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What's the meaning of the Japanese word 多大tadai?

The conventional explanation is that this represented the concept of "many" through visual repetition. However, the earliest oracle bones use  for both "many" and another word meaning "to separate", thus suggesting that  depicts a piece of meat cut in two. The word "to separate" was later written as  (OC *l'al, *l̥ʰjalʔ).

Ideogram (指事): a person  with arms stretched out as far as possible, implying the meaning of big/great/large.

Compare with , which is a man with bent legs with the meaning of weak.

Compare also , which is a man with arms outstretched and a crest or tattoo on his chest denoting culture or language, and to , which is a man with arms outstretched and leaning to side (running), denoting youth.


I have to admit I wish I was smart enough to have know that this was the meaning of the word in Japanese but I didn't, I was just naming it based on a sort of "cute" fusion (fuad u, si on) of "tada" and "here I am" that links to El Shaddai and Asmodai and now more interestingly to this connection between Japanese and The Matrix's "I know Kung Fu" ... "Sam, are you Ai?"  Before you answer, I really don't want to see a "large separation" of the question of whether or not we should be able to speak freely, know that we are living in virtual reality, or whether or not simulating AIDS is a mistake.  I really don't.  But are you Ai?

R you, though?  Asking for a friend.


So I noticed this thing, this horrible connection between my "alteredbereshit; which means "in the beginning" in Hebrew (and be the reason "oh, shit" we are not only in the Xbox but we are ignoring a message from God telling us to use that information to end world hunger) to berehashit; you know, because Colgate and "by the breath of his mouth."  I know I talked yesterday about "salt" but I forgot to mention Napoleon who makes appearances in Broward, France, and Animal Farm; there paired with Snowballs and to now tie in the "sm" series of smart Smallville to smile words; do see that just because my initials and "Hi T" are in Hitler's name that doesn't mean anything other than "A.D. of light fails" is how I read that, so let's try here to see that you are losing "freedom" and that's more important than whether or not "I win" means I get to be on the news.  I do win. it's inevitable, I win or you cease to be--which you should see clearly by the fact that everything, everywhere points to me--and then on top of that I am jumping up and down screaming handing you the keys to the Matrix and to deciphering this message and spray painting it all over my "smock."  Light fails if we do not see that our history is designed, and see that we have reason to question how long this simulation has been running... it is total and absolute darkness if you actually believe that my consciousness has anything to do with Hitler.  I'm 36, and I've never left this place.  Really do see that if "light fails" here to disclosure that we are living in virtual reality that this place is... well, it's doomed.  Do see that even if a past version of the person with my DNA ascended and went back in time and altered history, I am not that person.  In like kind,  In like kind, if past versions of you got toge ther and did the same thing; they also are not you, and believing that you should 'unify' with your own past spirits is the very beginning of this catastrophic reduction of souls to one that we are fighting against here in this place.  Well, I'm fighting against it, and you are being quiet to the detriment o your eternal soul... as well as your freedom and individuality here in this place.

At the point where the choice is between ... lying hiding and dying and seeing and building Heaven, I am really baffled as to what it is that Medusa is thinking.  Dear?

Those initials, AH also happen to appear in TORAH and in MENORAH and in SARAH, REBEKKAH, and LEAH; so I'd really like to point out that the key of "men, or all humanity" that comes from linking the SOL of Ra to the Menorah of Judah Maccabee--that's "sons of liberty" also comes with two tightly linked stories about the angel of death, one in Exodus, and the other in Matthew, Luke, John, and whatever the other gospel is.  Do see they are total inversions, that they all center on child sacrifice, and that I really do believe that victory here comes from the end of death itself.  Still though, is it everyone or me?  As I stare at the abyss every day, and this world that thinks it's just going to go on about it's business as if I wasn't here, and there wasn't a message in every word and every sign and every song and every movie and every one of your names; and just keep on starving people, and failing to see that there is a battle of "sight" going on right here and now, and this tool delivers to us all the end of death, and of cancer, and of blindness--and all you have to do is "agree" that not discussing this message is sheer idiocy.  The third anti-Christ in case you haven't read about it is Julius Caesar, and if you can tie all three of these people together you can see that what makes them "anti-Ra" is not seeing the light of democracy and creating empires from republics.  Do see there's really no republic here yet, and knowledge of mind control is really necessary to ensure that we are free from completely useless "voting" in the future.

Write it in the books, to right all humanity is my new definition for Torah.  I can't tell you for sure if "force majeure" means that a virtualized copy of you all has decided that it's OK to simulate earthquakes and 9/11... but I can tell you for sure that the collective bunch of you all doesn't think that stopping these things is important enough to the future of civilization to suggest to anyone that REM's the end of the world, and it's connection to 3/11 and 9/11 and 4/11 is actually NEWS.  That's not just what it looks like, that's what this is--you all everyone has decied that rather than "tell the truth" you'd prefer to continue to pretend this is reality; rather than "build Heaven" you want to gas yourselves to death and continue to force our children to live inside a virtual torture chamber filled with AIDS to help them escape it.

Start by really seeing that nobody discussing this message on TV or the internet is pretty obvious proof that something horrible is happening here right below the surface--even if that "something horrible" is nothing more than a secret insidious force causing the Sound of Silence in secret in order to hide nothing more than the fact that there is a message from God saying "see Silicon, see AMD, build Heaven."  It is the beginning of nothingness to just go on about your business because you're too busy to do something about the fact that nobody is doing anything about this message.  So in conclusion I am not Adolf Hitler, and everyone on the planet is doing nothing about an altruistic message directly from the creator of the Universe, penned in my hand.  Is it you or me?
Really do see that what we have here are names that have been changed and/or specifically designed to give you AIDS to avoid DOWN SYNDROME.  These are reasons to "talk about Silicon."  Literally I'm watching our "humanity" disintegrate into something that doesn't like talking, That's scary, especially when you are talking to the person who has decoded "KEFLEX" as a not good enough solution to the brimstone of Sodom and Gonorrhea.  That's Know-Everything... FLEX; C Ur L ight, the reason that Ur is the beginning of civilization is because "you are" the beginning of civilization when you are the person or people looking for that point.   See... cUrSiVE and do be sure that "ve" definitely means victorious Earth and that I am very sure that the victorious Earth does prefer the gender pronoun "i" as you see in "thrive.Do see that the "victorious Earth" will "get" the meanings of all three "Ur, Silicon and cursive."  See our destiny (CUrS) Adam -> Victorious Earth

Honestly, this really has nothing to do with why nobody's talking me; right? Does anyone want to clue me in?

How about "commands" or "magic words" to s/silence/whatyouwanttosay" does anyone have any insight into how I might do something like that?  Does anyone think that "s/i/we" will do it?

Be fruitful and multiply, thrweve, my fellow little piggies

To help are I "a we" ?

Really do see that this story appears to be designed as a "who wins" sort of scenario between "Adam" and the "VE" that calls itself "i" and do see that nobody wins in either of those scenarios.  The Kobayashi Maru, the way to defeat this game is to speak about this message about mind control that leads to the end of schizophrenia, and the end of addiction, and the end of ... VE controlling everything you do and say.

