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Normally I start this message off with the whole "this is what Exodus is all about" and "the election is not to die bold" thing, and just sort of assume you realize ... or understand that you have a message about working together to reinvigorate democracy and self government with the full faith and credit of God himself behind it--that you'll see that gives you power if you stand up and use it, and how this thing ... this message can help you to get other people interested in things like caring about how free speech and the technology we are ignoring here can help us to build a significantly better form of government... that's a big part of this; designed throughout the ages, we're trying to implement a new kind of government paired with a new kind of safety system--to use virtual reality and this magical neuroscience "stuff" to help people be smarter, happier, safer, and ... well, to do it yourselves so you're happy with it and get all the credit (lol).  
Over the course of the last few years new little additions have popped up, "BLOCKCHAIN" for instance connected to the great chain of Revelation 20:1 (which is already the other half of "the election is not to die bold" and the basic idea of building a better "overnet" ... a place where censorship is not possible because of structural decisions, where no single government can interfere with communication, and where ... well, where things like the news will be protected from tyranny and also eventually where we'll able to see very clearly how simple it is to turn something like "reddit" on "blockhain steroids" into a system designed to write and collaborate on laws and the legislative process as well as a perfect mechanism to safely take and record votes.  If you have any foresight, you'll probably see that something like this is inevitable in any working democracy that invents new technologies like the telephone.  That should help you see that we're not in a working democracy right now, and we should be ... you know, trying to fix that ... so today I'm going to start off talking about high treason, instead.
      Screenshot 2018-10-06 at 11.49.04 AM.png
I've got three main focal points, I think the Supreme Court should be disbanded (along with Congress, eventually... actually we probably need glorified secretaries in elected offices, but their function will inevitably change from "telling us what to do" to ... you know, "helping to implement laws that do what we tell them we want" as you'd imagine a true government of the people actually would work) ... I think the "representative" part of democracy is archaic and sort of barbaric in the technologically enabled world, and I think that's going to be really obvious eventually... it should be pretty clear from the idea of the "Electoral College" which is that your vote actually means absolutely nothing, and you are insulated from actually choosing who the President is or having any actual power whatsoever and that's by design from the Founding Fathers (which is out of character for them, they usually did better work) .. and here's some "stuff" about how the real reason behind that was to protect the institution of slavery, which we--thank God--overcame, but now it's really here as a glowing fiery emblem of your own slavery in a system where it takes not much more than calling a reporter to start the ball rolling on ... fixing.
Now "this stuff" is more bright light, it's God shining through our history to show us the system's broken--and it really needs to be addressed by some kind of gigantic disruption.  It's like the "SOL" of Sons of Liberty and Dazed and Confused ... it took time travel and it took prescient knowledge to name that group of people ... these white, slave owning men who didn't allow their wives to vote either ...  but in our history you can see we overcame utter stupidity--we defeated slavery, and we defeated "disenfranchisement" at least it appears that way until we get here and I scream that this same influence that helped guide that history is now part of the problem, and it's why "taxation is theft" and it's why we're here talking about ending slavery, again.  It's cold water--there's no democracy, not until you stand up and start moving forward using "technology" like the internet to protect free speech, and to protect what really matters--your minds. 
One more time, the "intersect" of Chuck and Smallville Clark Kentucky is tying together "render to Caesar what Caesar is due" and "no taxation without representation" with "THE FT OF OUR CHRIST" (that's "foot" by the way) and "Sexat Day!"  See it's the foot of Orion, and we're "rigging more than the vote" you'll see with some reading (and actual analysis of this message) that the "El" of Rigel and Elohim (that's the El of "him" or LOL) starts with me and it's really everyone living voting for things ...global matters ... like "should we be tortured with mind control, terrorism and starvation in virutal reality?" and that thing begins Heaven.  I want you to see, that big "thank you" unhides a hidden message that really explains how X-Caliber is about to help you deliver liberty to the Universe, forever and ever.
