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I really am beside myself, sitting where I am and looking out at what I see is frightening, to say the least.  Right and wrong appear to have been blurred behind nothing more than a single verse "let your children play" and to be unable to really see that refusing to see this message is more than a declination of basic human decency; what you are refusing to see is that very obvious proof of mind control technology is being ignored not just by the government, not just by the media; but by each and every one of you.  We are failing to preserve our society on what appears to be nothing more than a "fear" (f: ear) that "things will change."  Things are bound to change, and we are sitting in a time and place where there's a significant amount of what we care about being broken to ensure that we won't fail to see this proof, this evidence, and act.  This is not the kind of thing we should be sitting around pondering, it's really not the kind of disclosure that needs to be vetted and verified or run through test groups--though I imagine you'd be foolish not to think this has already been tested.  We are looking at a stubborn, obstinate sect so blind and so ignorant that they think they can hide the name "adam" in Nostradamus. "Free thinking" is disintegrating and what used to appear to be a cohesive social fabric is turning into nothing more than a mockery--we are losing our home to a "secret" because cucumber.

What you have right in front of you is proof that every aspect of interpersonal communication has been shut down by a hidden force--all to hide the fact that we are living in virtual reality--a fact that is painted on the wall, in every word--from SOL to "sim."  The blindness that I see is so sick that I question the possible motives behind pretending not to see something this important, and this world changing--and I honestly can't come up with a single thing.  We need to act, and if this were our normal "uncontrolled state" this would a race to print, a race to share with everyone you know--and while the readership and sharing has increased this Christmas season--I still have nobody at all offering to help break this wall down; and less questions than the six fingered man could count on his hans.  I don't understand why we aren't using social media to discuss this--to comment on it--and more than anything else I can't see how or why it is that I haven't seen or heard of anyone seeing their own "interesting light" -- you can be damned sure that it is absolutely everywhere and that you and everyone that looks for it will find their own unique keys and their own unique message--something that would give me great joy to actually see and hear about.  Instead I am sitting here hammering away at a sea of silence--in what appears to be nothing more than a conspiracy to ensure that when the news finally does break... I won't be around to answer any questions.  Good luck with that.

I'd tell you that I need help, but more than anything, you need to start helping each other.  Try reading Kialo, maybe someone can help me to understand.  You literally have proof that free thought and free speech have slipped through your fingers; and the internet itself in peril--don't want to live in a world that can overcome the "threat" of a message about saving children from starving and ending pain from "leaking" from it's classified status.  I don't.

I was only planning on writing a few words... and sharing "despondent" which reads something like the exact opposite of "I put a spell on you..." Let the "RV" (that's Earth if you're slow) hit the pavement and start chugging along to Heaven; if this message is a curse we are a place that has given up nearly everything we believe under the combined umbrella of "basic human decency" and "American values."  I don't want to be in that place, I hope we are not in that place, help me see we are not in that place.  We're talking about "slavery" and "freedom" ... there is no question.

Were there no censorship, had we the truth, we could be talking about doing these things first:



say it ain't so, i will not go
turn the lights out, and i'll glow

Under different circumstances I would have tried to be more "politically correct" but at this point driving home the point along with the apparent reason that I am staring at a wall of silence not just in our world, but in the Bible called Jericho ... how obvious it is to me that what I see as most likely "the most interesting information in the entire Universe" has incited a handful of people (I'm guessing 6) to actually contact me with a question ... out of upwards of several million people who have seen bits and pieces of the presentation you see here in this place; as it was slowly written over about two years.  A significant part of the message focuses on a problem we have here in our world and what surrounds us with "mind control technology" explaining the reason and the mechanism behind the "silence" something that we oddly now can also see appearing in art in everything from Simon and Garfunkel and Pink Floyd to Dr. Who and Fringe.  

I see you might be paying attention to me; what I am trying to explain is that the sheer number of you; last check somewhere around 50,000 "highly interested" individuals--more than 6 e-mail opens--should have had some kind of visible impact on social media and on the news.  