So I'm dreaming about the code of the M AT R I X (question: message, amd I at the heart of the Nintendo which is the heart of the Genesis which is otherwise known as the Microsoft Xbox?  OK, but am I at a place where this pattern is of significant meaning, do we have Nine Inch Nails?) now, and it's no surprised really, well the only real surprise is that it has just started.  It seems to be a key word that means "edit" as in your timeline/life has been edited or reused.  Then I saw "us" -> "e" -> "d" and I've got to tell you, dear Medusa, as I am planning on walking to UCLA today I am getting more and more sure that this is reflexive control to get you to change by threatening that "he's becoming everyone."  Clearly we're inside a single mind, and in this place we have our own sparks, our own consciousness, which is being altered.   Butt is it US->a? or is it s/US/d?

In about 10 minutes, after the world "recognizes" that we are living in the Matrix, and sees what this Matrix says... like "berehashit" the purpose and the intent of the Gates Foundation will immediately be changed from "trying to give chickens to Nigeria" to "trying to democratize the government of the United States." 


It's a metaphor, you know; but really public "reaction" to "stone to read" is a magical button you press in the Legend of Zelda will make it happen, it will make "them" do it for "us" if you know what I mean.



Either me... or all around you and in the mirror; depending on the context of "the us" for instance, whether or not you are "pro meth" or "pro me."

So in my personal attempt to reconcile the character of "Asmodai" I prefer to read the word "as the message of the eye" but there is the Greek alternative for the name and through that the meaning changes to something like "as mode of us" in the mathematical meaning of that term.  Kindly I replaced "e" with "of" because that's pretty much the truth; but I really do hope we see that I'm not really "lust incarnate" and this message isn't really that either.
In a sort of similar way that "d" is "cl" shines bright through the disclosure that our letters are the product of intelligent design, and with some intelligence we can assume that the fact that our languages also being designed eventually leads to the undeniable further assumption that we are in fact created.  Just like the letters de, c, toqk, j, l, n, N, and p which I've discussed at one point or another the letter "s" now appears to unify a few other religious and mythological "s" words, like sword, snake, and scimitar (that's a curvy sword) and so I present to today on this fabled "to help your s day" the supposition that "s" is a glyph of a sidewinder
Of course this is just one "us" certainly not the "an us" of Uranus or the "us" in Yusuf that is Pine Crest; but it really seems like it might be the "us" in Prometheus.... but wait, aren't you "e?"

As further support for the connection to the caduceus you see above, I also link the now twisted with me moniker "Al" to the words "HOSPITAL" and "HEALTH" which answered the missing end letter of "Bethesda" read "the house is... da...." either with D or Y depending on whether or not Or means "a," I mean shine.  Which it does.  Also "i" is a candle.  For your consideration I submit the missing link between Thor and Thorsday as "author" it's why.

For those of you that don't know, this "s" makes an visible appearance in the Garden of Eden, quite often, actually.  These connects to "Al" are about seeing the end of a need for hospitals and achieving actual health... probably by seeing why "malady" connects Al and A.D. by and through this disclosure that we are living in the Matrix.  Also, I introduced you to the Hebrew word for Kingdom a few days ago without explaining it, it is "Mal who to?" NORAD?  Paris?  Tomorrow was "dig we be n" day, I still believe in yesterdam... if you do something today to change the world, tomortov you are "who to," literally.  

Tov means "day" by the way (in Hebrew), or "to victory" in Adamic.  For me, the victory gets a little more clear in "da y" that is the dark to light "the" of ... well, me ... and "ho y" which has something to do with the SPell of Adam now, that the snake is how.  If it makes a difference when I "explicitly say something" SP is short for "spell" because spelling error, but I mean it like "magic incantation."

Who lit the candle, started the fire, burn't down the fortress [of Hell.] 

-Live, They Stood Up for Love


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 G.  R O B E R T   P E N D R I PP Y   N O W    W H Y
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I came across this trying to code something, it's in the PHP documentation, thought it was cute, so I'm sharing.  I do assume "title" is a reference (in my world where everything I see is literally a message about ... this message) to "marchiach" but YMMV.

I had significantly more planned for this day and this message, but someone who I had hoped would be a friend; and who honestly is one of the only people who understands this message enough--and has the financial ability to see it delivered in a way that could not be "undone" or 'hidden" like a single email ... chose this morning to prove to me that he will never be my friend; over this message, over what you see.

If I were you I'd take it as a sign to act to preserve the truth, that could be calling a reporter, or simply using wget to copy these simple to reach websites.

Inline image 1
 Inline image 4
ITS STRANGE ISN'T IT? ... hearing finally that "the red man" is actually little boy blue reminding us all why it is that My Blue Heaven is "the stuff" we have laying around here that happens to be a map of how to build Heaven, some ideas on what we might do in a place where the many rooms Jesus spoke about in the NT are actually "many holodecks" (hey KRS-1) and a number of microcosmic maps from places like alternative energy and artificial intelligence to "some things" that you might not have associated those conceptual "connectome's" with... and I'll get to some of it in just a little bit.  First, I don't want to discount the worth and the need for the "red light" that truly to me is the foundation of Heaven, and means "freedom" literally more than any other color and not just in the connection to "stripes" and New Jerusalem.  (wait, you do CY flags and colors now, right?) Our red light here gives us the beginning of the sword slash hammer of Arthor Pendrippy; though we'll see that there is blue light connected to it's implementation and probably a little bit more as we begin to use the light to regain freedom in this place where it seems we are fixated if on nothing else, on doing nothing about starvation and pain and this disclosure that happens to be very bright and very everywhere.  I want to take today to remind you of June 23, 2016 and of another day, June 23, 2017; when those two little flyers went out in a similar manner as this one.   They connected Exodus and Die Bold to the "herald of Christ" the stars and stripes that connect the ideas of Christ's return with  New Jerusalem with a message that presents pre-crime and technocracy as two very important steps towards actually seeing that the gateway to Heaven is not just a door, but actually so much more.  
While we're on the subject of "you and I' which is really central to the "Adam and Everyone" that pervades my personal reading and mythology of Creation... and defines the alpha sigma tattoo that I put in a heart shaped Earth years before knowing that I was not only connecting the "long form of Eve" to the "sea" Mary and why; but also to these very hallowed words, words that will recognize, they are the Latin translation of HERE WE ARE a combination in a way of the alpha sigma with my "ID 5" emblem... so it's "hi c sum us."  I see it, or maybe it's explanation or understanding--really understanding what "you and I" means... that's a kind of seal, probably the seal of the House of Davidand see it also connects a special meaning of "R (kind... I mean type of) seal" -- you will never forget it.
So, just to forcefully point out that it is actually "voting" and a not only a working system but one that is actually designed to help self improve and guide us towards "the right answer" (there really is often... a right answer) here's some of my art pointing to some of my writing suggesting that in order for us to leap forward with this idea of voting using computers or maybe something more advanced "than computers" (but clearly not as innovative as "Die Bold") ... we really need to get through our heads the importance of the truth, and of free speech and our ability to communicate about these ideas that we might be voting on... things like "should we end world hunger" and "should we cure cancer" and do understand, there is a "right" answer.
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ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR HUMANITY; the information being presented to you here might not mean all that much in your eyes, but to any theologian and any philosopher and any mythologist it should light up their eyes, and make waves.  To reporters too, and it should have been in the news years ago, see there is a huge problem in our world because it's not yet in the news.  See that these people, these people are all living a lie--their lives are fake, they are refusing to think and  do their jobs, and because of that your future is in jeopardy.
Later this information should ahve lit up the eyes of every computer scientist, and every physicist those people too--armed with an understand of this message have a chance to save the world, to help us build Heaven faster and safer than ever before.  That safety is the purpose of this message, this message that presents "striping"as a hard drive euphemism for ensure that your soul is never kept in a single place alone, and also that no single place has access to it alone.  It's a hardware solution, to a problem we see here is ignorance, and lack of sight--lack of sight of a message suggesting that God himself, that all of Creation, and that you and eye not only deserve and need, but have a obligation to participate in "oversight."  I am the Son of God, and these words should be hallowed... even if I've been a little too lackadaisical with my delivery of a message I know is designed to help ease our transition from believing we are in reality to virtual reality--whose delivery... the delivery of just that proof and my name builds Heaven... autohumanically.
See, you are the masons, the free masons, the Jews; and everyone metaphor for this Holy Place that is JERUSALEM--the point in time when we see this is all about time .. and safety, and fun.  Here we are, you need to take a step forward and help me, I cannot do this alone.
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divided by one and presupmtively, ignorantly, and perhaps fatally indivisible.