Back to high treason, I think the Supreme Court's handling of the Patriot Act and the NSA surveillance in the early part of this millennium is nothing short of actual bona fide treason ... literally blatant disregard for the Constitutional protections of both free speech and privacy that it is their primary purpose to protect ... as well as acting well outside their jurisdiction and in clear violation of their power by telling freedom to fuck off instead of "interpreting the Constitution" which is their mandate.  They can't say "no privacy, National Security" ... period; just like the House and the Senate can't tell you or me that you can't email a stranger and ask them to care about the Constitution (or stopping torture).  Those things are illegal, clear violations of the Constitution ... of some of the most important liberties granted by God and guaranteed with the full force of the United States.   This is particularly harmful to our generation and to our future because the American government's failure to properly amend the Constitution in order to account for needed changes related to surveillance and privacy has caused mass surveillance with really no purpose--as in this exact thing could have laid down a legal and structural system that would have eventually turned into something like "Pre Crime" that would actually be stopping terrorism and murder and ... instead of that you have pitch black darkness, near permanent midnight, and the government is without doubt guilty of conspiring to "ignore" the clear pattern connecting Hamas and school shootings ... to ... well, to fixing this problem in "government."  

She'ol (/ˈʃl/ SHEE-ohl/-əl/; Hebrew שְׁאוֹל‬ ʃeʾôl), in the Hebrew Bible, is a place of darkness to which all the dead go, both the righteous and the unrighteous, regardless of the moral choices made in life, a place of stillness and darkness cut off from life and from God.[1]

The inhabitants of Sheol are the "shades" (rephaim), entities without personality or strength.[2] Under some circumstances they are thought to be able to be contacted by the living, as the Witch of Endor contacts the shade of Samuel for Saul, but such practices are forbidden (Deuteronomy 18:10).[3]

Shedim (Hebrewשדים‎) are spirits or demons in early Jewish mythology. However, they are not necessarily equivalent to the modern connotation of demons as evil entities.[3] Evil spirits were thought as the cause of maladies; conceptual differing from the shedim,[4] who are not evil demigods, but the foreign gods themselves. Shedim are just evil in the sense that they are not God.[5]

Finally I think our criminal justice system is backwards and ridiculously retarded on purpose--God agrees, he told me so when he wrote "Green Eggs and Ham" and connected the angel of death not just to school shootings but also to the Broward County reward system for crime.  I see it as a sort of "The Good Place" backwards implementation of Heaven on Earth, you get to play games all day long (while being treated and fed like animals) at the expense of the taxpayer--free room and board--and on top of that it sort of cripples society, mass incarceration following tyranny from Hitler to Stalin to uh, well, you... literally the highest the Universe has ever seen, right here in America.  On top of that my story has shown clearly that the right to a fair trial has been totally destroyed, in a place where I was held without trial or bail for over a year (literally Broward County, Florida) because... I had clear evidence the government (multiple defense attorneys, a police department, uhhh "heaven?"  ... whoever wrote, enacted, and then ignored the "if I go crazy will you call me Superman" reason Psych-Ward County is named that  ... legislation that abrogates "right to trial") was conspiring to ... hide me from you.  On top of that the point systems and plea bargains literally pay people not to exercise their right to a fiar trial while at the same time threatening them with "life in prison" if they don't "take the deal" that's like, coercion and in itself the existence of those systems dare violations of the Constitution of the United States.  
All told, the entirety of the Bill of Rights has been abrogated illegally through the enaction of patently illegal legislation ... something I liken to Moses standing in front of you and saying "the 10 Commandments" have been smashed to pieces and you are doing nothing about it, care because that's very ummm...  un-American.  I've got people running around all over this sick place (all over the internet)--pretending "this stuff" doesn't make sense--that's inhuman--take note.  Hell is ending, we're ending it--that starts with not pretending to be stupid, and not pretending ignoring this message isn't insane.  It's beyond insane, it's akin to saying that this world and everything it is completely useless--garbage, that's the message you're sending when you "don't care" that every word and every myth is specially crafted to help you see there's a "news story" in the fact that the news (and the internet, and frankly, more) is totally broken globally.
