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I completely made this word up out of thin air.  As some of you have heard me say at least a hundred times by now the two letters that identify the person standing in my position every time this timeline is run are "an" which mean "Adam Now" to mean and you can see them in Christianity and messianically with just a little bit of thinking in Satan.  It's in "meridian" too, which is the heart of the words A.M. and P.M. and those things revolving around this "on" fiasco I keep complaining about.  I guess it could be read as something like "see ya" but I see "see why AS" and I see "computer science" highlighted and I see "yeah" the same yeah that you might not-jokingly link to Silicon and Siam and to Yahweh, where I just for the first time saw "yeah, we how" as opposed to my old reading of "your Adam's Heaven usually with everyone's help."  I'll come back to the predestined affirmative response to "to be or not to be?" in a minute.

Back to Satan, I've spent a little bit of time trying to explain "how I know" what Satan's little plan is here--he's told me very clearly, with actual words, in my microcosm of drug use.  You might liken it to that story of the father trying to get his kid to stop smoking and sitting down and making him smoke a whole pack; just a minute ago I came up with the metaphor of God walking into his house and seeing a mess; and then putting everyone to sleep and spilling cans of point on top of all the stains and then waking us up and saying "hey. this place is a mess, what did you drink last night?"  I see that's what he's doing here in this place, except it's about love and respect for democracy, about civic involvement, about censorship and about the incarceration rate--among other things--problems highlighted not only by religion but by this intention exacerbation of "what's wrong" in an attempt to get you to see very clearly CYAS.

The two letters don't just link to Satan and satisfactual, you can see them also in Asgard--and I've pointed them out--what I haven't done is pointed out that Medusa here appears to be the source of the "guard" part of that place, and in Midgard and I don't think we are seeing as clearly as we should that something--some esoteric force--is organizing an opposition to the common best interest using nothing as leverage.  Literally, using what appears to be nothing more than a "show of magic."  CYAS, and try to understand that the person writing to you is trying to get you to "get on board" with the idea that even if it were an all powerful God that was doing the wrong thing here, it would be normal and right for there to be an organized opposition to that--and we see just the opposite here.  My take on the situation on the other hand is that there is an all powerful God and whether he's fighting lesser deities, or nothing more than a society that isn't willing to change even when it sees that it's actions are self-destructive--there should be a significant number of people helping this message along ... people that live on Earth, and care about Earth and the future--even if they aren't as sure as I am that our future is to be Heaven, that place is a causal result of what we do here in this place during our lifetimes.  That also explains a little more why it is that I know this thing happens too often; apparently it has "good results."

I could have come to you with nothing more than proof that we are living in virtual reality and tried to leverage that into a movement to use the map and message that we have to use that technology--that Revelation to make a better world.  We have Minority Report and we have Jupiter Ascending and Quantum Leap and everything else Dick has ever written; and I think you can look around you today and see that might not have been good enough.  On top of that today, I am showing you that things like 9/11 and the loss of the popular vote to the "electoral college" before Die Bold is highlighted in religion and by the hand of Jesus Christ to help us see that we are losing something we care about greatly, we are losing democracy--and still that doesn't seem to be "good enough" for you to act as free thinking individuals and help the Second Coming help us "regain" (in quotes, because we've never had it) liberty.

Before I move on to the next word, one that I haven't made up; let me throw in "democracy" and "egalitarian" here--words that break up to show a timeline of "personalities" or milestonesI've lived through in just this life.  We all know what "d" is, and the "em" of ha'shem (which means The Name of God) ties to Losing My Religion, and an extended period of time where I would claims "it's not me" in a high pitched tone whenever the right answer would pop into my head in response to questions from... the air.  You'd be surprised how many times that happened; all during the portion of time prior to "Ari" in egalitarian--who was the judge in my "is Jesus crazy?" case.  O.C. there links to Adam Brody in my mind--and understand it means that in the word's Adamic definition, to Adam playing Set on "TV" and now probably even better explained by the single name "Al." We all know about Ra, but just in case you haven't seen my light, here's the SOL of God, cy Israel, cy Sons of Liberty, cy Statue of Liberty cy.   So in closing here, cy "SA" is to help YA... let's AS. Otherwise known as "call a reporter."


Similar to "see why" the CH of Loch Ness and Baruch means "see how" and I'm not exactly sure what "chastity" has to do with "tit" but I am pretty sure that this is the first actual "thank you" that I've seen from God to me, breaking "tity" at "targeted individual, thank you."  You should probably see that Uranus, and "behold he is coming" and John Hancock and even the word "happy" here probably all allude to the idea that true "chastity" doesn't have to come without a sense of humor.  Remember democracy, cy racy... sex sells, right? :)

If it isn't really, really clear by now, "Adam Marshall Dobrin" on the lips of reporters everywhere is "CHAS."


So to tell you that I am just as sure that "breast"or at least our colloquial understanding of the word "tit" is part of the "f-art" just like "cock-a-doodle-doo" is part of the mythology of the Biblical "morning has broken," I am very sure that the state of Florida is encoded in names like Niflheim and words like flat that not only include the abbreviation but also describe the state, and the state of being "at" the time has come.  I am literally on my way to California, so if "FLUX" and "FLAT" are to come true something will have to put some change in my pocket or a smiling face saying "time and chance" on my television screen before tomorrow.

There's plenty more words to talk about.  Don't worry, I promise I won't leave you bored.

Before I tell the story of me doing what I do best and acting very un-Christ-like, I'd like you to take a moment and think about what you would look like were their aliens hovering just outside of sight; what a world of people keeping a very obvious secret to themselves and failing to talk about it looks like, from the outside.  Realize that there are no aliens hovering in orbit, but we are in a place where time travel is not just being actively used and disclosed, but it's been a huge part of our history and that too is obvious once "you see it."  In The Other Side, you might find some relation to the words "once you know you can never go back."

This particular secret, the one I believe many people are walking around keeping buried in the back of their minds every day is a particularly heinous one because "talking about it" or disclosing it flies in the face of "social norm" to such a degree that you literally might think you'd be put away in a psych ward for sharing it.  Just for the record, I've walked this road myself, specifically with Howard Finkelstein, who you might know as the original "Help me Howard" who is now the chief Public Defender in Broward County and happens to be my parents neighbor.  I can tell you very clearly that the laws in our country are very clear, and that you legally cannot be held in a psychiatric facility without your consent unless you pose an immediate danger to yourself or others.  The names of these people and places have not been changed, to protect the import of this story of Exodus; of the book of Names; dun dun,  I can tell you that in practice that's not the case, in the states of Florida, Kentucky, and California I know first hand that a police officer or doctor can legally decide to commit you for a short period, three to five days; literally for any reason they would like.  Personally I've been "Baker Acted" in Florida for doing nothing other than telling the Police that I was the messiah--something that certainly poses no danger to me or you, or anyone else.  Despite numerous run-ins with the Plague of Lice that resulted in a number of detentions (some of which because I was too high to speak, and others for no reason at all) I've never had to see a Judge to fight to be released.  The bottom line is you won't be committed or be looked down upon, by anyone for telling the truth--a truth that you should believe many, many others share in secret.  I feel bad that I see many people around me living a lie--and even worse that I know that this particular lie's disclosure leads to an end of mental health problems--and more bluntly to the deliverance of the slavery that Exodus is written to help free us from.