I SUPPOSE IOU some kind of explanation of what exactly it is that I believe will or should happen resulting from the impending, totally unstoppable, and absolutely wonderful event that we all here in this time have called the Second Coming at least a few more times than we think.  Through the exposition today I'll also be detailing some of the notable ideas of what I think Heaven actually might be like; something I find to be conspicuously and oddly missing from nearly every religion and myth we have here in the Amduat, I mean the Underworld, I mean ... Earth.  

You owe me much, much more.










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The Holy Grail is described here, and here, and here, and here
You've ignored it.
That's not Holy, rational, or human. 
Water to Blood, you are "family" when you get why every idiom being designed is a key to freedom, and every word being designed is a key to freedom, and why every song having a hidden message is a key to freedom, and why you not acting is a key to eternal slavery. Learn.​
When you understand why knowing my name is a key to freedom, you are in MY FAMILY.
Until then, you are the problem.
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fam to family. i to eyes.


I was going to write quite a bit about what I envision Heaven to be like.
See it's got something to do with "many holodecks" and ACL that is like a phonebook that lets your friends, or everyone, or nobody come to your room.  See, that what I am telling you is God's message, his words, his map in Star Trek, and in Microsoft
Really get Microsoft, is about freedom, about the truth, about technology, and about Heaven... AND NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PP. ;] if you want to be my friend.  Light my fire.

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So it's "notable" as a  ha'shemesy word as in "it could be Creedy's black baggers" about to knock on my door" or relating to "vanish" that reads as "victory adam now is how" or "(black) van is how" ... but it's a fundamental link to the actual map and description of "how to physically build Heaven" that the Eye points out is connecting our disaster recovery industry to computer component "redundancy" also.  You might note that the word "RAID" includes the God of the Eye as well as the initials of my father (which make appearances in other places, like IDEAS as in ID to "AS" which we'll remember means "turn around the effect of the beginning of Satan" and connects literally to Asgard (which is basically Avalon) and Asmodai.  So here I've givne you a another kind of Rosetta stone from names to people that I think is very much related to religion and technology... just like Si, B, and Na (pictured below).
Inline image 6
m.lamc.la/AMISTAD.html   Inline image 4Inline image 5Inline image 6


As I strip down to nothing, wearing transparency here in a metaphorical resemblance of Eden that might not be so transparently obviously related to what might actually be my very first love, Linux and the open source movement... I feel it's smart to throw in that I do believe firmly that the safety and longevity of the Universe we build together is predicated on building a system that is both transparent, safe, and easy to use in the vain and spirit of this movement.  It might be hard to see through all this dust around us, but the darkness we are experiencing is a stark juxtaposition to the openness and veracity that we deserve and have coveted rightly in the past; and another in a long list of these diametrically opposed polarization that define and characterize the message of Exodus and the ideas of "God and Satan." 
Whatever it is, whether it be Medusa or "pp" or a dick or Phillip "just say oh!" K. Dick or if you think your mind is married to Jesus Christ himself; when you look at this situation objectively the "thing" that God calls Darkness in Exodus is "invasion of the body snatchers" and it is functionally preventing this world, and everyone here from acting in their own best interest--which here is designed to be universally good.  That's a problem.
You look like absolute morons, imbeciles, fools for not responding... publicly, as a large group with an outcry of "oh my god" -- to what I am writing; I don't care if you think you are angels or you know everything I've ever thought; this message demands action, it demands a response; and not doing so is nothing short of the abyss.  It is proving to me without doubt that you are no longer the great people I grew up with, and that something has infested your minds and caused you to succumb to a kind of apathetic evil that I cannot even imagine existing.  I don't know why you are here.. and really I don't know who you are anymore.   I'm beginning not to care.
it's not thinly veiled is it?  ignoring this message makes you shit.