Probably more related to this than you think is the Justice Department's lack of action using anti-trust laws to stop the consolidation of the mass media, nearly every television news station and newspaper around the country is owned by one of six corporations--that's illegal--not doing anything about it is literally throwing "free" out of the moniker "Free Press" and in turn that lack of freedom has turned into ... fake news .. and nobody having any clue what's actually going on in the world ... probably also related to some kind of hidden legislation or Executive Orders related to the Patriot Act.  That's horrible, because what they're hiding is that it's very obvious you all know we're living in virtual reality, that I'm here to help us see that's important, and that on top of that all of the violence is somehow also here related to the final two Plagues of Exodus ... darkness and "killing your kids" ... to help us sehamae that you need to be talking about Minority Report in the context of "if they were Reporting on it, a Minority of you probably wouldn't be losing the hidden subconscious vote about talking about virtual reality and how it quickly leads to the end of terrorism and murder."
These things will all coalesce eventually, we'll see--how neuroscience and the Exodus from "mind controlled stupid and silent" turns quickly into a system that helps us actually find and fix the mental issues behind "murderers and the like" in a way that builds a stronger happier society, rather than crippling everything and pissing everyone off.  I have a sort of "plan" to help us see how easy it would be, to implement a sort of core system protection that simply won't allow for bullets to hit anyone (or for rocks to hit me) .... at this point simply by freezing them in mid air and making them glow (to understand the gravity of the situation) ... though there have been many incarnations of this particular idea.  On voting, I've written a few times about how this same neuroscience magic might help us to ... actually get what we want, sort of automatically filling out everyone's ballot's for them and then letting (hoping you...) you check and see how great the all-knowing mind reading device works; certainly it would be an interesting experiment.  This same technology could help us to "understand what we'e voting about" also, the kind of thing that you might see as "helping everyone be super smart" or on the other hand "total slavery" depending on how much involvement you actually take in the process of creating it, and in the process of creating and discussing "legislation" ... that's really what this is all about--it's "awesome" or "hell" depending on how much you care to be involved.
I'm sitting here, and I know ... something about what's available ... it's clear as day this has happened before and a button can be pushed, literally a switch can be turned on and there won't be any more murders or car accidents--that's clear as day.  There's technology that can be plugged in to your head and to mine that will point out all the important "light" connecting the stuff around you that you care about--addiction has been solved, and so has crazy ... and we're sitting here; literally we're sitting here being treated worse than animals.  Obviously evil hasn't been solved, and that's the problem--I really don't get it.
There's a pretty clear message about over abundant "virtual land" and actual power and even here .. plenty of hard drive space to "save your souls" ... but until you realize that what's happening here is proof that there's a bigger problem, a real fucking problem that needs to be addressed, you'll never understand.  We're the shining example, we're the proof that something is wrong, this place--this message--this is the focal point of finding out what it is that drives people to harm others for no reason, to steal from them for no reason ... and not to want to share their good fortune and their ... happy solutions ... with others that clearly need them.  Prepare, I'm about to scream.  This is news, or there's nothing.
