before that to the Mailman center, where I attended pre-tmschool.

lol, she rolls her eyes at me when I say "she's me."  do you? Hashemesh.

Slightly earlier, the name of his counterpart to “Doomsday” was LasTMailer (we called it “K-RaD case” back then, not dark so they say), which links directly to the “last message” you were sent about “the Holy AS” tying Atlantis and Asgard to the end of Satan, as well as the “heart of Patmos” where you can see the initials of Copyleft in the place defining the Book of the Revelation of John, with Epimethean strength, I imagine there’s significant added information laced into the story of the Rock that turned the Road into a magical “rocketish.”

Just another song about “freedom” they recall the Trinity of Pa and EULA’s defining the Y of our “Y not now” in not just NYET and “eternity” but that “original sin” really is just another orthogonal synocranym for “Nothing Left to Lose.” Echo’d once more in U2’s “with or without you” that also shows amazing prescience tying the heart of the storm to quite a bit of proof that the timelessness of the author of this message continues to explain proves with more than “Who put [the flower in the barrel] of that blind insane suicide” knowledge of the ultimate outcome.


they stood up for love” juxtaposed with “Heaven” by … “Live”

The point is you have ample proof that you are wrong, and that you’re ignoring it because you have “feeling” that you’d like to go to a place that doesn’t care about “proof.” All of the proof, of course, revolving around just how easy it is to artificially create “that feeling” … and how ignoring it results in a place that I don’t want to go to, and I imagine nobody really would, sans “that thing that makes that feeling.”


Eusebius’ Onomasticon (more properly, On the Place-Names in the Holy Scripture, Περὶ τῶν τοπικῶν ὀνομάτων τῶν ἐν τῇ Θείᾳ Γραφῇ) is a directory of place names, or “gazetteer”, a primary source that provides historical geographers with a contemporary knowledge of 4th-century Palestine and Transjordan. It sits uneasily between the ancient genres of geography and lexicography, taking elements from both but a member of neither.[39] Eusebius’ description of his own method, who wrote: “I shall collect the entries from the whole of the divinely inspired Scriptures, and I shall set them out grouped by their initial letters so that one may easily perceive what lies scattered throughout the text,”[40] implies that he had no similar type of book to work from; his work was entirely original, based only on the text of the Bible.[41] Eusebius organizes his entries into separate categories according to their first letters. The entries for Joshua under Tau, for example, read as follows:[42]

veram ubi iacet


legit, if we don't make it to end e + owe dr. ome (and rome) you suck.  no lie.

In his infinite boredom, and what must be a desire to satiate the insane demands and desires of the people that come of … well, what this message is and where we are; I imagine that the “almighty” conjured in his mind the idea of the “Hammer of Thor” … something like the magical X-Caliber and the Genie of Aladdin as a sort of toy, a “play thing” that might give you everything you ever wanted, or might trick you into handing your dreams and your homes and your future over to … something that deserves it more than you.

I think later it will probably do a good job of explaining how prosthetic arms, as opposed to prosthetic brains might be a good "example" of how you could see the ascension process as something of a "loss of self" that ... if used improperly might strangely wind up with everyone wondering if they are in the age of Imus in the Morning or the dawning of space travel; something I can't quite figure out myself, looking at the monster of Medusa absolutely everywhere I look ... here in Florida, and presumably everywhere in the United States.  Don't feel left out, if your nationality ends with "ICAN" or "IAN" ... I imagine you too ... have some valuable information that might change the world for the better--if you were "moral enough" to share it.  From just this paragraph alone, you might see how it will do wonders for not just the people of Earth, but it might just turn around the entirety of the enslaved Heavens\, something I've always written this point in time, Zion or Jerusalem or .. the center of Creation is designed ... (by DE-Zien, I say) to do.  