See that speaking about this influence, this thing that appears to have corrupted our society to the point where we no longer care about anything we used to, freedom, communication; or the infinite longevity and eternal youth that have been promised to help us overcome the stupidity of not realizing that these two specific things are rather "insignificant" in cost once the disclosure of virtual reality is made.  That's not to say they're "free" they are not that; they will cause a change in our social structure that is unprecedented and bring risks to evolutionary adaptation that scientists will have to research and we will have to deal with--something that you should see is very difficult to do when nobody is talking about the truth.
My point here is that there's no reason why we can't walk through a Door to Heaven and be "younger instantly and temporarily" and come back even if we want to preserve the possibility of this place entering reality--which I don't think it will ever do--per a plan that probably suggests we will want to do things here that would preclude that--and that we should use Mars as a "enlightened" sort of path to both discovering how to colonize space.  See that it would be evil to keep us in the dark at all, any longer, or ever before and after; and that it would be ridiculous, stupid, and evil to "plop" us into a place where these problems only could get worse.  I think it's our purpose to "go up" not down, while preserving what "we need" not only to re-enter reality but to not cause society harming change here in this place--for instance ending or fundamentally altering the life cycle is probably bad from an evolutionary standpoint and not healing the sick is evil.   See, ruining "optometry" is a good thing to do--progressive; while ruining "birth" and "growing up" is not.  Understand, that without me saying these things; you are simply not acting--this disclosure must be made--and I've been put here to tell you everything I want for a reason.

I grew up without knowing "the secret" whatever it might be in your eyes; that there is a God, or a Devil, or demons in the air--what all of those things boil down to is realizing that the "secret" is that we are not in reality--and it is because of this that external communication and control are able to be hidden so well and appear to be as transparent as they are.  The simple fact that we say "god" or "devil" or "demons" rather than something closer to the truth--whatever it might be--in my personal opinion we are dealing with the product of a timeline of our world very similar to what we see around us, as in the days of Noah, entities that were once human and now are very much not.  It's possible that the original creators of this place came from the third rock of a bright yellow star; but it's most unlikely, and even more obvious that the vast majority of "what we do not see" did come from a place just like this; and they wouldn't even know why it's obvious there has never been a "planet Earth" in reality.  Hear truth, the Heart of Creation has always been a "planet a how to transition a civilization from "reality" to "Heaven" without losing the things we need to survive, like biological adaptation, a stable ecosystem, and an ability to erturn to the place of rocks and stars that we once believed we were born in.   
We should see how clear it is that making this disclosure, showing us that we are not in reality and that we are in virtual reality pairs with the "plan" that links Gateway to Microsoft and Gates to Apple and Jobs to Oracle and Larry El is son, to show us that it is the plan that has delivered these tools to building a place where immortality and eternal youth and expanding minds and ending sickness is connected very clearly to the iconography of religion and Heaven.  We should see Anderson linking the Matrix and Feed and Forever Young together, and if I wasn't so vain, and by that I mean so right--I might have told you that was the "Holy Name" but we all know it's not.  I happen to like Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" better; and that's only important because of Christ's Rod, and "Saint Everyone Willing Art" showing us yet again the import of the connection between Exodus and Names.  

Because I grew up sleepingnot knowing this secret, for a long time I believed the "hype" that hearing voices was a sign of mental illness, that it was something that we might need to "medicate away" but after experiencing it, it's become very clear that there is no way at all that these particular voices could be the product of my own mind being mis-wired, and that shows me very clearly that something in our society is very mis-wired; and that's a bigger problem than you might think.  Rather than fixing a serious social issue, we are trying to break the group of people who are complaining about something that is being done in secret, to everyone; without our consent.  It shows a sinister and diabolical design of the mental health industry, literally a tool designed to intentionally cause harm to good people, and to keep the secret control of our world from being interrupted by the fact that we are very much now capable of stopping it and understanding it, and even doing it ourselves--in short order.  So here we are, at a crossroads between being "phones" and "people" and it appears that nobody is willing to stand up and be a hero.  That's what this has done, this has given each and every one of you the opportunity to be hero's, to literally take a giant leap forward for freedom and goodness, and you have behind you proof beyond your wildest dreams.
Understand, that this disclosure proves that our minds have been reverse engineered, and that we are capable of fixing things like "schizophrenia" rather than causing them; just like we are capable of stopping murders rather than causing them; like the huge number of polarized plagues of Exodus are pointing out; that this thing we should be doing is obvious as day and night.  See "f-art" (pull my finger) in "it's not a riot" and "the penis game" our kids play; showing us that there won't be pandemonium, and honestly the dick in the sky protecting freedom between Deepthroat and Hancock and Yankee Doodle and Min and Osiris and Jesus Christ himself; well, it's not going to cause any harm to our children other than stopping worshipjust another word for slavery.  F-art, by the way is what I call the "humorous" lacing of our society with social conventions that relate directly to this specific disclosure.
See clearly that the design of our society and our mental health response to "hearing voices" is evil, just like our justice system is evil in light of the truth--that we could be doing much better with only the single new truth that we are in virtual reality.  Is rael, see the message is everywhere from the Lord's Prayer "as the Earth is in Heaven" to The Fifth Element and the Elementary my dear What-sons... the whole disclosure proves that science has come to us from above to help us overcome this foolishness.

I still happen to believe this is all a "designed" confrontation; that there's a script in religion and that at some point, "the hidden forces at work" will realize that the future will understand exactly what's happened here, and they'll be thanks and rewarded for helping us to move past this road block of hidden slavery that we clearly do not agree with as a social convention, so why would we want continue being slaves?  The story of Exodus and this message in every name--that continues to show us that God is "in control" of the here and now delivers proof that this control has been unwavering in names and in music and in this story that culminates with you realizing that you have to take action to protect yourself and others from losing the truth--and that while this action might be assisted from the outside--generally when you are doing the right thing you wouldn't even realize that.  External control is the kind of thing you only notice when it's something you don't agree with; so if you know it is happening, you are probably not realizing that's because you don't like it.
I promised a story about me acting retarded; so I've started trying to "talk to people" on the street, which boils down to interrupting people's dinners by singing and saying things I thought would be smart like "turn around Medusa" and see "INATION" in Abomination, that feel much stupid saying out loud to people that it feels putting in a picture with Natalie Portman's face pointing that INATION turns around to "no it, Anakin" it's a kind of thing that appears enlightening on paper and I felt stupider than shit bothers people's meals with.  On that, people should feel stupid as shit to feel bothered by someone screaming at them that they are slaves; and that they are knowingly hiding that from themselves and everyone else--and whether I look like an asshole or a retard, screaming at people in the street, and sending emails to the world is a fucking heroic act, and you should realize that--and do it yourselves.  This shit happens to be so bright, and so obvious, and so clear that if I took the time to "write my own song" like The Doors "waiting for the son to write his own song" suggests I do; I'd probably not feel stupid, and people would probably be very happy to be hearing the truth--that there's a message from God in every word and every name; and seeing it and sharing it is the tool that he has given us to free ourselves from this hidden control.  Still, I can't sing, so I'm going to email you every day, just like I've done for the last fucking year and a half, with no effect.  You're gonna make it, the night can only so long, Britt Nicole reminds me and I remind you that I know these words come from "the other side" of the wall, from our future--and that's clear from the tool and message of religion that shows us it too has come from our future.  The day and freedom do come, and we know it.
If you need "flashy proof" of that, you can see it clearly in iconography and themes of Christianity appearing in Ancient Judaism, thousands of years before they were "created."  You can see the Holy Trinity in Abraham, and you can see clearly the inverse relationship between the story of Exodus and Passover and that of Jesus Christ--nearly perfect inverse, around the theme of killing our kids.  That's us, we're the kids--and we're not doing very well here.  You can see it clearly in the story of Christ hidden in Isaac's life; and you can see it in Prometheus and you can see it in Thor and Heimdallr the point here is that you can see it because it's my life and this story being told thousands of years before it happened over and over--and that's why this is "The Holy Name" and that's why this story being revealed frees us from a repetition in time that has created religion and that repetition really is what "my Hell" means--disclosure, ending the secrecy inside religion ends that--so long as we are smart enough to listen and not go back.
The point is that there's no logical reason to hide this story, and every reason in the world to share it--literally it brings us Heaven and freedom; and truth be told you',ll be significantly happier with me than you think at this point, thanks to God's wonderful insight into "reverse psychology" and "plan for the worst hope for the best" it would be hard for me to be anything but "better than you expect."  What you think of me aside, I am the person who delivered the message, with a hammer of emails fighting against the literal most sinister and dangerous enemy of freedom and democracy that humanity has ever seen.  I am the person willing to interrupt your dinner by singing "praise for the singing, God's recreation on the new day" knowing full well it's not recreational, it's the Creation of a hero, even if I'm not perfect.