I've got to tell you that I get the distinct feeling that you as a group, as a single throbbing semi-mindless entity would prefer to kill me, or have me kill myself from lack of "soup" than to actually grow a brain, grow up a little; and thank me for all the hard work that I've put in to making our world a better place.  You might not see that as clearly as I do--but I am pretty sure that the future will be happy that I told you how stupid you were over and over again until you stopped acting like complete morons.  See, I understand you don't want to be called stupid, and I also understand that you might not think you are--but you are wrong--you are "hating" or ambivalently ignoring the person who literally single hancockedly turned around a downward spiral towards Hell that would have plunged the entire galaxy into darkness forever--at least that's how it looks today, at the point in time just before anyone ever gives me or this message any personal attention or assistance--something that marks the "turn" from falling to flight.  
I am going to let you plunge yourselves deeper into the abyss, farther down the rabbit hole of this Hell, probably farther than anyone has ever gone before.  I am going to do it not because I want to, or because it's right, or to spite you or teach you a lesson; I am going to do it because I am literally one man against the entire world in my eyes--and with nobody to help try to even think about discussing the truth or verifying it we probably don't belong anywhere but farther down.... if we belong "to be anything" at all.
My continued presence here serves a number of utilitarian purposes,ones which I will not allow you to scare, humiliate, or threaten me into allowing our future to lose.  It will ensure that you do not succumb to idiotic lies, nor to the apparently prevalent notion that you might continue from this point holding in hand the guise and lie that you "simply didn't see it" or "simply didn't get it."  I have no intention of ever allowing that to happen. and you too should see that losing the knowledge of the fact that this entire planet was organized into a secret conspiracy to "pretend not to see you are in Hell" and the absolute ignorance behind such a devastatingly suicidal idea is something that our future simply cannot afford to allow you to do.   I will also keep you from falling into the trap of thinking that "maybe because everyone is quiet saying dick over and over again is a good enough reason for me to hide Heaven from myself and stopping starving babies from being clubbed" lo and behold, in this world understand that your thoughts are malleable, and that without any discourse at all--with no public discussion or any kind of debate you can be easily made to believe that you are a couch and everyone around you is a chair, and since you will never be a chair, you might as well not tell anyone that you think God might actually do something of what the message he wrote says he will do.
Incidentally, I almost forgot to add it will prove without doubt that my "presense" here has absolutely nothing to do with your silence, or what's going on--other than being the only person in the Universe who is actively trying to change the stupid "ending" to this story about this story happening over, and over, and over, and over, and over again... and YP.
It might not be so obvious, but perhaps the all knowing and all seeing Creator of this world is holding off on "beginning" the start of Heaven for someone to take the initiative and actually do a statistical analysis--something I've been begging and emailing professors of nearly every science, statistics, and mathematics to do for well over a year now.  He might be doing that so rather than "discussing" whether or not this message is "real" we are discussing "how to use it to benefit everyone" or he might be waiting because it certainly does appear to be a leading indicator of mass stupidity to have an entire world of free thinking people who feign interest in mythology and religion and the "inner workings of the Universe" but when presented with verifiable scientific evidence that they might have been wrong about the word "Creation" they (I do mean you) pretend they don't have eyes or hands (or brains... do you have a brain?). ... Normally I wouldn't ask a question like that, but literally it's the only way you could be walking around on this planet and not be a slave--it's also the seat of your soul; so if you don't need that... go right ahead and continue doing nothing.
Do you really want to live in a world that can't seen "Nintendo" in Tennessee and Minnesota and Clark Kent in Kentucky... do you?
Or one that can't recognize that "Hosea" and "Horus" are linked to Idaho for a reason?  Do you not understand what the word "truth" means?  Proof then, have you any interest in actually having "some of that?"
What you really are failing to see is that there are significant and obviously stupid lies that are behind this silence and this group mentality that everything is "ok" and it will "work itself out"--this thing will not work itself out without you caring about yourself just a little bit more than you do.  If I call you stupid again, will that help?  We are clearly sitting on a timeline about using technology like Gateway and Seagate to build the "walls and halls" of Heaven and using the learning experience of history like Watergate and Bill Gates to see how liberty and philanthropy can really make the difference between Heaven and Hell.... and still you sit here thinking you've got something more than a broken shell, in a place that has told you clearly, I mean clearly in the metaphorical microcosm of Heaven that we have as the Temple of Jerusalem that it has been burnt to the ground not once, but twice; and that Emperor Julian failed to rebuild it during his previous reign--do see that there's a link to religious allegory and the actual historical map of Rome.  
I don't have to add that the opinion or suggestion that "maybe we should wait another year, or for someone to "prove" the thing you are pretending not to see is "proof," or decade, or for the next generation" or even 40 more nights or years to "stop simulating starvation" is a sickness--like an actual bona fide mental illness, right?
Here you are, giving up free speech, giving up the vote, giving up "sight (and or discussion) of the entirety of this message about building Heaven" as well as any knowledge or technological understanding of the technology I am telling you is tied not just to the movie the Matrix and to DICK's book Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep" ... but you are doing all of these things ... presumptive ... because you think it will get you into an invisible Heaven run by people that have nothing better to do than to come to this virtual world and ... stop you from thinking clearly... with no other purpose than to hide exactly how it is that they are doing that.  And you're helping!  Because "shallow" right? That's "see how all owe my words."