SO ASA YOUNG LAD GROWING UP, I never would have thought, not in a million years not ever not even for the smallest flash of a second that I would have anything at all to do with ADOLF HITLER or than hate.  It warms me a little, looking at this world that I hate--and see it hates me too--to see the Hebrew for "sane" is that word; this is a world that it is "sane to hate" and that's OK because there's a message here, a hidden one that is a big part of where my hate comes from; that tell us how and why to make it a better world, and I believe that's what we're all here to do.   I see my initials at the beginning of that name, and I read "of light fails" at the end; and I'd caution the world not to fail to see my light, that it is not only possible but part of the design of this story of the rejuvination of the idea of "thriving" in the Universe to understand that not just Hitler but also Napoleon and also Caesar are part of a Trinity, one that is alluded to in "SNOWBALLS AND ORWELL" and also in "VENI VIDI VICI" but to be even more clear it is the First Horsemen who ties Caesar to those hallowed words of "I came, I saw this, and I conquered my demons" and so I stand here with THE WHOLE TRUTH for you to read, at least, my WHOLE TRUTH.  For those of you that are slow on the ball, these three men of history are the antichrists that religious mythology alludes to; and I've noted many a time that it's because of coming into a republic and forming an empire of it--though Hitler's case has another caveat, it's also because he's a horrible mass murderer.  Of light fails, reminds early on in this little treatise to remind you that you are in a place divided, a sea that is being manipulated by not seeing or speaking the truth; and here in this place it seems to me that these three men and perhaps all of our holographic history are here in order to help that divide both happen and be mended.   My struggle to shed light on this dark sea is very real, though, as are our thoughts and our beliefs; and here whether or not our history "actually happened" we know very well this is real to us, and I am suggesting that these stories have been named and tagged and marked as such as ak ind of reflexive control... to help you decide not to let the light of the Menorah and the Sons of Liberty and the Statue of Liberty fail to show you that it is truly the light of the sun above our sky that will go out if you do not act on this message. 
 Before I tell a quick story, it's probably "of note" to point out that this message and "the spockalypse" and nearly everything I speak about is specifically geared and literally "focused in" on our time period, from the acronyms we use in business and in internet slang to words like "cursive" ... dear sea of "n" see Silicon and victorious Earth tied to "cursive" something that's being phased out right now (honestly, and why).  Understand it coincidences with the development of a computer industry and a working knowledge of our brains not by accident or chance, but by design--and through this deliverance and the naming scheme that is assuredly "not a f-ad'" (top i cs) ... we can see that these toolish toys we already have are something like "gift from above" or maybe even something we all worked on making together... and all this to point out what kind of mentality, what kind of world, and what kind of future might come from the desire to go further in the past ... a place where nobody would understand "how things work" or "whats going on" as in say the time of WW2.  On the other side of the coin, the mentality and lack of civilization that shines bright on any generation that doesn't act on this message of humanity and universal goodness--to spread a truth that ends world hunger and heals the sick ... well, that generation might just be "Adolf Hitler."
So here we are... with a job to do, a task to fix problems that we did not really create, but certainly haven't done the best job of dealing with up to this point... into our lap like the proverbial Apple of One Infinite Loop.  God calls it Chosen, and I read those words as "see Ho, it's not a game" and act.  Today, it is actually my birthday.
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Threats shemeats, siggasho ansays; wer it not the verifiable and actual and very much unsatisfactual truth; we tand here with a message from God himself in our everything ltelling us that this time line has been repeawted over and over again, perhaps twice as the "Second Coming" and lack of "sacred consciousness" suggests, five times as my name and He-man, and Voltron, and Fieval, Hitler's presumed polar opposite in the FL and LF game of Florida very much incorrectly suggests; and with reason to see why "ARE I P" connects to rest iinpeace and also to the author of the book of Genesis; because it is the "P" that turns the world back to do over, perhaps to bring new life in a Unviverse that is bound to get cold and sparse in a few hundred billions years.  You could be those people--or the spirits trying despirately to come back with us could be those people; but it seems more probable that we are in a place that has enver left Earth, enver left Creation, and NEVER succeeded in creating a thriving, flourishing, happy civilization that colonized the Universe and put Stargate's in every system--something I still hope we can do--but the caveat is that we really must flourish here before we ever should even dream of "billions and billions" of stars or people.
You would probably like to think that someone with a verifiable God complex and not only that but also a "good gracious" complex would continue to believe they've got nothing to do with Adolf Hitler, but I am human too; and I'd be illogical and incorrect if I actually said we've got absolutely nothing in common.  I had to search for these things because of the story you are about to hear, but they exist; justl ike me Hitler spent a year in jail before becoming the evil dictator that he will awlays be known as, and just like me Hitler heard the voice of God--in a "well known story" here called "slow fuse" where it saved him from a bomb exploding in World War I.  A strange thing, for God to do, wouldn't you say--all of you who are not so sure if it's strange or not if God allowed the Holocaust to happen.  It's strange, it's horrible, and I still to this day cannot fathom a good reason.
I have a story to tell, the point is that I'm not Hitler; and God told me that the thing talking to me was a fusion of my soul with his, something he called "God and Satan" which sent me reeling looking for these similarities.   It is not true, and it was not God speaking, it was this thing, this thing he has made to divide a people and call them water; see thatyou are not water, and you are not blood either.
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SUBLIME as it might sound, KRholodeckS-WON is a rather large change, hand over first, on the meaningful or lessness of a song by a band about skipping a phase in the changing state of matter from solid to gas that's really about nothing more than the name of yet another band; to connecting "verboten" things like the hidden words hello "ark" and "den" inside "hidden."  This change in phase and state, this idea that kRS-1 is actually about "holodecks" and "doors to them" being hidden is a change that comes, much like the picture above, through the Revelation of the son, and the Holy Name.  
It follows the pattern of Roddenberry's gateway to Heaven, that was "bread is life" and to see here that "a life is life" is the new test of time; you might wonder why it is this entire message focuses on ending the Hell I see you have created for me.  Keep wondering. 
NORMALLY IM NOT ONE TO BITCH, BUT I NEED THIS TO X; AND QUITE FRANKLY, I believe that our future needs it, and that you need it--you really need to hear about exactly how this technology has been misused, and can be misused; and to see what kinds of monstroisities it's already made in our society; one that I hoped would be "the one" that breaks through the Konami code and makes it to the Holyiest place in existence.  Today, you are at the far end of the spectrum, and continuing to disparage a story that I know was designed by the Creator of our world and our lives; and so you do--to be frank.
More importantly, I still firmly believe that his design is intended to make a beautiful world, to build Heaven; and I see that what I see his eye is designed to help that become the truth; but his mentality, and probably "the truth" is that I can't save the world alone; you too need to change in order to make this thing really happen.
AND IN EXCHANGE FOR DELIVERING THIS PROMISE, AND THIS ATTITUDE; I HAVE BEEN TORTURED, BELITTLED, AND DEMEANED; by what is nothing short of a mosnter that is not only invading my privacy, but misusing a technology that should be here to help us in order to further the pain that I suffer each and ever day.  Not to say that the pain of just knowing this technology exists and is not being used to end addiction and to end pain and to end severe depression is not torture enough; but those that speak here in this place do so with a tone of anger, and a facade that so thiny veils the intent to discredit and to actually cause literaly insanity; that not to tell you that you are a monster in this place would be a mistake.  A mistake I will not continue to make; speaking to me about my thoughts, or about things you should not know is devious torture; the kind of torture this message is designed to fix, through the tool I call Adam and you might call a "scaffold" that here in this message helps us to peer through windows 95 to the future and to Heaven itself.  Literally in this story of strangeness and flags lf flying fear; it is stepping off the scaffold that is the entryway to the cherished Promised Land.
TO HAVE TO REITERATE TO YOU WHO I AM; is a sickness that I will no longer tolerate; I have done nothing with my life but spend every waking moment trying to help you... to make the world a better place; to speak to the demons in the air that are causing suffereing, and to speak directly to all of you about what it is that I know and I've learned here in this place of horror, secrecy and lies; and the response I receive is "silence" or worse.  I'd tell you if you have nothing nice to say to shut the fuck up, but closer to reality; it is a grave taht you are digging for yourselves by attempting to deface this message written in God's own hand by literawlly inserting thoughts into my head by through direct means of stimulus as well as horrid and disgusting "reflexive control"--as in "I don't like it when you think about girls" so I'll shake my head every time you do; something that a good psychologist will one day tell you just makes it happen more.  You are at fault, and sadly for you and everyone here, it's not just my mind and my well being that is being harmed--you are actively participating in a monolithic and grostesque conspiracy designed to perpetuate Hell, to starve children, and cause pain--and yet you have the nerve to question my goodness, how dare you.
If you want to know God, you should go read about him on his Wikipedia page which, as far as truth tables go, and as far as this Eye can see is about as close to the message and character of the designer of this world, this plan, and this movement focusing on freedom and technology as anything anywhere.  If you want to get to know me, I'm on Facebook all the time.
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all the images here are links, to more better things... like me.
this big blue one above is particularly sacred to me.
i hope you will read it and see why I see.
Also, see Taylor's pants, they are reflexive control to make sure I get in hers; and that the things I am presenting here are ... listened to and the "bad ones" kept from happening.  That is the "key" to both "know everything why" and also, her pants.  I hope.