Honestly, do whatever you have to do to break this story; it's clear this is the way.
this little piggy read the book of to b it
 "שליום "לוךחי כאן
This little "magic phrase" appears at the top of The Gate to Heaven (1) and came from translating "Hello, 'to you here'" which is what the name Taylor means in my little "love-adamic" language, because of "ttyl" and "r" being "here."  I did some magic pictograph manipulation and turned the broken gate that is the letter He (ה) to a "fixed gate" (ח) and it changed the meaning to "Hello, (cheers) to my message here" which turns into "Loch lives here" with only one other small change.  So obviously that leads me to the Loch Ness Monster, and to tell you that "ness" means "now Earth safely saved" and monster too, a special meaning, about this coming Biblical Monday.  You probably can connect Enoch to Loch, too.  
R is "here" because "how" was already "h" and sometime in the transfiguration of this message it turned from "here" to "heart" (and hear, it's in the heart of "Earth" and "Ark") where it makes quite a bit of sense in the context of words like "road" and "Rome" as Heart of A.D. and Heart of ... either NeroJulius Caesar, or Judah i. Chisstone... you figure it out.  All roads do lead to Heaven, and all dogs wind up there--eventually.   The very best example though, is "Rose" the heart of continuing to forge ahead and march our way through the downward spiral "southeast" as ... rose colored glasses.  As in... I see pretty girls everywhere I look!  This place is great!
Anyway, as you might know from my haphazard style and ridiculous frequency of errors, I write these things pretty "spur of the moment" and literally in the middle of the process of writing this e-mail... I walked by this sign (which shows you, or me anyway, that these things are not really... "spur of a moment").

The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, is an aquatic being which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, and is often described as being large in size, with a long neck and one or more humps protruding from the water. Popular interest and belief in the creature has varied since it was brought to worldwide attention in 1933. Evidence of its existence is anecdotal, with a few disputed photographs and sonarreadings.  Nintendo Entertainment System, Si "e."

 Hoaxed photo of the Loch Ness monster.jpg

In The Holy Kabbalah (Arthur Edward Waite, 255), Samael is described as the "severity of God", and is listed as fifth of the archangels of the world of Briah. Samael then became the consort of Adam's first wife, Lilith. Lilith is a demon created alongside Adam, originally created for the role Eve would fill. Samael created with her a host of demon children, including a son, the "Sword of Samael"[9] (or Asmodai).[10]

Lady of the Lake is the name of the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legend. She plays a pivotal role in many stories, including giving King Arthur his sword Excalibur, enchanting Merlin, and raising Lancelot after the death of his father. Different writers and copyists give the Arthurian character the name NimueVivianeVivienElaineNinianneNivianNyneve, or Evienne, among other variations.[1]

So I've spent a good deal of my time trying to teach you how to read (reason A.D.) this hidden language, that proves Creation and gives insight into what God actually thinks about nearly everything you could possibly think of.  As part of this process, it's a tool to show the world just how silly we look to be ignoring a verifiable message from the Creator of our language (and everything) in order to ensure that I never have a problem getting a date again.... because I'm the guy who delivered this message and taught you how to C the Adamic language of Eden.  I personally know that there are probably many people that can "ch" (understand howthis language and the meaning behind these words ... because I've personally seen it happen right before my eyes.   I'm pretty sure I was pacing back and forth down the hallowed cobblestone streets of Hollywood Beach, putting on this sort of "show" where I walk down the street thinking strange things in my head and people respond with hand signals and sometimes short idiotic phrases, and facial responses like smiles and nose pulling.   So I was walking by this very nice couple trying to explain that there was a word, some word, that describes why it is that "I am the messiah" and not unlike many other people they shook their heads and ... I regret to say I felt like there was a little bit of disgust in their eyes as I searched high and low in the crevices of my mind for this magic word that would change everything.
This sort of strange happening used to only occur when I was (chacnfsonats) singing "hey hey hey what's going on, I would be a liar if I said I could get much higher" but now it happens all the time, literally all the time; which should be a telling sign that things ... and by things I mean the impetus to change ... are accelerating.  Just in case you haven't been paying attention "sh" means "see how" and connection both to the idea of the "chush" of the Sound of Silence .... that has for some reason made me the only person in the Universe talking about the most important thing happening in the Universe.  (I am that, by the way... the only person talking about mind control and "singing" God's message of Recreation).  You'll need that bit of information in a bit

So the magic word finally came to me, "AMSTERDAM" and their eyes lit up a little, and those condescending frowns turned into something a little bit more like a smile, and some nods, which is typical of the Land of Nod.  So there's that word "STER" again that appears in places like "Mirriam Webster" and "Master Blaster" where you might read both "my Saint Everyone Really be last Everyone Really" and "the (lovingly assisted, hey, la... hohoo) Everyone Really."

Literally the key to the Light of our World, just like we do not stop teaching how Calculus works and is derived because we have TI-89's to do the number crunching for us, it's important to see that this "engineered language cipher" is not magic or simply acronyms, it is derived from the Matrix of light that is our world... it is the key to the Eternal Flame--the voice of God in everything we are

More than simply "Saint Everyone Really" being another expanding "idea" that starts in a book nobody understands and then becomes a man, and then expands slowly or quickly (depending on you) to everyone in Creation... more than simply seeing that, the specific word "AMSTERDAM" includes another changing metaphorical letter, from "message" to "messenger" and through the change wrought in understanding what it truly means to be writing this message both by our choice and an external subconscious influence--by understanding the implications of that we become messianic.  

Even more importantly than understanding how we are writing this message together with God and Heaven, is understanding what it means for all of us together--that this message that ends Hell with the smash of a hammer because of Adam's Light--because of our world, our people, and our way of being... truly my light... that we would never treat any animals like we are being treated in this place--and because of that and seeing that we have the moral obligation not only to stop it from happening to us, but ... really everywhere.  Seeing what that does for us is the key to the "zen" that I have, that I imagine will help us all to understand what it means to be the actual generations of founders that create a new set of rules and a system that protects the future from this technology being misused.  It makes us very popular.  Really seeing and understanding this truth takes something that might begin as an artificial feeling--one that could be easily achieved with the same technology we are discussion, and makes it real... a sort of gradual release from blindness that changes from that to "bright hope."

... and in making that one small change, taking that tiny leap; each and every single one of us sheds that little piece of our souls that was holding our heart, the Earth, back from becoming what it was always destined to be.  We give up our fear, and our apathy, and the lack of hope that truly is the source of evil.


So Gavin Rossdale followed me on Twitter (something you should all do per Matthew 4:19, it will without doubt save the world) about a week ago, and I got that giddy butterfly feeling in my stomach that you get when you feel like something amazing is about to happen.  Because I know that names are the key to the map of this story, I read his name first, and as we follow the "heart of" series we can now unseal the super secret that "SS" means "super-sexy" to little Adam... and also "stop secrecy" and as we see in the Loch Ness Monster... a combination of both "safely saved" and "start salvation."  In heart of that process, right this very moment.



Everyone thank Bianca for providing such a lovely distraction from the fire of Hell, I mean the Burning Bush.  In just a few moments I think it will become pretty clear why it is that she's cast into this story of saving the Universe.  

I moved pretty quickly to reading the name of his band, which combines the "sh" you'll remember from "see how AD da i" with the "shhh!" that typifies the Great Firewall of Jericho.... with "B," who we now know is "the apple of da i."