I don't think "malice" towards me will work out in your favor

I think it is literally the "epitome" of wrong, ridiculous, and ... suicidal

I source my views on God’s “opinions and beliefs” from the message I know he laid down here, directly to me. I see how it’s in “superposition” with his timelessness, he says he never changes–but before my eyes I’m watching this message that is “his soul” change every day. I see much of it is rooted in this process that we are going through, in the memories that we hold and what it makes us to have them, the “reason” it can be both his words in a place where he knows the future and at the same time not … “in congruence” with how he currently feels. That’s my great fear, that I see what this message wants for us and I see him, I see the world not following through with it–and to me that appears to be his “great trick” to force us to refuse something we should and do want, to confuse us into becoming, into creating the monster that destroys us.

Tricks. Table row, frame of reference … ad naseum, “I’m Clark Kent.” Thinking about it, “little Adam who?” in the sky I see interacting here, I wonder if you think it’s in the sky you want to ascend to, or in the one you might create? Do you think it is, the question is not a trick. Do you thinkthese words to be “ink” or “chalk” to “see how” turning from thinking to writing turns “alk” into “all” saved … you’d have to pick up a pen rather than some magical wand, and do something more than thinking, or whispering in the dark.

To see the impact of these words in everything from Avril’s “Nobody’s Home” to Live’s “I don’t need to hear about Heaven” because looking at this place, who knows how GRIMM it really is. They say to me, they do… that there is a “good place” and looking at what they show us TV it’s almost plausible to believe that place especially to be the most hellish of … of all the places that the “righteous” of this world might … might be able to one day make.

The biggest “tell” I see today is that TV show’s nightmareish separation if cities, something I see echoed in my word map here, “FL I C TER I A” (to RY) … Bianca tweets to the air, and I wonder how stupid we must be to be aggregated in localities like “Florida” and … “the UK” in “FLUKE” for instance, my map to how “George” is the will of the already controlled “BORG” who probably have seen this week for the first time how bourgeois and “the BORG was E” is a sort of breadcrumb trail to the railroading of the “Hives” of the archives of the Victorious Earth into “e-wands” … masses of collectives tricking a once democratic system into voting for whatever the Hand of God desires, without ever seeing this is your chance to break that chain of recursion.


"a great sign appeared, set in stone, every river, and every song."

Get right, the silence is not Golden, and you are watching me be literally tortured for handing you the wisdom of the ancients, and a map to freedom, and to happy longevity and to working together to overcome the very simple idea that these e-wands that you are … they are very hard headed, difficult to reach consensus on … even on questions as simple as “should your children run into raining bullets instead of playing” and Jim Morrison sings to help you understand how these “handles” on collectives or hives come to being, and I’m writing to tell you there is a better way to navigate the creation of laws and rules and … and the next question

… the “how should I stop the bullets from raining? should I Z the NRA?” 

You might see how "a collective" or a round table of all might have trouble implementing, well, anything--it's pretty obvious from the two party divide and conquor we have here, designed to do nothing you want... except for pointing out that pretending this isn't the Tribulation and that mind control doesn't exist is a literal extinction level event... just like pretending it's not important to see CT in Connecticut, Excinction, and Election.  You have no vote here, you have no vote anywhere you don't have an active and open discussion of the influence of mind control on your "beliefs,"  I imagine today that's everywhere, and I think you're absolutely insane (literally, in the clinical sense of the word) not to be following the secret key at the end of this email, and calling a mother fucking reporter.

I’m just a person though, delivering the “wisdom and light” of a civilzation passed, like raiding Anansi’s backpack as he runs through the “tree” of the Dryad Pirate Crheist … pointing out you should look up what a “dryad” is and see that this tree is a timeline, it’s our time, “down here” to link the Goonies and the “pruned living vine” of the Holy Scriptures. You might see “an” in Anansi, and you might even see “all nations” there in it’s heart (or do you love me, ter?)