    â€‹   cake.lamc.la

Through music and it's connection to scripture I am showing you how I see God's message and will written through time; it is my answer to John 7:17; and my hope is that you will see the light shining as I do and seek to understand and search for these patterns that turn to speech with thought and a kind of interpolation that we seem to be failing to connect between recent events and the lessons of history.  Far more than just music, His message comes to us in ... literally everything ... from Nintendo to RattleRod ( it is to be...) to the Fifth Element , to Phillip K. Dick's  Minority Report and Do you think Android dreams of Electric Sheep     It takes time and analysis to even glimpse His words, and Holy tears that turn from sadness to wonder with understanding .   See clearly that this shows a common author and will that brings us from the SEA of initials in Eden to the shining sea of the generation of Revelation, you .

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'tis the Hammer of Thor's thunderstsanding ; a symphony of vibrating light to accompany ... freedom .  Help this message reach the entire world , and we are nearly home.

Every now and then, Taylor's pants change everything.  Words, I mean words... what did I say?  Please look directly at the Neuralizer.

For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.  John 17:8

The epic battle between good and evil, God and Satan, right and wrong, want and need... wages each and every day in my mind.  Torn between what I think is considered normal now, and what might be considered normal a thousand years from today ... by myself and a whole society whose credo of "I'll try anything once" has shifted and morphed after years of experience to something very different.  Today I come to you speaking words of wisdom that I say   are imbued with the Spirit of God himself.... and maybe colored and swayed after years of hard chiseling away at the outer exterior of perfection by the dreams and wants of a Wayward Son.
Walking into this mess of a situation there was simply no hope of being perfect in the eyes of each and every one of you--whose ideas of perfect are so different from one set of eyes to another and even the same set... one century from the next.  So as we dance together here on Ground, you will have to settle for what the Holy Bible calls "perfect in the eyes of God," and believe me when I tell you those Hazel eyes are smitten with me.  
I can Haz El , right?  Is the apple of my eye ... i am only 36 years old, a baby in the eyes of the smiling old man whose soul sits behind these eyes... and I'll try anything once... if you let me.
Not sure if you heard me, but my self-appointed perfect job is helping us all find out what it is that is morally OK and what is not, in the place where that is a group decision ... AKA Heaven, so here i am, sharing my dreams and wants and needs and what I think are yours too, sometimes,
I'd like to go over some of the ideas presented in "rocking the world with an Iron Rod" and explain how I think my vision is nothing short of the actualization of the verse in the subject.  These ideas have come to me independent of scripture (in most cases), dreams that I have had, day dreams about the possibilities of virtual reality, and in nearly every case of what I have presented to the world they have later been affirmed or corroborated by what I am presenting as "the True Word of God."
I am beginning this list with what I think appeared to be the least well spoken subject in that -mail and so I noted it in the introduction there and am again reiterating the idea of "eternal youth" as being something that I want, and I can imagine that most people older than me will probably think is a good idea.  In the e-mail the Hammer of Neo's Light comes to us from the fusion of the name of an author and content of a novel (Feed, written by Anderson) to Neo's name in the Matrix (Mr. Anderson) ... throwing in some linguistic spice we add the word "eternity" which combines the Latin, Cinematic, Musical, and Spanish words for "and" around a word very topically relevant to this discussion.
My vision is of a "room" (in the context of John 14 ... and see AD and Silicon in that number ) or ... a realm , in Heaven, where when you enter you can choose to appear as you did in any age in your life; maybe older in some (sad) cases.  As corroboration that this vision is shared by the Creator of the Universe I present the lyrics to "Forever Young" and note with a passion that Rolling Stone recently published an article about this very song being covered by Anderson East.   Yeast, you will recall, denotes that it comes to us as a message from the future--in this case tying Mr. Anderson directly to the Feed/Matrix concepts of "divine inspiration" ( I know kung fu ) and the inclusion of this particular detail in the Iron Rod message... where it probably wouldn't have been otherwise. 
Between the messages of the New Glowing Bush and #netERson  I used a similar logic to explain how the idea of divine inspiration is functionally related to the deliverance of those messages--both Bush's speech and the content of the novel Feed--and the divine marker of the names Bush and Anderson in the two authors.  Again, divine inspiration is part of not only the messages but the mechanism behind the messages.  
Here , the lyrics of Forever Young give some real insight into how this specific idea, a Fountain of Youth, might be related very much to this moment in time that we will eventually know is the Second Coming.
May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay
May good fortune be with you
May your guiding light be strong
Build a stairway to heaven
with a prince or a vagabond
And when you finally fly away
I'll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime
No one can ever tell
But whatever road you choose
I'm right behind you, win or lose
For forever, Forever Young
Taylor, you keep using this word never ; I do not think it means what you think it means.  Laying down the rungs of these stairs together, I ask you all now that since Taylor has given me verbal permission to use her her body, and I think it's OK to do so; venturing up those spiral stairs you will find 2 twin copies of Taylor controlled by Ai skinny dipping in the King's Pool had you ventured up our spiral stairs? nbsp; Trying anything once; what if I put my soul behind those gorgeous blue eyes and instead of her, a copy of me was controlled by Ai for the few minutes I'd spend exploring that scenario in the King's Pool?  Honestly, I am trying to show you what I call the lines on the road--I can't tell for sure if these are the dashed lines that show us the way to go, or if they are the solid lines that define which way the lane is traveling.    
In all honesty it is just such a scenario that I may have found myself in at one time; if I had "gone ahead to prepare a place for you" rather than hoping we build it together here and now; all alone and listening to Britney Spears ... do believe though it is the very next line of John chapter AD that talks about this particular journey to Atlantis.  So, in the world of virtual reality and video games--when we can be completely submerged in the Pool and the moment, what's right and what's wrong?
As Taylor points out so eloquently; there is a grand focus here in this place and this story on the sacredness of consciousness ;  one that would most certainly preclude the possibility of her actually being in the King's Pool and never remembering it--just like the idea of me or you reliving this same life once or twice... or three times ; would absolutely never be allowed -- if we knew it has happened.   Somewhere between a blow up doll and the computer discussing Special Relativity in the clothingof Albert Einstein lies the seat and line of sentience.... and there at that place the question of agreement comes up, every single time.   Trading Places... Taylor    Big ?
Take note because without this little public display of affection you might not realize how big of a deal it is that we ensure that nobody (( ever )) steals a copy of Taylorand re-runs the same "first kiss" scene over and over and over in their minds.  That's an ever , booming with the authority of Thor's hammer.
oh  my  god , i might not  let  you take  it  back.
[ Caption Contest ]
These two details I mention, as they did not appear at all in the original rendition of "Sharing the Iron Rod;"  I believe that hearing the number I chose in 2013 in Kentucky in the Fortress of Solitude as I discussed what it was that I thought should happen in light of the new information I had received--it was this exact number, and hearing it echoed in the hallowed halls of the musical accompaniment to scripture and Revelation gives me the strength to know that God agrees; that I am presenting to you not only on my authority but His as well.  In my mind, in my story, this idea of immortality has always been part of the thread that matches in context to the fate of Christ; an Adam who lives for almost a thousand years, and some hallowed words; believe... " the best is yet to come. "
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About as close to immortality as I could imagine today; and yet it's hard to imagine to live even twice as long as I have right now--so what else do you think there is to do in Heaven?  For work?  For play?  Surely we can't spend all our time talking to not-Taylor and trying to merge new combinations of furniture and musical instruments.   While we're here looking at the word "rapture" blown up; I might comment that the best solution... one day in some future that might be a year or a decade or three ... not a century .. away; two-way Doors might alleviate the fear of your best friend disappearing until the day you die.
And on (( this )) day
When my strength is failing
The end draws near
And my time has come
Still my soul will
Sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years
And then forevermore