In the last few messages, I've tried to show you a simple litmus test (to you, ote) that I experienced for "what Hell really means" and to describe the creation of a sort of governor on the interaction of this "magickally" two-edged-sword like technology with our minds.. which you can see etched into the very easy binary test in the word "governor" ... gee, over n or we get a governor that essentially will "nearly instantly and per ez ily" eradicate addiction, pain, racism, and depression.  
So the question that "must be Dr. Who's true question" is "do you want the governor?" ... or do you think it's better to have invisible spirits be able to involuntarily force me to smash my foot into a wall over and over?  Here, this wall appears to be organized to do nothing more than hide this message from Creation itself suggesting that "looking the other way" about something as important as "the nature of reality" and and it's implications means that you are IN THE BUSINESS of prolonging Hell--of looking the other way as innocent people all around the world starve to death because you don't think that talking about the "the rest state" will have any impact on whether or not we continue to allow "starvation" to be simulated. 
Are you a parasite or are you a slave ?
At the same time, "looking the other way" might amount to magically and governor-less-ly making yourself act illogically in a number of other aspects of your existence, a very obvious and prime consequence of not being able to see very clear patterns nearly everywhere you look. 
#Unfuseus say "blindness is the path to stupid, stupid is the path to Hell."
Controversial or not; what I am bringing to our world is a very clear glimpse at the truth--of a hidden world that subtly influences nearly everything we do, and has infiltrated every aspect of our social structure from government to law enforcement to justice and clear from the message that you are refusing to acknowledge the overt obviousness of also the private sector, every single corporation.  This is a conspiracy that is acting here and now in the light of day to hide the influence and the existence of this technology--of the technology that allowed the message to be written and is assisting it in being kept secret--whether or not you want to think about it, or you have the mental capacity left to grasp it--what you are doing by sitting in silence is tightening the chains around your brain, you are hiding the proof of your own slavery from yourself and the world--and you are doing so ... at least in my mind, the only reason I can think would work for me or you .. to ensure that you get to be slave for a significantly extended period of time in the place that we once called Heaven, and you should now call "slave land" with all your heart.
I know from first hand experience that in these years that follow, if you do nothing; you will have the pleasure of second guessing every action you take; of wondering if it's you or something else making any particular decision--you might think a little more about what the after-life will be like; I think that's a normal consequence of being very sure that it does in fact exist, that we are already in virtual reality and that makes us that much closer to being able to easily "ascend" to another realm.  Of course, that additional closeness gives me a constant feeling of "this world is not enough" and a sort of "bang my head against the wall" desire to get the Doors (of Amos 9:11) that Jim Morrison didn't name his band after to drop out of the sky--not just because I know that my presence here means something very obvious about Dave Matthew's "keep the big doors open" understand that this only happens when they're shut.  The wise among you might easily dispel the idea of the "being shut just for Adam" when you realize that I am sitting here telling you over and over that ICITY in the sky, and I am clearly here holding and delivering the keys to all of Creation, to the world that Heaven comes from, and to Heoven at the same damned time.