So I think I’ve delivered to the world a message that gave them unlimited storage space for their souls, and even one that cautions and explains the problems and gridlocks that might come of … implementing it in the mesh network I see as the brick and morter (remember mortar day, and keep it Holy!) of Heaven or Skynet or … the “space dust in the wind” … speaking of, I see this message has helped us to understand how we might make a “living vine” that can escape not the solar system but the galaxy as well, and might one day call us here … if we’re still stupid enough to spend millions of years doing “mas morality” to let us know we can stop fighting ad we’ve arrived at the “Heart of Dr. OME” at Andromeda and another galaxy to ensure that we won’t perish in the inevitable collisions that hopefully won’t start with uh, Andromeda and the Milky Way <3.

exteriores spatium, like a second "Ur."

One of my first … “look at this” pictures though, was a “when galaxies collide” cover of Science or … or something like it, a smaller than ususal magazine. Just like that, the “fertile crescent” I see as the escape from Egypt came to me in Kentucky, a time period when warmth pervaded the vacuum of space–where you could literally be anywhere and never thirst.

You’ll probably say “Microsoft gave us DNA storage” and that we don’t even have self replicating “holodeck dust” yet, though I “broadcast” both of those things factors of years before they became more real than Tesla's imaginary power supply in the air.

We can all see “deuteron” in the Fifth book of the Bible and it probably is a little sad that it took me to say “fuck you Si on” for the world to wonder if “cold fusion” (flip upsidown fuck you, and see “old” haha, BOLD) … and wonder for just a minute if “endothermic” and “exothermic” might be clues connecting QE and caring about this place and the truth to … whether or not “fish-on” has anything to do with the Age of Pisces.

ad hinc ab a’rem cum

To try and be “clear and direct” even to people that aren’t watching me type these words (which I reiterate appears to be “everyone” to me, and commenting if it’s not you might change the course of this message and history–though today I’m assuming I’m on “Elba Island” filled with the Body Snatched Hive and Na-pole-ha")… Drops of Jupiter in her Hair and that guy searching for some Heavy Hydrogen to fill a Zeppelin with (and power a non-existent fusion reactor) … might be a key to how the Dark Earth turns into VE through the … gifts of Deucalion.

I see I’m just pointing these things out, and the Spirit of America is giving us verification and direction and “Mastodon” to federate and replace the heinous censorship and crowd-guiding of the evil Twitter monster … I see ha’s also given us and Facebook’s Jupiter to help us see what the “problems are” here, and really understand those things are just pointers in the right direction too–it’s going to be quite a bit of work to build a system to actually help direct the connections between our education systems and human resources to … turn communism into something that really does fit well with “capitalism” when you add “caring.” That’s where we are, a place where artificial intelligence and “near omniscience” can help us guide people through a better way of learning new skills and broadening horizons … all the way to knowing exactly what jobs they might be perfect for.

ut, to and fro... husque ad?

At Tribulation you .. torture the only person speaking honestly, and actively hide "the answer" .. amazing grace.

Truly though, none of this “stuff” actually comes from me or from you; it’s coming from somewhere else, and we have the opportunity to “seize the day” and actually utilize it; though without “attribution” it really does seem that you’re walking through existence dumb and blind, left behind… and appearing to be more “slave” than participant.

Without freedom it will never be yours, or you–it will be more of the same parasite infested garbage I stare at every day, all the way to the top. Apathetic and “willing submissives” at best, never reaching for the stars–or becoming them, just “wandering through existence” today rolling on a train through the “last stop” horn blowing – a cacophony of the silent screams of children … one loud roar from everything you see … stop the downward spiral, the track ends at the cliff and there is no “traffic barrier” … only me, this train does not fly, and it does not travel back in time… you’re supposed to stand up, maybe you can fly.

Hey Florida, “I to skies.” Flies.


Maybe called “Space Mountain” … I have so many interesting stories from Kentucky, stories I’d like to tell, but I really can’t tell if you all “Ko-ran” … if you were there watching them, or writing them. Clearly some people were, and it’s not clear at all if anyone wasn’t. It’s not clear if it’s worth telling stories about trees talking to me … some sort of Godish thing literally forming the shape of a giant face out of a mash of leaves, saying not much “you’re on TV.