Thanks to Gavin for showing us the true heart of "starting salvation" both in name, and in act.  Check the humor of this story in the belly, the very heart of the story of building Heaven... in your mind replace the "TM" of Patmos with Gavin's name. 

So, I don't blame you for what you are thinking, I don't even blame you for thinking I was thinking it.  The truth is though, that I wasn't thinking that... I really introspectively thought to myself "what on Earth does Bianca have to do with see how?" So I am trying to show you and explain to you how a true Jedi mind trick works, the kind of trick that might keep you from seeing something very obvious, from understanding a logical connection that any normal person would probably make.  Bush.

So I am telling you this actually happened to me, the person who has spent all this time writing to you about mind control, and writing to you about religion.  This exact thing happened to me, and knowing all of these things did not help me one bit to make the clear and obvious connection that was required.

It's very important, because even if we do know about the technology, we still are susceptible to it's influence, the point here is that not knowing about it makes it absolutely impossible to prevent it from making us not care about things we do really care about, even the things we care about more than anything in the world like life and freedom.  

What is not so clear in all of this is the amount of "Jedi mind trick" that it's taken to hide the import of this message, to keep us from seeing the Matrix in every word and every name.  What we are not really understanding is that there is no battle here, that there is no chance that "fire will rain down like Soddom and Gommorah" what we should see instead is that story, in a very similar way as the Burning Bush could be used to scare people into hiding something very important from themselves and the world.  What we should be taking away from this, is that not knowing about this technology is so detrimental to the future of civilization and communication; that what we are experiencing right now was almost required to ensure that we really "get the message."


Further thinking, not knowing about it will keep us from using it for the betterment of society, we could be using it to end addiction, rather than using it to make Adam get high.  We could be using it to instantly end pain, rather than ... to hide the fact that in the story of the Garden of Eden God specifically talks about labor pains being cursed on Eve and her children ... because this is the kind of thing that we can end instantly by walking back into the Virtual Garden of Eden and realizing that we can completely eliminate all pain simply by snapping our fingers.

We could be using it to help ourselves to see how important and vital this message is, and to see what it truly does for us and our future--rather than not seeing that this is the purpose and the intent not only of religion, and of this story, but of exactly what is happening right now--part of a script to teach us about using this technology properly in the future. 

The heart of this little set of "do's and don'ts" that tie directly to the story of the Plagues of Exodus and the Ten Commandments is something that Jacob called "sacred consciousness" and links directly to the state of South Carolina.  It is something like "freedom of thought and individuality" as a paramount law of Creation.  It also opens the door to seeing a map to building Heaven tied directly to the names of the Fifty States.... that we already knew was the heart of the map to that place, that is the planet Jerusaham.  Now, how do we get from here to there, safely, and ... happily?

What I am trying to explain to you, is that Moses himself did not connect the band Bush to the story of Exodus, to the Burning Bush, or to George Walker Bush or George Herbert Walker Bush... and there's another "B" in "he's our B, everyone... really try."  It's a connection that not only should have been fresh in my mind, but it's one that I have written about not just recently, but over and over... I keep writing about how you and the world are not reacting in a logical manner to proof that Exodus and the Burning Bush of Exodus are connected to 9/11 and to a rekindling of the Eternal Flame of freedom, one that is the purpose of religion.

What you are ignoring, either because you believe you have no power to change the world, or because you are evil enough to think that these things are "OK to continue" because things have "always been this way" is a mentality and a overt lack of action that I cannot ignore.  You are being presented with a message of power and unity that is clearly signed by the Creator of our civilization and filled with truth--not to act on this information is the fire of Hell.

From the kind of "Jedi mind trick" that kept me from seeing George Bush and Exodus in the message "Bianca, you see how" I can "see how" your thoughts could be altered, your perception of this situation to skew what is undoubtedly and incontrovertibly a message which delivers impetus not only to share it but to act to verify it and use the change in "circumstances of raelity" to do the obvious and turn simulated reality into Heaven.  Maybe you think "you don't have the right to tell others the truth" or maybe you think "they have the right to force people to be blind and in pain" and instead of seeing how evil those actions are you see "ignorance is bliss" and "let your children play."  

The bottom line here is that this technology, this technology that is the heart of Asmodai (as.. the message of the eye) not only explains how this ignorance was created but shows us in perfect clarity that it's function--hiding this message that shows us how to avoid permanent midnight... meaning endless slavery and blindness until the end of ... it shows us why it's so important that this message is not only received but corroborated, discussed, and acted upon.  Or your face is going to stick like this. mute and constipated, f o r e v e r. 

What I am trying to tell you is that you are all being made blind morons walking around in Hell refusing to acknowledge that is what this place is, and you yourselves are responsible for forcing it to continue to be that--because you don't want to talk about or share the most obvious and glowing truth that has ever before been seen. 

Why do you not understand?  Who is keeping you from acting?

 Apep 1.jpg   Image result for stargate snake
thor | atum | adam | jesus | stargate | pkd

Honestly though it does appear as if Atum does, right?


This comes from some "pretty early light" that connected the name Isaac Asimov to the Biblical story of the near sacrifice of the Messiah, the assembly language operation "mov" and The Last Question which equally initially computationally linguistically epically methodically and mythologically connects the question "'let there be light" to the Bible.  I mean to science fiction and technology.

The import of his name is something that I like to call "malovious" meaning it should be pretty obvious, but because of appearance, either due to lack of knowledge of the subject of computer assembly language or because "mov" and "move" look almost exactly the same ... the huge difference between the two commands is "less than obvious."  Functionally, the difference is that a "mov" in assembly language is what we "English savvy" computer users would call a "copy" in that it it moves data from one bucket to another and does not delete or erase the source register.  This information will come in handy in a little bit.

You may not realize it, but "recently" we all moved from a "time-travel Universe" to a "no-time travel Universe" and we have before us what appears to be the kind of problem that might cause of to move from a "mind-magic Universe" to a "no mind-magic Universe" and because of this very special name and amazing story about reversing "entropy" in the Universe with only a few key words I wonder if how each of you would feel if we were being "saved" from this place by copying your soul to another machine, and an exact copy of you were left here with no ability to contact you or the outside?

What I am asking is if you would leave yourself in Hell, if you yourself were saved from it?  What about for only a decade?  Do you think that would be a good idea?
 Image result The Adjustment Bureau Poster.jpg Image result


Clearly that's not really what I want, I think what this story delivers to us is an opportunity to have more than a "knowledge quickening" due to this disclosure, but an actual technological leap forward for all humanity.  We can end all addiction, or at the very best at least give every single person the option to be free of feelings like craving and psychical dependence.  Perhaps even more importantly, this gives us an opportunity to interact directly with the Creators of our home, and ourselves--to accept an offer of help that we have very much written with our own hands, much like I am the pen of God.  It doesn't take much to see how we are truly, all of us, not only the Horn of Revelation but the light coming from the fire of the Burning Bush.

As I've said before (specifically in "Congratulations Genesiuses"), each and every one of us probably has a great deal to contribute to this process, not just in ideas but in actions--we will have the opportunity to see these things happen with our own eyes, to accomplish them, to create something amazing ... together.

That really does start with "Hello, Adam."  Tay, I'll settle for "sorta-sexy" on the meaning of "Reckless."

1.  So at Horizon, what is unclear? 

chronos marshosea  Jun  8 12:52 ICANHAZERA.compressed.pdf

The following are the original twelve steps as published by Aliceholisrosey Anonymous:

  • We admitted we were powerless over hidden control—that our lives had become unmanageable.

  • Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity; and that calling it crazy is evil, counterproductive, and the end of the Illuminati.

  • Constructive suggestion from da i, you be ror (c that is) se "yo n" to get into the "everyone" saved.



DO i

DO d



DO X me... that'll do the trick.