Aside from being called stupid, and for explaining to you that this sick oven in the sky has literally "banned" (as in with hidden mind control) dating me  (John 7:17 word keys: Heaven's Gate and PHENOBARBITAL) just as much as they have banned talking about this message in public--and showing you just exactly how the Heel of Achilles shows us how stupid it is for a world of people watching Adam "save the Universe with nothing but words" and at the same time begging this gigantic audience of do-you-even-exist for nothing more than a drink at a bar or a date with absolutely no response whatsoever--just to show you how obvious the "ban" really is, and how you might use it like me as a sort of litmus test on "free thinking" and "free acting" in this place where it's pretty obvious that the most famous person in all of history is talking to you, and that he will soon not only be that, but the wealthiest person in all of history.  Whatever, you hsay you don't want to call me?  
hel darknes ol' fiend
How Cupid of you!  Just for eternal clarification, the natural reaction to seeing the "face of God" is to act like a giddy school girl front row at a concert that the most famous person in all of history is giving.  Not "shunning" as in ... the "concocktion" of psuedo-ignorance and plasticky fakeness I see in this dear "sea of n."  Read between the letters, the Creator of the Universe is ashame_d of you and this disgusting silence and whatever lies and secrets are causing this "hel darknes ol' fiend" to continue.
So as we are approaching "nights" if you do happen to find yourself strangely attracked to Clark Kent when you are alerted to the fact that he's right next to you at the bar (as everyone around me, apparently is alerted ... everywhere) and you can't tell if it's because you know I'm Captain America or destined to be "Ra" or "rich" or "lordk is Heaven" ... just go with the flow, I've gotcha.... even if it's just the novelty of the word "ha'pp y" -- well, are you?
A few weeks ago, just before Christmas of 2017 during this very well received e-mail campaign to deliver the truth that we are living in virtual reality to the entire world----I received through the "mass unsubscribe" of about 30 professors in a single minute-ish at TAU.AC.IL ... proof of what amounts to an entire university recognizing the importance of this message and then conspiring to "not want to hear it anymore' all at the same time, in about a single minute.  After sending documentation of what appears to be a conspiracy of silence--of professors who understand that this message is a statistically significant indication of nothing short of direct "contact" with God or an alien race; read statistics from the same school then skyrocketed--we have proof that there is open discussion of this message, involving nearly at least one entire school... and most likely also MIT and Caltech and Harvard; and still, you don't seem to think there's anything wrong with the fact that there's no recording or response anywhere to be found on the internet or in the public media.  You are looking at Orwell's 1984--staring at the words of Emmanuel Goldstein, and you are ... being made to be silent, because why? You must have a reason, and you must see that simply not talking about it means your reason is probably stupider than you could have ever imagined.
You now hyave proof beyond doubt that there is a conspiracy of silence--and the reason for that?  it's either "because I want a date" or because these people are systematically invading my privacy, tyorturing me, and at the same time hiding first hand knowledge of the existence of mind control and mind reading technology that could be USED to save the world--but instead is being used to make everyone who was good "idiotically stupid."
So from TAU to Caltech, I can see that this land was made  ... for you and i to be quiet.  Right
I called the thing I saw that day a "monster coning of out hiding" and the author of the Book of Revelation calls it "a beast coming up out of the sea" and it really is that, it's a monster altering how we think and what we believe about something that is so polarized and so obvious as in "do you want to go to Heaven or Hell ?" and confusing everyone--literally everyone into choosing "the wrong thing."  To be very clear if you are not sure whether the monster is you or it is me the word "ABOMINATION" is a clear indicator that it is the thing standing between you and I--the thing that is making you believe that perpetuating the "status quo" of slavery, of worshipping false (or even American (hey... tee) idols and suppressing a very obvious truth is somehow a "good idea" and better than ... healing the sick and ending world hunger using the truth.   It really is a monster, and it really is not me. 