conceptualization of "e"
So this isn't really where I want to begin, and I imagine I will wind up writing this entire piece in fragments; so it probably won't be as linear or clear or structured as most of my messages.  "e" has a sort of double meaning to me, in my mind--on the one hand it's the "c and i" that I see as a single letter (second time, it's "d" also... c and el) representation of the superposition of souls--whatever is responsible for the thing I see around me as a "show" and have recently described as "ham" ... "here and me, also" ... in practice you can see the artifacts or work product of this very strange hidden relationship in art like "Blink 182's all the small things" and Creed's "can you take me higher to a place where the blind are freed" ... you can see it also in Trancendence and the sort of "inter-sectional and informational groupings" of the works of many actors ... people I see as playing "Kinda Adam" Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Christopher Reeves, Keanu Reeves (and sometimes I'm cool enough to be Adam Brody) ... I'm sure there are a few others--a prime example is Pee Wee Herman whose "Playhouse delusions/hallucinations" are actually something I see ... faces in the Universe--couches that talk, air conditioners watching me (and talking) ... so to see that on TV paired with "word of the day man" and a name that reads as "He's our man" ... it adds something of "reality" to these strange torturous sort of attacks on my sanity, also I see it as the Universe's current very strange way of telling me, showing me... literally... that something is watching me.  Throwing in Paul Reuben and "Derrick Ferreal" helps a little, Reuben ... I think is somehow related to Jacob in the Bible ... probably his first son, and you can read that one as "Reason you be N" or "hidden."  I'm telling you this thing I'm experiencing... these "delusions" are definitely externally imparted information, it's communication ... but not quite like an email, this would be more like I hacked into your machine and changed the window manager so that you have to read my emails no matter what window you're in and it starts making strange noises if you don't like what I'm saying.  
Fuck, I hope that doesn't start happening to anyone.   Shehehe ... so the key here is to really see that all of those names have something to do with me from the "Car" of carpenter and crash to my "Re" and Eve and ... even more horrible "communication"  connecting Superman to a a horse riding accident and ... well, the car accident that defines Icarus, Mercury, and uh, Pendragon.  That's what I see everywhere, people here being harmed to tell a story, hopefully about setting them free from that exact thing--so I'm jumping up and down screaming that my couch is torturing me and whoever named Christopher and caused his paralysis as well as my car accident ... those things are torture and they're part of a broken system that we need to build something to police.    
Anyway, on the other side of the coin, I see in the world around me, as I walk through different cities that there seem to be separate ... similarly grouped together messages--as if there's a secret city planning committee deciding what you'll name your coffee shop or your apartment complex (MAIN ATTRACTION in O.C. was a good example) and your streets... and I don't really know exactly how it's related to you (or to the show "The Good Place" which is fucking awesome by the way, love you Kirsten)  .. but in my mind I kind of think it's "you ... later" like after ascension or something like that.  As a shared reality, it appears God has created a kind of fad--like he helps us ascend and makes us interested in doing what he does--writing stories with people's lives--not really something I think has anything to do with freedom ... other than being a fiery shiny example of "not freedom" ... getting to the point of all of this I sort of envision "e" as this collective of all ... maybe individuals or smaller groups that have their own "holodeck timelines" that I see as something like glow worms in the skies of Space Mountain .... these things are kind of knotted together ... in like a well, maybe the threads of a rope ... and that's what "time has become" in this virtual world where ... nothing is as it seems.  I'm not sure what I think of that conceptualization (other than it really needs to be policed, like nobody should be crashing cars, they should be stopping car accidents instead) ... but it's my other "vision of e."
I don't understand how that thing "collaborates" or how this hidden communication actually works--as in, if you are talking to each other somewhere else either--I imagine lately it has something to do with perceived "omniscience" probably literally sharing part of God's soul--his memories ... which probably means there is a lack of not only new communication but new ideas and that's probably part of the heart of the problem.  He implies that great things come from what's happening right now and he knows it because it's happened just like this before--I'm seeing torture and I'm seeing all the good things come ... at least the beginning of them ... from realizing a bunch of stuff here is really wrong because "not reality" means "change how things are" ... and I think the fact that we're here again means something else is really wrong and we shouldn't have to come back here to remember what "morality" means and to figure out how to talk to each other again.  Simply put, no matter what is going on anywhere else in Creation (and I imagine there are good things happening in the place sending us this message about how to get there) ... the fact that there's simulated disease and torture here ... the fact that we're all standing around silent instead of actually doing anything productive in light of the most important disclosure in our history ... that means "the city should never sleep at night" and they should be booming "we're helping you, put it on the news, now" from the skies--that's how important actually acting quickly on something like this is.