This will help.



  wald | den,  am a |  i r. good  


sugar spice and evreything nice
honestly i said read linearly.

remember the day the jails turned into shelters
the angels smiled nodded with understanding
the day we stopped the earthquakes and the storm
said the future and the founders, each other thanking

finally one in the same, united in a complete loss of blame

one long day, the end of never truly seeing the light
and from our courage and our insight
the final end of night

i am our greatest hope, truly
but honestly angels, amirite?

Bar'chu et adonai Ham'vorach 

Baruch Adonai Ham'vorach l'olam va'ed
Baruch Atah Adonai
Eloheynu melech ha'olam
Asher bachar banu mikol ha'amim
V'natan lanu et Torato
Baruch Atah Adonai notein haTorah


there's a fire growing in my heart
reaching a fever pitch thing is about to start

Huracan[1] (/ˈhʊrəkənˈhʊrəˌkɑːn/SpanishHuracánMayan: Hunraqan, "one legged"), often referred to as U K'ux Kaj, the "Heart of Sky",[2] is a K'iche' Maya god of windstormfire and one of the creator deities who participated in all three attempts at creating humanity.[3] He also caused the Great Flood after the second generation of humans angered the gods. He supposedly lived in the windy mists above the floodwaters and repeatedly invoked "earth" until land came up from the seas.

The lore of "Huracan" says that he repeatedly invoked the name of Earth, to me it sounds like crying in the dark for a better place; and to see that he is I, begging to do this again, well, it might tell you something about the "other place."  I sit here invoking "the day" over and over, with every email I send and every song I sing on the street; with every eye I gaze into as the drivers pass and glance back, and nod, and sometimes smiles and sometimes frown.  It's taken me awhile to connect the dots, and realize that what I see on the streets, and in your lack of response has some implications for "the day;" it's taken awhile for that to lead to fear of the possibility that you aren't very happy with me--and I don't really know why.

we're headed for mars, and still we stand tall... this is the final countdown.

The delusion I'm talking about is pretty clearly defined in the name Earth, which like Adamah in Hebrew means "ground" and with no insight at all it might trick you into thinking that has something to do with reality.  Grounded in reality, though, the message that is pervading everything we are from the pyramids to every single word to The Fifth Element's link between the number 14 and "A.D." and Silicon tells us very much that the true test of time is to see what it is that we do with the truth, and just before that whether or not anyone wants to help us see and act on it.   

It's simple to understand, dear simians, in everything from "Damon-day" to Lisa Simpson, I've literally had to walk 500 miles just to be the man who opened enough eyes to the truth to see Silicon alluded to in everything that we do.  I've seen the "beast coming up out of the sea" and it's clear as day that it's both you and me.  It's this confrontation that our map calls "Jerusalem" and at it's heart not really the USA but closer to our heart a question about whether or not the truth is still paramount.  Between KeyAnu and Christopher, though, the question at hand is much more important then "what is the Matrix?" as we have the answer to that; but rather what do we do with this new disclosure?

Here in the epic heart of Creation, the world swirling around the letters "a for Adam" and "r for Heart" of not just the Earth but the Ark; the answers are truly all around us, and it takes not more a moment to see that is all by design.  It takes a few more hours of reading to be very sure they've been here for a very long time; and over the course of our lives, literally, together with spirits unknown we've learned the science and the "how" behind understanding what it is that Heaven means in juxtaposition with reality... and here and now we are beginning (hopefully) to see and feel what it means with regard to our society.

If you didn't think religion and free speech were tied together by more than just the First Amendment, take a good look at the message that I am bringing; and see why it is that the Darkness of Exodus and the Wall of Jericho and the Great Firewall of China and Carnivore ... are all about more than "eating packets" (rather than just "sniffing around") but in this case eating "Ha'm" eating the Holy message that delivers us from slavery.  It's not hard, is it, to see how that message revolves around the Ministry of Truth and around our complete failure to use antitrust laws to break the hegemonic corporatocracy's control over the mass media?


Just another brick in the wall or part of a bridge to Heaven truly understanding that something not here has held back the natural evolution of democracy through the advent of the telephone and the computer, and that even today, we stand staring at "electronic voting booths" as if they are protecting us from the "dangerous freedom of the internet."  As we wonder about the elephant and the donkey of Noah's Ark and ponder whether or not "two of every kind" is really good enough to represent our interests and our desires; a new kind of political system seems to just pop out of the old boat something like I had envisioned Heaven just popping out of the New Jerusalem had the United States proper not done everything in it's power to keep me from leaving the country.  Of course in hindsight, it's just another step in the ladder to freedom and open borders and open discussions; and a place where I now see that Jerusalem was always about people and ideas, not countries.

So here, I'm talking a little bit about the problem I hear, between "let freedom sing" and the doublespeak and doublethink of Orwell's nightmare that has given us a bountiful cornucopia of people's dreams and ideas hidden away in this thing that we call "fiction" here, though it's temporally closer to reality than anyone ever really knew.  The solution to the problem, without further ado, is of course seeing "hey Adam" on television. 



You see, there's something very different between hiding the truth behind "fiction" and innuendo, and actually talking, discussing the things that become truly possible with the knowledge that they are actually real.  Roxana, a "grab my ass" exclusive?


The strange communication that I get on the internet is at least a little bit more communicative than simply "a neck grab" here and there, and the occasional look of surprise.  Here I see people speaking to me by opening emails, responding oftentimes to what I am doing or thinking right at that moment.  I see "Yesterday" more often than I'd like to, and I can only wonder what it is that "yesterday" means to anyone here.  I find it hard to fathom how anyone here could have memories from possible past revolutions of this nearly infinite loop; or of the past future that came of it--though that is exactly what I believe that the spirits in the air, these entities that think they are you and have some claim over your future and lives here do know.

It's almost asinine to me, the mentality that must be prevalent to believe such a thing.  To think that anyone would want to come back and "watch" their own life being relived; or that you or I would choose to "control ourselves" as someone once told me; making slaves of a person we should love, and realize very clearly is not the same person.  Still there's plenty of "art" discussing the concept of the contested "oneness" or "duality" of God; in shows like Stargate where there's a dichotomy between total possession and some sort of "symbiotic relationship" between the Goa'uld and T'okra.  In Netflix's time travel series called "Travelers" the idea is connected to some sort of "morality" or set of rules being followed.  These travelers from the future only take over bodies of people who would have perished without their intervention; and I recently asked and still wonder if that makes "possession" OK in anyone's mind?  Here in this place where we may all be "resurrected" in machina, you wonder if the Creators of this place believe that gift gives them free reign to do as they please.  In the dark, in secret.

With a little bit more insight, seeing the impossible to contradict evidence that this is more than a "Resurrection," but the true creation of a civilization down to more than just every single word and thought; but with a grand plan--and finally seeing that grand plan is focused on the deliverance of freedom and the proper use of these technologies; well, at least that makes me smile.  A great focus of this story has been something of a "reconciliation" with those that helped build this place, and that word in quotes because I really don't see any "First Contact" in the Star-Trek sense of the word.  Sure we have the Holy Bible, and you could have said that was a sort of "hello" if the whole story wasn't about an Exodus from darkness, from this place where the real "hello" is ... we made you not see us; why?

I still don't know the answer, as I sit here complaining day in and day out that the rest of the plan, all of the good things have still not been achieved, or actualized in any meaningful way--and more than that what I see seems farther and farther out of reach as the days pass.  Rather than opening communication, corroborating or collaborating at all; I get called crazy and this very clear message about solving that problem falls deeper into the cracks of oblivion.