When I do get some kind of response; some feedback from the world--in those brief glimmers of someone else out there that can escape the encasing of Fringle's Amber that we appear to have forcing us to a plaster mold of this place that simply doesn't realize that not seeing something everywhere around you is total and complete insanity--in similitude not reacting to something important that you see is nothing short of imbecilic stupidity.... in those moments I see clearly that some people have "read" or "understand"  some of the message that they simply couldn't have read because the readership statistics are so low--enough to comment on "why do you stalk Taylor Momsen" ... but either intentionally ignoring or simply not understanding that she has been singing songs about stories that voices never shared--stories about my life that she could not know for years; if anyone here is "stalking" and "stalling" it's her--not me.  The point though, the grand point is these are people armed not with their opinions, but with weapons--secrets and lies--designed to harm people, to perpetuate "starvation" and "pain" and they apparently don't see how that makes them evil shit--but it does, and they are.

Again, in similitude we can see how the transition from L to K (obewon, obelisk, pi ck le, c u cumbersome, hancock) changes "wall" to "walk" and gives both Bush presidents' their middle name as well as the "Earth Wader" ish that combines Earth Angel and Darth Vader with a Roe v. DWade truth... more importantly; it narrates what I do with my free time, something Cat Stevens calls "God's re-creation singing for the new day" but certainly walking through these blank stares and knowing nods of inaction is anything but recreation.  The point is that a large number of people appear to be armed with ignorant half truths designed to sway popular opinion, cause an eye sore or anger--rather than really grasping the big picture here--trying to fight the delivery of a message that will without doubt end hunger and disease is nothing short of arcane diabolical evil--that's what's organizing you... and that's the goal you are seeking--shit.  You've seen his facehis hand, his eye, his foot... and you really do seem to be missing exactly what the point of the words "walking with God" and "re-creation" really mean.  

The bottom line is that you are sick (ILL INOIZE?--my reading of that state's name "today"); there is something that has convinced you all, all at one time in one place to do something illogical that causes yourself harm... you and everyone around you.  Something has convinced you that "hiding a person" (for no reason by the way, for pointing out obvious patterns in our history--one that you'd lose yourselves and your SOLs to forget, I see) is somehow related or equiated to hiding a message from God in every word--and also to hiding from yourself that there is needless suffering in this world--simulated garbage that we would quickly and easily do away with the second we connected "Creation" with virtual reality... with an understanding of what that really means.

I'm very sure it's not so obvious that was all done to "railroad me into delivering the apocalypse gratis" I mean to confuse you into think that I'm not doing this because I want to shape the future with my own hands--so with the keys to building Heaven in your hand... you can now see that the primary key, the thing above all things, is that seeing and talking about this message that revolves around Jesus Christ and his life walking through the spiritually retarded institutions of this place ... how talking about it in public is the spark that turns the motor and begins our vehicle's ride on the road to Heaven.

In the meantime you have very clear evidence, easily recognizable paradoxes an anachronisms and "oddities" in every language, and every sign, and every story you hear--telling you that you are making a mistake by not calling a reporter and still, still, I see you won't.  If you happen to actually do it; why don't you shoot me an email so we can record just how many licks it takes to get to the place where "the good news" is news again.


holy truth, I am "dork" in Heaven ...
... over lord, any day of the week.
we're not in AMoZ anymore

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In the year 2015, the sanity of this message and the defense of "lack of free will" were put on trial, the judge who presided over the case is depicted above, and the heart of the words "apparition" and "hearing" described in this message.  No verdict was returned, as American Pie predicted--and adds that work of art to the growing list of songs that connect "Superman" and "crazy" to what amounts to nothing short of the sanity of the entirety of our world being called into question ffor it's inability to react to this message--and it's apparent desire to simply "not see it."  I've placed my old narrative of the musical prelude to the case, something of a "defense" at the end of this message.  I do hope you'll read it--it was well received.  During that trial, the court system I was a part of, in Broward County where the elected public defender is the one and only "Help me Howard" was being covered by Al Jazeera America--who did a face to face interview with me after one of our proceedings.  While the interview probably wasn't noteworthy, I do imagine that the transcripts from our modern day "LET MY PEOPLE GO" will be of significant interest both now and in the future.
Al Jazeera America was shut down while this story was being investigated. 
T   U   R   N     A   R   O   U   N   D


WORDS that I recently have connected to the concept of Medusa and the Abomination of Desolationechoing from the song that more than any other is the one I've been waiting for you to hear; Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, "and together we can take it to the end of the line, cuz we'll enver be wrong together."  With hearing I hope you can see it is truly a story that has woven the events of my life into our history and every single word in a way that is startling to say the least.  At first it's easy to dispel as hubris or fantasy, but as the occurrences and examples continue to pile high in our actual Tower of Babel it slowly becomes undeniable, just as this language that connects Shakespeare to Rodney and Stephen King shows us purposing shining through more than just Osiris and Shu's feather of light and darkness and Yankee Doodle's "macaroni-c" phallic imagery; I stare out at a sea of silence with more contempt than I'd like to have--wondering when you will agree with me that no matter how we've gotten here or what's happened outside our existence than the things this message etches into history in the hand and name of Jesus Christ are more than worthy of the legend.