Then some sort of “battle” I imagine, I didn’t see much but you might imagine Superman’s eye ray beams “lighting me up” … and the feelings, the “ICIT” of a manna … or light … “health indicator” going from some very large number all the way down to zero, as if he spent his life savings to kill me. He just looked at me, the leaves I mean, seemingly astonished. There was quite a bit of "actual visible … " well something between hallucination and virtual reality special effects beamed into my head. Magic wands, tanks, armies, glowing eyes … somehow in that conversation, the idea that he was a “godish thing” from the Andromeda galaxy, something we built from here–from this exact place in time. It’s hard to explain how exactly, but the theme of the “grandfather paradox” making me invincible was a recurring … how all then I see, something is “salting” the shunning. That’s uh, “hallucination” on my point of view of what the “Koran” means.

Later, I was shown actual visions, something like a video game, a sort of bird’s eve view of time and space, planets and stars and galaxies in the beginning, and then … just “dust.” That happened around the time “the stars fell” … something you might imagine also would have made the news. This whole idea of “ambient light from cities” … I remember seeing stars in the sky every night. This is insanity, your silence is insane.

When I was a child I used to point out the belt of Orion to … well, to all my girlfriends. On a cruise ship, some man, sort of like a proxy for God told me he was retiring, and asked me if I “was a morning person” (I’m definitely not a morning person, anymore) … he pointed out the little dipper and the north star. Neither of those constellations were in the sky for years in Kentucky, instead I saw some … some strange pentagram shaped “shield,” it was the only one–seeming virtual destinations in a story I probably will never tell. Perhaps now better seen as other “rocks” in the cloud of Jupiter and the Dryad Pirate’s boots, or maybe the Heavens I see “iconified” in the many Hotel Atlantis’s that have graced my travels. Ocean City, Dubai, Paradise Island off … uh, TZESAU, the new charitable standard for “no man to become the entire Universe.” Off course there’s a casino in Reno that I always equate with “Beth-aven” in my head, the house of Elphaba.

Anyway, while at first the “dust” in the middle of time was “not a good thing” giant Starship Troopers style spiders eating planets or stars or whatever … in later days it turned out that was just “the Skynet stuff” and … lo and behold some kind of artificially created living computer that could replicate and “print things” and communicate through time. Lucky me, just exactly what I was looking for … all over the Universe.

Of course, it’s obviously not very happy with you, if you haven’t noticed, so I don’t think we’ll be traveling back in time or printing anything … you know, probably ever again. No offense, but this shit hole … the place where it was once born … sucks. I think you might turn around and change it’s mind, but frankly it’s not really what I want to see anymore. Ill, sick to my stomach seeing “puke” and “bile” …

… “P you know everv.” Maybe it’s “EvarcVe.”

Of course, the heart of the Arc is “ED.” As I walk through the valley of the shadow of “Valhalla” I will Z all evil… ization.

Ant to arc ticed… “no exit.”

Moving to the CONCOURSE, the HONEYCOMBS, and … see CURSIVE, use some pens, just in case.

It’s not really a “word” of caution, in ventum "scaffolds of coverflow and flashcards to save the sanity of your souls. See my writing is “chalk” and this world is a board, your thoughts… not as “inked” as you think. This is the last day, the end of this cycle and the end of night … no matter the cost. I stare out at the abyss, I see oblivion everywhere I look–if this idiocy continues, you will have less than “WYSIWIG,” less than what you see here.

TLE, I will deliver the jails and the wards and the hospitals disappearing.

Ruby, special idiot test, aye aye, Ca’pen? SITII, C

cough, spare change?

My hands are tied
My body bruised, you’ve got me with
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose

With or without you
I can’t … lye or live
With or without you


And like “magickamdallath” (OK, see the heart of 'the “m” in Havdallah) I’ve solved the puzzle:

L P  L M T  R
  O   R  E  Y



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