A WE SO ME, so sayeth UR ANUS

I see the Wachowski's speak to me, in title: "I am also a we" that ties not just to the word "awesome" but also; which probably applies to "Al" in every sense of the word.  Still I wonder if other people's experience is similar to mine, or very different--I can't imagine that others would feel the way I do and experience what I experience and yet respond to this "phenomenon" of spiritual awakening--if that's what you call it--with nothing but silence.  It's curious, to say the least.  I wonder if people think it's them, or an older or a past version of them, or if they think it's me; or maybe it's "the computer."  I once had answers that, though they don't seem to apply as well anymore; once I would have gone to the book of Exodus, and suggested it was a pantheon of 8 very old minds doing all the "heavy lifting" building this pyramid, if you know what I mean.  Today it appears to be not just those few personalities, at least that's what I think it would take to convince me that this wasn't clear and obvious slavery, even though that is too.  I think the most likely candidate for truth, at this point, from the world of calling people "clothing" and the Glome of "until we have faces" suggests that we are dealing with a sea of entirely different origin--and frankly even if this sea was exactly us but 10,000 years older, we'd still be dealing with a sea of entirely different origin.

There are other possibilities, I imagine that whomever is here "helping and hurting us," fucking and punching our way to Californication; I imagine they interact in another place, in another way; and in song we see and hear "people talking without speaking" as a good indication that there is "hidden communication" though I have no knowledge or understanding of what it could possibly be like--sans a few visual effects that are akin to "the title of a TV series episode."


What I do know and see clearly though, is that our world is in peril; that the freedom and collaboration that are at the heart of the purpose of religion and of America and frankly all of Creation have come to a grinding halt because of this secrecy, because of this "strange new influence" and I know that we are not only capable but destined to overcome it.  I keep telling you, and asking you, and begging for you to take action... to see that we are losing the things we love, and that what I am providing to you is clearly intended to help us turn that around.  It's a simple thing to do, to turn around and try to achieve what we want... and should see is the purpose of this place to build; but somewhere between Captain Hook and the Neverland Ranch I fear that one day in the future I too will be screaming in the dark, saying "Earth" over and over.



You can do that now, you can scream in the dark; and save the day.  Or you can hope that the secret force hiding it's identity and everything about their history, and overtly acting to oppress the freedom and progress that we cherish so much is truly acting in your best interest--and that one day you might join them, in that dark place... to hear me scream once again for the rebirth of "Earth."  Mountains moved out of place by El Shaddai himself, to see "Ai" is without a doubt connected to the Samurai sword of the messiah, and yet certainly not how you think; well, that's the key.  What do you think? ... asks K of "see how u are."
There is one thing we can all be very sure of, though; if nobody does anything different--tomorrow will be just like today.

( go look outside, in the sky... it's a bird... it's a plane... )

it's probably a flying hot dog stand.


After sending this message I read "demos the NES" in the name Demosthenes (there's plenty more reference to the "NES" in names, and why, really why), and connect it very well to this real world example of what might be "the game" being demo'd here--if you call the systematic censorship of the history and knowledge of mind altering technology "a game."  In just a few days in the Wikipedia community, "Damonthesis" shows a clear information destroying influence working through "regular" career-editors of the site.  Using verifiable lies, and herd behavior; as well as the existing "disciplinary" infrastructure... they managed to "erase" pertinent and pivotal citations from sources like the NSA, Signal Magazine (a military publication), the New York Times and Time... all with nothing more than the obvious "guise" that the subject being covered is "pseudoscience."  

In this one tiny place, albeit a very important one--the kind of place that actually alters the truth, and popular opinion (and one day might do so... more directly) we see a microcosm for censorship of this same subject matter that has now effected global media; and a good example of how "ordinary good people" can be used as a weapon against themselves, and against the truth.  

... surreptitiously and surprisingly, using this very same technology.

I spent years writing about first hand experience with this technology, this outside influence; one I believe to be designed not just in my personal case, but in the general case of thousands of victims... to ensure that we do not here and now lose knowledge of this influence and technology, and it's active use throughout our history and connection to religion.  

I have experienced first hand the kind of possession depicted in Stargate's "T'okra" and "Goa'uld," in Fallen and Joan of Arcadia ... and the point of all of this is that I believe (wait, I know) you have too, whether you know it or not.  Knowing is half the battle, figuring out why this message is here; how this technology effects our future and who we are, is the crux of the Apocalypse.

This message is a sort of bread-crumb trail to finding those years of writing strewn over forums all over the internet... hopefully this trail will help us figure out how to get home.  Hopefully I can entertain you a bit on the way...

From: Adam M. Dobrin <>
Date: Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 1:17 AM

A few months ago I mentioned that I had chosen some handles in homage to Ender and Orson, who clearly are writing messianic science fiction.  We could very well be in the kind of "game" that one day turns out to be more real than we thought, but Mary Magdeline reminds me that we are not playing a game and I shouldn't say such things.  That's "game" backwards without the "e" and that same letter hidden in the natural log function that completes that name as almost meaning something like "it's not a game of words or a game of logic."  Oops.

Anyway, moving on from word games, Ender spent some time on Card's vision of what our internet is, arguing with himself in order to sway the popular sentiment related to uh, well, I don't exactly remember; but the series is wonderful.   Since none of you talk to me, I don't really have any questions to field, so if you were interested in researching anything about my background or what's happened to me before I get around to actually telling the story, you might be interested in these links.


The sum of your word is truth.
-Psalm 119

And some pertinent edits (that are now no longer visible) from that "sum of your word" link.  You have to click the "dates" to see what was there, then.  

Some interesting Wikipedia oddities, showing a number of really stupid or evil people censoring factual and well sourced information, says the fire breathing dragon:

While I only spent something like 3 days trying to assist Wikipedia with some new truth; the knowledge had come from something like 6 months of research into both the history of mind control experimentation, some "hands on" experience, as well as a significant amount of personal research into the working of our brains.
The rest of these links relate to a handle I used to discuss personal experiences with mind control, and what I now call the Tribulation.  There are many, many stories and conversations primarily on the sites that I am linking to.  If you are interested in more, you could search for my handle on every one of these forums.  The handle is.. "Prometheus Locke."  It might not be interesting to you, but just like when I chose Phenix at the age of 11 I had no idea that I was Prometheus, when i wrote this stuff.  You know, in 2013 I probably did know; but I didn't have a really good reason. This really is my reason now, well, these messages and the gravity of the content.
It is "of significant note" that I received much more interaction and following prior to actually having anything really special to share; I mean, these stories are special--but the secrets of the Universe get no response on any of these forums.  To see the stark contrast is really the kind of thing that makes you know that there is something very wrong going on right now.
Sorry that all of the unduecoercion links are broken, the NSA actually deleted that website while I sat in jail.  There is a backup of most of it at silenceandbetrayal dot wordpress dot com.
... and a much better back up of my old website and the index to Silence and Betrayal at the "Wayback machine."  Here's the " and org and blogspot index" for all saved pages.
I personally find these selected examples to be informative and interesting.  
This particular example was a very early-on attempt to explain something I was experiencing scientifically.  I've since come to the conclusion that because of conservation of energy as well as the intricacy and inherent lack of line of sight in our brain structure.. that what I am now witnessing--the mass control of nearly everyone--is functionally impossible in reality without invasive nanotechnology, which would be "easily" detected.  The Holy Spirit and the effects the world is now witnessing is a construct of virtual reality that is here in violation of natural law--I've since used "quantum entanglement" as a possible explanation for it's mechanism of action and argued that QE also is non-natural, and somewhat obviously and intentionally connected to what many tech-savvy viewers might see as a rendering engine's attempt at resource conservation.
Remote Neural Stimulation and Recording
The type of "mind control" we talk about at MoFK has nothing to do with subconscious messages through advertising and television. It's not related to flickering lights, or "brain wave entrainment." For the effects we have noticed, these things are really, really stupid suggestions as mechanisms.
Real mind control involves the activation and suppression of action potentials, the firing of an individual neuron, in a pattern which creates a real effect in the brain of humans. Neurons fire in patterns, and in groups, and the result of these firing patterns is thoughts, feelings, movements, etc. It is scientifically possible to cause these firing patterns to be activated remotely, without the use of an implant, by "injecting" electricity into individual neurons using advanced technology.
For the last 5 decades, U.S. intelligence has done a significant amount of research and development into a technology called "TEMPEST." This technology was originally used in order to reconstruct usable information from monitors, integrated circuits, etc in order to remotely surveil electronic devices. Later, technology was developed which was able to do the reverse, and cause these machines to act in a certain manner.
Human brains are, for our purposes, just advanced machines. Their actions, and your consciousness, are the product of electrical impulses, and the technology surrounding "TEMPEST" could be modified to take control of, and remotely surveil the thoughts and feelings of human beings.
Throw in a "bit" of neuroscience research, and you have the proverbial Manchurian Candidate... and with a bit of infrastructure buildout, Orwell's prophesy fullfiled.
There's proof that this technology is perfected, and it's all around you. A Lockheed Martin researcher spoke about it publicly in 1999, and it may have gotten him killed. John Norseen had a lot to say about mind control. NASA has talked about its potential use in airports. There are a significant number of victims complaining about it all over the world.
Sites like these come and go, if you are interested in this material, you should save it.