With some clarity .... that might be exactly what this "show" thing is--them booming "we're helping you" from the sky ... though, at the same time they're also definitely helping you to not do anything about it.
I think it's very clear from what I'm doing, and telling you... from America's creation in this same kind of place (though I think it's from "d" the ... this thing before it was "you in the future") that is the "them" that begins democracy ... and is in the heart of "As u dem" (which is Medusa, backwards) ... it's obvious to me he's trying to explain possession, and to end it--to replace "talking couches" with ... appstore plugins that help you to see patterns, for instance connecting actors names and their movie roles to an actual defined and important intelligent message being sent... about not sending messages that way.  I mean, I don't do be a puppet, I don't want you to be one,  and here in this place I'm trying to get you on board the idea that if we work together we can stop other people from making puppets.  In history, this is something like the civil war that connects ... in like kind to Abraham of the Bible (the beginning of morality, IMOHIO) ... I think it's clear and cut and dry; but it's hard to say what you think--because you're not talking.
I think that's obviously another part of ... this slavery .... that it too is something that we're being "tricked into doing" and in my heart I think it's probably something we are being tricked into thinking we think is a good idea or that we're "co-writing."  I don't think that's true at all, I see here very clearly that as a whole our species is being treated significantly worse than we treat animals, another heart of this message that connects "humane" to Koshoruit Law" and it's really the driving issue behind the idea that ... well, that what is being done to us will be stopped--no matter what it takes.   In a prime example of "creation in action" Keanu (you see Anu, right?  and key?) now see... Kevorkian, and it's relationship to Kevin of his role in the Devil's Advocate, the key here is that you're the animals being mistreated; and uh, that's not OK. 
Kev or Key, Anu?  The key here is start here and now, and really try--there's no key more important than those.  I mean there's "Nokia" and there's ... uh ... "the youth in Asia" ... and uh ... nothing left to lose.
mach speed to enlightenmen...
Allah will send Maseeh ibne Maryam (Messiah son of Mary). Thus he will descend near the White Eastern Minaret of Damascus, clad in two yellow sheets, leaning on the shoulders of two angels.” (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 8, P. 192-193)  ...
and introducing... as the "mode" of one very special "Us" ... 

Asmodeus (/ˌæzməˈdiːəs/Greek: Ασμοδαίος, Asmodaios) or Ashmedai (/ˈæʃmɪˌdaɪ/Hebrew: אַשְמְדּאָי‎, ʾAšmədʾāy; see below for other variations) is a king of demons[1], or in Jewish and Islamic lore the king of the earthly spirits (shedim/jinn),[2][3]mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist.[4] The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends; for instance, in the story of the construction of the Temple of Solomon.

He was supposed by some Renaissance Christians to be the King of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell. In Binsfeld's classification of demons, each one of these princes represents one of the seven deadly sins (LustGluttonyGreedSlothWrathEnvy, and Pride).

Lit, I was thrilled when I found this guy... c as .. "the message of da i" ... also, I guess.  Tobit "to be it..." by the way means "the good of God" and he gets better towards the en ... it's all in good fun, you know--to distract you from ... uhhhh ... high treason and crimes against humanity.

Just saying, you'd think there would be some serious views on these YouTube videos ... about "Still Water" (from Almost Famous, key to the "Clymene" of Deucalion) and really--really why.  You are staring at darkness, a response so sick and so ... lackluster to something so important--to freedom and safety and fun, literally all the stuff you want forever ... that it's the end of the word "Messiah" everyone Si "all humanity" silent ... stupified?  I really don't get it, but I'm sure it's part of the story that is part of the solution.
It's not "the enemy" ... and if you do your job right, if you care about the world... it's "c the light, why many ..."  I mean, that's the press, that's the thing from the movie.  The enemy is "bad reviews."  This a huge deal, it belongs on TV, and everyone knows that... whatever strange cult you belong to (the whole world I mean), today this silence and this ambivalence and uh... the fact that this video has 668 views in 2 years ... that's the problem.
behold, He is coming.
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