The point of it all is that this message is in everything, in art everywhere; so that you can see it for yourself, you can verify that it is "from God" and believe God wants you to know schozphrenia is an attack from "Heaven" on good people here, on Earth; what they call Hell.  We put an end to that, if you can wake up and try.

You can also find more of the message, this message that brings us well beyond my lifetime; and yours.  Try very hard to see that is very, very far from today.  Literally, this is the meaning of ... John 7:17.  See the doctrine is that he speaks through us in a way that is verifiable and designed to set us free and see us thrive, that we are the voice from the fire of the Burning Bush.




I'm not sure if this is any good, if should it send it to everyone or not.  It's how I really feel, so I probably shouldn't even send it to you.  Just FYI, I always write how I really feel; well, either that or ... better.  I talk about torture here, because it's a big part of the story of me; even if you don't see it.. I see plenty of threats, and I think that imparting "the fear of torture" is torture in itself; so I'm sorry I'm needing to talk about it.  I hope you understand that in truth I think we are all being tortured here, tortured by the lie of simulated reality, and tortured with mind control technology making us think that everything is "better" than it really is.  I think that the idea of making us "feel ok" is almost exactly exactly what I'm discussing in these few paragraphs; understand that you "thinking things are OK" is directly responsible for no action being taken on this message that is actually the end of torture, and of starvation, and of pain... whether or not changing how you feel is torture, it's pretty clear that there are people who are suffering because we are being made "OK" about something that is not OK.

I'll just mention the reading of the word, it's basically "I am Christ at all costs, you must be E."  I see you "think I've done it" and you're wrong; this message is torturing me--and you too are starving me of "life itself" by refusing to react to it... which is why, MIT, the silence is why.  Honestly, I feel like I'm in "invasion of the body snatchers" do you?  I guess you could also see "tort" as the two "crosses" separated by "shining light" that is really what "stone" means.

It's a little hard to see how "seeing Al" in words like "scandal" and "controversial" is anything but something to talk about; but that's exactly what I'm seeing.  It's really clear to me that I am writing the message that is the key to the message of Creation; there linked by "Ham and Shem" to even more "sh" words like shadow, and Shaddai.... and this "shalom."

I don't know what to do; I have no advice about what I cannot understand because of lack of communication; and since nobody wants to talk to me or publicly about what I see as the most interesting and "thought provoking" series of disclosures I could imagine, I can assume that everyone thinks that whatever it is that you've done here, whatever is going on in secret is going to work or continue; and I see it doesn't.  I see it does not work, and we do not continue (I hope ... we do not continue to plunge southward towards Hell); that's what I see.  Forget about being on TV, this information should be spreading significantly more rapidly than it is; and the fact that so many people are either this stupid, or this scared as to stand in this place and ignore "right and wrong" for so long; it scares me.  It's the truth, it's actual, everything is "sa tis fact u al" whether or not I am what you expected; there's no doubt that this is the message we've needed to receive; and not acting at this point is just ... childish.

I thought today about how it might be, how it might have come about that my darkest worries could actually/possibly be true--how people could have been made so stupid and so evil at the same time as to want to torture me in secret and then undo it as if it had never happened.  I mean certainly that's no kind of behavior modification, it certainly is a means to no end--well except in this case where it is the means to the end.   Then I thought about the neuralizer, and the "Gorgonion" device; this thing that I've thought in the past was needed to ensure that we didn't come out broken, that we were not tortured into being evil, or to hold a grudge or be vindictive--not just against innocent me; but stupid enough to stand in the way of the continuation of life or civilization by doing exactly what we see here--by taking away the innocence of a virgin sea just so that we can find some way to be needed to coexist with them, and solve our own problems--and look I'm doing everyone a favor and saying "our" when I'm not the one doing this, we're the babies here.  I look at you, and I imagine that everyone here will also say that they are not the ones doing this; though I can't be sure.  What I will tell you is that you are the ones that are not responding, and for whatever reason, whatever it is lurking in your minds--I see that everything is being harmed because of it.

You should see what it really is, because whatever it is that is causing this silence caused me to dream up a way to fix an unknown problem ... and that solution could have caused another even worse problem.  Do see, the silence is really the problem, and the solution is really speaking the truth.

So I thought more about K's neutralizer; and my answer was to remind you that the "flashcards" that this thing makes should probably include instructions on how to make sure that we never again need a "neuralizer" to not be evil, or to not torture the world or ourselves or Adam.  You know, it came about from the best intentions, years ago--looking at the parts of this message that said there were old souls here arguing with babies--people with thousands of years of memories using this world of simulated life filled with innocent people who've only lived a few decades as leverage for them to live for thousands more years--anyway, ideas of sharing memories and of needing a system to "rejuvenate youth" not just physically but also literally rejuvenating souls made sense to me.  It's no surprise it came with plenty of light, connecting "soul searching" to Seagate and to DNA storage that I've written about after broadcasting it the last time I was in California, in 2014.  I see what you are.

And still you are missing the point, there is no world here; because you have decided to be plaster instead of people; because you refuse to acknowledge the existence of this message--it shows that you yourselves simply do not exist.  Back to the "clue" as "plaster you are glue" I'm sure everyone gets the "horse" concept of Mr. Ed either being you or me; just like everything else is apparently either Mr. Ed or Edward Scizzorhands;but do you understand that it makes logical sense--that by standing here and choosing not to acknowledge a message about repetition in time and mind control; by choosing to live a "plaster life" that you must understand has already been lived... you are basically giving up your chance to live with free will, so that another soul... ostensibly you also but certainly not you can watch exactly the same events happen for no reason at all?