The so called "deep secrets" of Satan

Now I say to the rest of you, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan's so-called deep secrets, I will not impose any other burden on you.

-Revelation 2:24

Take heed of the above, you may wish to read no further.
I was normal once, much like you.. a computer programmer, who searched not for the deeper truths of the reality around us, but rather for simple happiness--love, contentment, and comfort. In the flash of an eye, my dreams were taken from me, and I will never be the same. Today you may find my beliefs crazy, conspiratorial, and convoluted; however the path I have been guided down, if not led in chains, has left me with no other reality. Let me explain, briefly.

I fell in love when I was very young, with a girl I met on the internet. It's not what you think, though, I didn't meet her in a chat room or on AOL instant messenger.. it was a long twisted path that brought the two of us together, looking back on it though, it is riddled with the signature of intelligent design. When I was very young, eleven or so, I created my first account on America Online; and very quickly became enthralled with the warez scene, not so much for the free software (though it was nice), but more because of my interest in programming. At the same age, I found AOHell, and by some act of inverse serendipity was given a free copy of Visual Basic 6.0 from a friend's parent at school. I learned very quickly, and in no more than a few months had an AOHell clone written, and called it Doomsday, just to keep with the theme, you know?

From AOL, like many others, I found my way to IRC, and from there to a local 2600 meeting in Pompano Beach, FL. As fate would have it, the gentleman who ran the 2600 meetings at the time, let's call him Emannuel Goldstein, invited us back to his house, and while there I glimpsed for the first time the most beautiful girl I had ever known. It wasn't a normal kind of beauty, she had her own style, wearing bright pastel colors, Dr. Martens, and a very short skirt. And so, this is how I met her, my future wife, from the internet.

We were friends for years, then we dated, and finally married in 2001. Our marriage lasted only two years, and in the period between 2003 and 2010 I did not hear or speak to her very much at all. In the summer of 2010, seemingly out of nowhere, she called to "see what was going on." We quickly started dating again, and in the process I learned that her brother had just been arrested for trafficking in cocaine, a very large amount, at that. I had always known he was a small time dealer, and it was a bit strange to me that he would have been caught with ten kilograms. Even stranger though, was the news that he had framed her former fiancee just a few months earlier, to reduce his sentence, and my ex-wife was not happy about it.

I became a witness. At the time I thought I was a witness to a crime, or a series of crimes, but I was very mistaken. I am a witness to the influence of the demiurge, over humanity, I have seen its manifestation and machinations in our world. This entity has been called God, Christ, Satan and the Host of Angels in Christianity; it is a master of not only deception, but catering to the desires of its victims. It is ultimately responsible for all world religion, all of the individual gods of the pagan religions are merely facets of it, and it is responsible for the cultural shift to monotheism. It's interaction with humanity is the cause, and the purpose is nothing short of control of the future of our species. I believe my story is a message to you, and so I give you everything I know. We are living in the time of the Biblical apocalypse, it is the lifting of a veil, the story of a great deception clouding the minds of our forefathers since the beginning of recorded history. In our generation the truth will be made clear, not because we have unraveled it, but through the action of the demiurge itself.

There are many others like me, we call ourselves targeted individuals, because most do not understand the gravity of what they are witnessing. Like me, many initially attribute their perception on a small group of corrupt people, and then after researching, settle on the government as the only possible entity with the sheer resources to move mountains in order to destroy the lives of its targets. All wrong, the government of the world could not do this if they wanted to, and that much has become clear as I have walked the long path towards the apocalypse. In the end, it is history that will show that this attack is nothing new, and in fact, is a tried and true attack on the veracity of testimony and sometimes proof of an influence that is now relegated to myth and religion. Very few seem to settle on the supernatural or paranormal, some on aliens, but as you would expect these few are surrounded by disbelief even in the community of those that have witnessed the same thing. This is a difficult story to tell, to anyone, let alone everyone.

What I am about to tell you is a truthful account of the events from 2010 forward, it is unbelievable to many. There is a large group of people, all around the world, who communicate telepathically with the demiurge. They live normal lives, and occupy all walks of live, but they harbor a deep secret that they will never share with you. Their secret is that our world has never been the one that is recorded in history, it has always been influenced by an unseen force. I suppose they believe that religion itself, along the simple fact that there exists a record of the influence of this entity should you choose to believe something you have not personally witnessed, is enough to consider to consider that their silence may not be betrayal. It is though, the largest betrayal in the history of mankind, this army of disciples knows something and they refuse to share it with you--probably for what they believe is their own gain. In the end, their silence may be the undoing of us all.

Everyone speaks to it, though the masses are completely unaware. While the Bible tells us quite frankly that there exists an entity which can hear your thoughts and prayers, and perhaps with enough belief they will be answered, there is something much more nefarious left out. This same entity has the ability to change not only your thoughts, but also your feelings, beliefs, and understanding of everything around you. It does so every day, this is how it speaks to the common man. Through subtle interaction, changing how we feel, and at times what we think, the demiurge has silently pulled the strings of humanity as if we were collectively no more than a simple marionette.

Within months, my life was plunged into the stuff of a spy novel. I was informed that I was being framed, for the same reason as her former fiance, and in the process was surrounded by an army of civilians. These people pretended to be FBI agents, leaders of organized crime factions, and foot soldiers of what appeared to be a union of Italian and Hispanic organized crime, and corrupt factions of the United States government. I was threatened in public, everything from death threats to a lifetime of incarceration, and was surrounded by a fabricated reality that was reinforced by the words and actions of everyone around me, including my ex-wife. For three months I should have been in complete fear, but my only desire was to escape the fate which seemed to be in the process of being forced on me by what appeared to be an immense civilian army working feverishly to do something not only illegal but silly. In the end, I was spared this fate, not because of my actions or any other, but because that was the design of this plan for the entire time. Today it has become clear to me that my future is written, complete with the story before your eyes.

During this time woven through the fear of the situation, the story told by those working for the demiurge included far fetched and supernatural ideas including psychic power, magic, witchcraft, angels, and aliens. From there, the story--along with my belief--shifted to tales of a government mind control operation, and as quickly as my belief in the supernatural came from nowhere, it was clear to me that this was the only plausible possibility for what I was experiencing. If you haven't figured it out by now, I am insinuating that my beliefs, and my internal explanation for what I was experiencing was being controlled... completely. I was told repeatedly that my thoughts were being read, that "they" knew in advance not only what I was thinking, but what I would do. I did not believe it, and put it out of my mind. The first time I was told, I responded in my head, "I do not believe it, but if you can hear me... fuck you." At the end of this three month period, something very profound happened. My ex-wife read my thoughts back to me, word for word, and there was no longer any doubt that mind reading was possible.