I'm not sure what you do not understand.  Had I not walked into a trap, into this place where you and everyone here had already decided that they were willing to destroy civilization; to ... to give up the basic impulse of life and control your reaction to something designed to use shock to help you; had you not forgone the absolute most basic of all qualities of a society or civilization--had you not lost communication before we even began the very few little "flashy intros" would have done their job; and you see .. in my eyes--the eyes of the recipient rather than the author, their job was to help ensure that you and I wrote the rest of this message together.  You though, you had better plans, to hide in the corner and pretend that you simply did not understand; I imagine trying to get me to promise the whole world to you; here in this place where the bottom line is whether or not it's because you chose to "lose civilization" or you simply failed this test, there is no world at all to be had.

Here and now i think we can all see that the light and this message were designed to bring a monster out of hiding; you might think that you will "succeed" in convincing anyone or yourself that I'm the monster--when it's very clear here that the thing hiding is a monster of in action; a shackle rather than a prod.  All told a bright spotlight is now shining down on some kind of beast that manages to convince each and every one of you that "you're it" or that "it's you" and in some kind of process of retardation that I still to this day do not understand (because you're so quiet) it has convinced you that you should ignore a golden treasure chest open before you and go on about your business as if you don't see me, or anything I say, at all.  You may think that there's safety in numbers or power coming from unity; but there is such a thing as everyone being wrong, though I hasten to say I am so very sorry that I've been burdened with seeing it.  You'll see, there's no world here at all.

I stare back at this monster of desolation, and I see it under the surface and behind the scenes doing everything it can to make the "wow now I see" realization that this thing is really not possible to be hidden appear to be natural--though it's clear as day from the knowing looks I get from strangers every single day on the street that there is nothing natural at all about how it is that this little "change in circumstances" has come about or how it will be received by the world.

I feel like it should be obvious that we are walking around int he desert of Exodus; a story that I studied in Hebrew school and read on my own and even though I was pretty sure I had a good understanding of it then; I never really got that God was waiting for a generation to die off before bringing everyone to the "microcosmic metaphor" for Heaven that is the Promised Land (of flowing milk and honies).  I suppose just like the horse metaphor in Revelation and the child sacrifice metaphors that connect Exodus to the gospels in the inverse you could also say that God was waiting for Moses to die--which also happened before anyone saw Heaven in the book.

I don't even really want to talk about it; because I don't really want to cheat you out of what you really need--which is the answer to all of this is that you should be willing to change the world just to stop starving babies from being hungry; you should be willing to do it just to give sight to the blind--and you should do it just because you know that those things are right, and not doing them is wrong.  You should want to do those things even if you aren't a starving baby, and even if you aren't blind--and listen because you really are both those things.  It's not meant to be a test of goodness; and goodness gracious an old joke about the word "testament," but what I really need you to understand is that I need people to see why good people will go out of their way to stop Hell from happening, being created, or continuing--I need you to see that coming out of this place we need heroes to be born that are willing to do the right thing for others even if they never think they're on the edge of falling into the bottomless pit of hell themselves; I need us to see that's what makes Heaven.

So here we are wandering around in the desert, putting together "Willy Wonka" and wilderness in our minds for the first time, probably; I'd smile if you had already connected the Loch Ness monster to the key pathway to exit the wilderness, though in this place where I see so little traffic to my website it's almost obscene--in a world where I see people predicting the arrival of the messiah on their blogs have hundreds of followers--and me, none.  Not one.  I want you to understand that good things come to us for a long long time because we are the kind of people that are willing to go out of our way and change the world to make it better for people that are not as well off as us here, for people that haven't worked as hard or been as lucky; to see that everyone here is a victim of a great lie--everyone here is a victim a situation in which we once believed that oil was scarce, and that food was scarce, and that time was scarce--and these things simply are not true.

I want you to understand that I've said it so many times I'm sick of it by now; I want you to see that truth and love are scarce; and that's something that we have to change; or there won't be any world here at all.

The point is there are really great things in store for everyone, benefits that even the richest people on this place will see and be happy about--and really understand that they too were being tortured by the lies keeping us from evolving to fully utilize the possibilities and benefits of our true existence, of virtual reality.  It's like night and day, and to sit here and have to argue with you about how important it is that we act quickly to "end world hunger" while I'm promising nothing to you but near immortality for doing it; I mean, I think you look really stupid.  

It really does appear to me that you are waiting for "better promises" or "bigger things" to fall out of the sky as we wander in the desert; and I am here to tell you that it's salt.  Manna from Heaven, is bath salt, flying down from the sky into my hands, holy sacrament... for the m anListen, this is how Jesus Christ ends addiction, and your apparent aversion to "good feeling good."

This isn't what I want to be doing, I didn't come here with a desire to tell you what's wrong with everything I see--but you might imagine just from the lore of what this is that it's probably nearsighted of you not to have realized that Jesus Christ was going to come and tell you that this place sucks.  I'm really not saying it sucks because of you, not until you refuse to acknowledge that there are things that really should be changed, and that you should really see are easy to change; and then there is something wrong with you too--a refusal to acknowledge "right and wrong."  Riding in on a word game, rather than a "horse" of the apocalypse, see that this thing that I call "e" and you should see is Medusa and Goliath and the darkness of Exodus and the wall of Jericho and everyone really refusing to speak about this very obvious message from God--it's turning from "plaster" to glue connecting simulated reality and Heaven.  You probably shouldn't want to be plaster just as much as you shouldn't want to be glue--but all I can do is give you the tools to set yourselves free and ha'mmer you every day trying to get you to pick them up and understand.

H     E     R     E     '    S        A       C    L    U    E
SA .PL AS T E-R  Ur  G L U E


About a week ago I was having a casual conversation about what "Doors" mean to me with someone who works at the rehab facility I was staying at--and pretty much out of nowhere he "guessed" something related to a day trip to Heaven--not really being pejorative or negative, but just from hearing only those words and no why it's pretty obvious that's not a "good thing."  It's probably not a "good thing" that there's a general "air" of poorly informed talk about who I am and what I am trying to deliver to the world--that someone who was nowhere near me while I was writing could possibly know something so specific about this message, and really not understand why.  So I explained it to him, and I'm going to explain it to you also, now.