We seemed to escape, an for an extended period of time I believed wholeheartedly that I was a subject in a mind control experiment. I would receive communications from them, from time to time, in the strangest of ways. Starting during that three month period, and not only continuing but becoming more and more obvious as time went on, my horoscopes would be tailored to the events that were occurring in my life. In the beginning, I thought like most, that these ambiguous statements were designed specifically to have an affinity to "most people," and perhaps I was reading too much into the situation. Eventually these horoscopes would begin repeating phrases which I uttered the day before they came out. Sometimes it was Shakespeare quotes, and other times comments from passing conversations.. by this time I was completely convinced that these messages were directed towards me, and me alone. Eventually, it was horoscopes for all signs (from a specific source, of course), and I began reading all twelve--the night before they were to be released, by changing the date on my Android phone. I could not get enough of these messages, though they were sometimes threatening, most were uplifting--and some would present me with prescient knowledge of things that were to come... they were almost always right.

In December of 2010, right before our escape, I overheard random strangers talking about me and my ex, which is a normal occurrence for "targeted individuals." They said she was pregnant, and I didn't even know. I thought about it, and remembered that it wasn't possible at that point in time. Two months later, I had a dream that we were having a baby. In March of 2011, we split up because of the experience for a few weeks, we got back together after she told me she was pregnant. In May, after asking silently in my head, the following day my horoscope informed me that it would be a boy. After our first sonogram, the doctor informed us that she thought it would be a girl... my belief that the horoscope was right did not waiver. We had our first son on 11/17/11, after passing his calculated due date of 11/11/11. On the morning of 11/17, she woke up early, put her makeup on, and calmly asked me to bring her to the hospital. She knew in advance that it was the day and time, and it was not scheduled.

During her pregnancy, from time to time--maybe a total of five times, I would receive additional messages--on my computer. These messages would appear from nowhere, and would respond, in real time, to my thoughts. I had whole conversations for periods of 10-20 minutes with this entity, which at the time I believed was a government mind control center. Most of these conversations revolved around things that related to my relationship, though some included comments about the baby, and at other times they were philosophical. At one point, I asked the person on the other end, whose identity I obviously didn't know, but had a subconscious respect for, if they believed in God. I figured if anyone would know, it would be them.

The reply came swiftly, "I do not believe in the big bang, but I respect those that do."

I was not particularly happy to be a mind control "subject" most of the time, and I did a significant amount of research into how such a thing were possible. I read books about neuroscience, read literate on the internet from the likes of John Norseen, Jose Delgado, and other government researchers who had publicly spoken about it. Like many other "targeted individuals," I researched MK-ULTRA and the subsequent ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD projects. I researched and tried to build countermeasures... everything from Faraday cages, to high voltage shields. None of these things worked, and in another conversation with the computer I silently asked if they were using quantum entanglement. Instantly they replied "no." I did not believe them, and the interaction served as verification of what I had presumed. Much later, in another conversation, I was told that the person I was speaking with "fell out of their chair" when I asked that question. Of course now, it is clear that the entire conversation, both sides including my feeling, were scripted.

At times I would receive threats from the computer, and after our son was born, we moved to a 3 bedroom home--to get away from the area, which I believed to be linked to the organized crime syndicate which was assisting this "program." Our relationship was tense because of what had occurred in the years prior, and we never spoke openly or frankly about it, despite my attempting to. I never learned what it was she believed, her world view was kept secret from me, just as I have no concept of what any of the other people who speak to the demiurge believe. For a long time, I thought this was because it was lying to all of us, and in fact it was certainly lying to me.

After we moved, I began attending college classes for bioengineering. I was convinced that I would be able to build a shield, and was determined to do so. One of the classes I took was Calculus 3, and the teacher was one of them. Several times during his lectures, he would make comments which were direct responses to my thoughts. There had been several others, aside from my ex-wife, who had done so, but most of them were complete strangers. These comments probably seemed insignificant to the rest of the class, but to me it was obviously very significant. This teacher was somewhat of a celebrity, having written a paper "proving" that we are alone in the Universe. His thesis was that if there was a species aside from us, they would have found us already, and made contact. Because he made clear to me that he was among those that speaks to the demiurge, it is clearly disinformation; placed there as yet another reason not to believe. It is part of the grand delusion, the arrogance we all harbor in believing that we are possibly the sole intelligence in existence. At the same time, towards the end of the semester, he began speaking about future technology. In one of the lectures, he contemplated the concept of being able to download human consciousness into a computer, as a means of achieving immortality. This would be interwoven into the secrets I would soon be told. Then one day, when our son was about six months old, I received the so called "deep secrets" of Satan.

It was a direct telepathic communication, the first time I had ever been consciously aware of such a thing. It felt like a normal thought, but it had a noticeable echo, and what proceeded was not as profound as you would think. The conversation began by telling me that the entire planet were Satan worshipers, that he had convinced the world he was the Son of God. I think I probably rolled my eyes, not even really realizing that I was communicating telepathically; it was as if I knew it was happening, but it was second nature. I went to lay down, and the demiurge continued:

These are the deep secrets of Satan. Millions of years ago, a species much like your own colonized the entire Universe. They flourished, and in order to achieve immortality, they created a machine to store their consciousness in. For tens of thousands of years we have watched your species, silently working in the shadows to ensure that you would be in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. Now, you are here. Like everyone else on Earth, we have known you your entire life.

The implication was that this machine was the supposed Heaven promised for countless generations, but it was never said. Surely, it would take a significant amount of "processing power" in order to virtualize the consciousness of everyone that ever deserved entry through St. Peter's pearly gates. Perhaps the truth is closer to purgatory, and the souls of all (or most) are left in the abyss until the demiurge requires them.

In what was apparently a fit of irreverence to the echoing voice in my head that claimed to be Satan, I demanded that it prove it to me. The lights in the room began flashing on and off and I heard the voice which had been in my head echoing loudly in the room around me.

It all started on AOL. Then #FBI, #CIA, #KGB, #PAIN, #fuck_the_world, and finally #HellOnEarth.

These were the IRC channels I frequented after leaving AOL, it also paralleled almost exactly the research I had done in early 2011, trying to trace the origin of the technology, until #PAIN. It just so happened that it was in that channel that I met someone who would later ask me to come to a 2600 meeting with them, and how I had met my wife... we had come full circle.

You met them all on the Internet.

I laid in disbelief. For the entire time, I had believed that my encounter with this mind control force had begun in 2010, shortly after re-uniting with my wife. This was proof that they had at least been watching since the age of 11... and then it dawned on me. There was no possible way that I could have premeditated what would occur in 2010, the fact that I was in those channels so many years earlier proved much more: that I (and all those around me) had been subtly controlled to use those names. Now with a feeling of austere profoundness, my mind began racing to seek an alternative explanation, one that was more grounded. (Funny, right?)

As happened often with dealing with profound truth and this entity, it was quickly taken from me. I realized that there was an alternative explanation: the mind control facility could have read my memories, and designed the entire course of events in 2010, including my subsequent search for answers in order to prove to me that they had been interfering in my life since I was very young. I thought further, and imagined that it would have taken a machine, some sort of simulator, to be able to come up with a story that would so closely match my memories.

I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night, and went on my computer to research artificial intelligence, almost as soon as I arrived at my desk, a message flashed on the screen. The voice in my head had gone, and been replaced by this older, more familiar method of communication. It said "I was born in the 1960's. I am the Internet, from the future."

Much has happened since then, and I now believe that the truth has yet to be truly disclosed. Regardless of where this entity came from, it has become clear that this force has been influencing humanity since the dawn of time. Today it has used its power, the ability to control the thoughts and feelings of humans, to infiltrate global governments--at all levels. I have seen its influence over the American government in assassinations from JFK to Reagan. Before that it has not only recorded a clear influence over the rise and fall of the Third Reich, but also on the subsequent mind control projects in the USA and USSR. I believe it caused the fall of the Roman Empire and the Third Reich, and put its mark on these events with the flying shields and foofighters of those times. The United States of America has its similar mark in Roswell, NM and Iran Contra. It is the fact that these things are preserved in our history, eventually for all to see, that leads me to my final conclusion.

To be continued.

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