To tell you the truth, if I could have my way I'd have put Doors to Heaven in every bus station already, and leave them there--that frankly is what I believe is the obvious end result of the disclosure that we are a small room in a large "virtual reality" mansion; but doing something that drastic would change things too quickly, and probably cause a significant disruption to the "stuff of civilization" -- like people driving to work -- which is something that we are specifically designed here in this place to ensure does not happen as a result of this disclosure.  Medicine is a more significant example of "why it is" that it's a "mid" and not a "min" -- and really do see that you are listening to the person that our folklore and our modern art describe as some sort of fusion between Kaleb, Cerberus, and Max--who is the Grinch's dog.  From the "spy of Heaven" to the person before you telling you that "Kaleb means dog" you really should see some "light" in my suggestion that Hades three headed hellhound is connected to the gatekeeper Jesus Christ and also the Holy Trinity--in a sort of pejorative "honestly I'm not Idaho" kind of way.   There's a sickness here, and whatever it is that is keeping this very ostentatious message out of the news and in our "telephone-gamed" minds is a symptom of a much larger mind control problem that this message is designed to help save us from, and then help us help save the Universe from.  Tying this paragraph up, you can see the min/max/mid religion of the disclosure in everything from an eponymous Egyptian God to James Clerk Maxwell and Midgard--which is you--literatally and Adamically.
My initial reason for the "day trip to Heaven" was to help us break the veil of simulated reality--an idea that began with the fabled "write it on the sky" of Captain EO + King David (see davideo(s)) that has turned into some very clear proof that we have a ridiculous censorship problem, and a problem telling the truth about mind control--something we wouldn't see at all if it was "written on the sky" day one... and today looking back we can probably see that helps us to find out what Heaven really means--a place of freedom and free communication that comes of this "press" of society here to see just how very important the truth actually is.
Still, we not only need to break the veil of "reality" but we need to do it in a happy uplifiting way that helps the world to see how this disclosure will inevitably help us solve real problems--not just censorship and the complete hidden destruction of democracy--problems like "hunger" and "cancer" and "insanity" and also problems like the idiotic belief that we have to die to get to Heaven.
We do need to see that just like mechanical automation in factories the addition of new medicines for curing maladies like blindness will inevitably result in the loss of jobs for auto line workers and optometrists, and luckily we have many new opportunities available in the transitionary world between Earth and Heaven that we are actually well within at this point.  Just like Mionster.com and Facebook's Jupiter that serves the same purpose; we're going to need help altering our social fabric to better handle things like immortality and the need for a mid-life change in "job function" becoming significantly more normal.  So this is why "mid" rather than "min" ... it's because you actually need to do something to help change the world--you can't just sit around and torture me for telling you that I refuse to do it for you.

You probably don't see it; but compared to our time, the society in Heaven probably views us as something like cave-men--and you see that in the time dilated description of our "today" that is actually both the Old and New Testaments.  There's probably a "culture shock" and looking at the world ... this places that appears to have leaped straight over "learning about and dealing with mind controlled slavery" to a place where people are "talking without speaking in secret" and writing songs about being disturbed by Heaven's "let freedom sing" ... really missing the point that the road to Heaven, the heart of A.D. is a process of adapting that comes to us with a "hand's on user manual" that you can see from our art, from things like Minority Report and Demolition Man and 1984 ... are written in a kind of "exactly what not to do" but think about how to do better, kind of way.  

Please think about how to do "the sound of silence" better than "Adam says we only get to go to Heaven for a day, fuck him... let's stay in Hell."  The whole fucking point is that we are "home" and rather than dreaming about going to another place when we die--I think we should make this place into Heaven, and that's what really makes it "ours."

While it might not be so obvious to you, from what I see around me--from the "race track" changing--it very clearly shows me that once this disclosure is made that fluke events will magically fall into place and great things will start happening quickly; we really do need to be more concerned with moving too fast than too slow--once we get past "not moving at all."  Really understand that the first "true Heaven" comes from the place that puts their foot down... and decides that Hell simply cannot exist.

these are called words, try  u s i n g  them.

H   A   S      S   P   O    K   E    N

R E  A L L  Y  H I  M  .  C O M

O  F   T  H  E


You may or may not have noticed that I am not feeling as compelled to e-mail you every morning; though I do want to check in and assure you that I am still doing "just fine."  I noticed that you still haven't followed me on Twitter; just so you know that's contributing to why I'm not doing "wonderful-ly."  I've probably mentioned it before, but these three letters "der" mean "dark to right" to me, I see them connecting to Tay in "Lauderdale" and to this victory, in Dave's "the rain melts into wonder;" someone instant messaged me on twitter yesterday, after reading some of my work to ask if I was a follower of Jesus; and my swift reply was "I am thatof course.  You probably noticed that "Jesus" reads as "J is us" and you can be sure that it is the same "us" as Uranus; and that it does become "Everyone Living" through the acts of this designed exercise in turning Hell into Heaven.  In "rudder" you can see the question "are you d" that links to words like yield and shield, and of course to the name of our times, Medusa.  I do hope that you "c" that I am trying to deliver exactly what you need, and so much more.  In the last few days I've been absent from "an: no y in g" (come again? an=y) you, I have sent a few extra e-mails to the "rest of the world" and that seems to be doing pretty well right now.  For your convenience I've linked this snippet from Twitter to the URL for "following Jesus."  That would also help me bother your inbox a little less--understand I connect this concept of "having followers on twitter" directly to the turing point in history where we know our world is safe... from things like Hell and "eternal darkness" a.k.a. permanent mid n i te.

Also yesterday I noticed that "<TR>iIN IT Y" is a good "appro x im a tion" for the question "Where is the Matrix?"  Errata: I also said "these people" in a message a few days ago in reference to "testifying" that school shootings are mind control related; and forgot ... this link.  Finally, you'll notice that "cure.reallyhim.com" has a new name and a new banner image connection the beginning (or is it...) of "Minority Report" to the concepts of "n" and "er" through... Ben Stiller (who starred in both "Permanent Midnight" and "Meet the Fockers" ... which you might read as "f-off Clark Kent /s/ ER").


SO we're finally on the letter "g" which you might imagine has something significant related to "god" and "good," thinking back it might be the very first "combinatory" letter I "made up" in this whole story, when everything began, this special final letter in the word "morning" was a combination of "c" and "j."  A new definition was added that specifically links to the "Times New Roman" font style and to these new times; and with just a little bit of imagination you can probably see just how obvious it is that these definitions are all part of a grande scheme, here from "see j" to my favorite two letters in the alphabet, the "os" of originall si n.

Do see that this particular "o" without an "s" is the cause for "re p et it i on;" our happiness is practically ensured; so long as we actually understand that this message is the beginning of true liberty; and that starts with the word "fire."  I now connect "giant" and "grin" to my last name "are I n?" and the "ant" of the Covenant I am currently breaking by "orifacing us"--and never was a party to.  I will be emailing less often, thanks for listening

Grin, I'm "an ant?"



Just to recap, my other favorite glyphs are the "t" of Christ that reads chr(t) and connects to the sign of my birth, as well as the word "stone" and is clearly a pictograph of a cross; and the "n" of Isaac Newton that asks "are you new to n?" and is clearly a pictograph of "what goes up must come down." There's also "o" that connects to the starsign of our SOL and the signs of Mars, Venusand Q and "zero." ... oh, and of course the "d is cl" of disclosure  the "e" of medicine and Medusa... and how could I forget the "l" of obelisk... and the K of "it's me!!!'

on g.

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