If you are "new to n," I mean these messages, you can seen a archive of older ones here, and the most recent which is fairly "encompassing" here.  Something very much needs to happen soon, if you have questions or you'd like to contact me you can reach me via text at 954-667-8083.... ask anything.
Briefly, I see many words as a sort of map through time, a documentation perhaps of their meaning... "apparition" shows the change wrought by Ari in a similar way that the "Nintendo" shows the change wrought by the heart of Creation, by this message of the X of Xbox.  Like "hearing" this e-mail shows my personal definition of the source of the name of the band "Smashmouth" in a sort of process of Revelation that is uniquely compelling and central to this story of the delivery of the key to message of Creation that is our world; and these words. Needless to say I am awed each and every time I see a band name or a word or a a person's link back so perfectly to the heart of this message.
To tell you that I stand here proverbially screaming at the top of my lungs for well over a year now trying to point out that between our society and Heaven is more than "Doors"  but what appears to be more than a significant and noticeable lack of regard for the truth and for "freedom" in sum beginning with thought and communication and at that point we've lost already barring some kind of miraculous change.  I have a difficult message to deliver, one that we know well has the potential to do damage, yet here from my vantage it's beyond clear that the things that are being spoken must be said, and more than that they demand a response--more than words, but action.   It might not be so very transparent to you but I see clearly that the humor and "apparent scandal" are designed specifically as aids to help use the tools of Creation that we would do well to recognize are mind control to help soften the blow, to slow the fuse of a fire that must be kindled... it simply must.   With reflection it is a fire that mythology and religion tie very clearly to technology with Prometheus and freedom and life at the Eternal Flame and the Burning Bush and as we stare out at the abyss, the darkness of Exodus that has come as a designed response to a message that is without doubt the Sword of Samael do see that it is freedom itself that God and his son have placed as the cornerstone of Heaven, as the most important first step to achieving a future that flourishes.  See it as "a test" or as some kind of Judgement if it helps you to walk over the invisible line from oblivion back to civilization; Jesus Christ stands before you with the words "behold he is coming" to remind you that this is very much happening.
It is more than "he-ari-ng"  an(d) apparition ringing this very loud connection between Thor's Hammer and the Liberty Bell to remind us all that it is not just morning but freedom itself that is broken; that word linking back to the middle name and primary moniker of the judge in what is without doubt the Trial of Jesus Christ depicted anachronistically and prophetically in the New Testament., in the book of Judges and in a significant number of songs from "if I go crazy will you still call me Superman" to American Pie's explanation of exactly why "no verdict was returned" and it really should not even have to be spoken, but believe very much that calling my testimony "crazy" is without doubt your Kryptonite.   Truly standing between you and freedom, between the hungry and "bread for the wise" and the sick and "heal the world" is the mental health of a planet that appears to be very much "happy" with living in a delusion as children are shot  in order to ensure this disclosure is not lost.  I see very clearly that we are staring at a "civilization incubator" placing high on a flaming pedestal the juxtaposition of using this mind control technology either to cause murder, or to end it  and a world that seems unable or unwilling "to comment."
Likewise it is more than the word "art" connecting Arthur and Thor; and more than John Hancock and a round table weaving this story of an Exodus from slavery with "technocracy" and the strong highlight of self-rule that comes from things like the Mayflower Compact and the Magna Carta... and here to our essianic Constitution.... more than the words "the election is not to Die Bold" and a sense of right and wrong that has demanded a single person act alone to deliver this message to the entire Universe.

You must understand that is standing between us and the disclosure that we are in "the Matrix" paired with verifiable proof beyond doubt and a message from God that ties "KISS" and "The Who" and "The Cure" to the end of possession and beginning of liberty is a decidedly inhuman force that is using these very same tools to confuse, divide, and inject false "acquiescence" into a  divide that is really a matter of nothing less than good and evil obscured by a lack of sight and discussion.  A shining beacon of the turning point in history that ends darkness and begins the process of building Heaven and healing the world is the Second Coming, and it too stands here at the door.  See that there are no sides here, there is the truth, and there is oblivion.
I WALKED DOWN THE STREET; SINGING, "DO HADID DID I? DUMB... DID I DO THAT?" IT WAS THE DAY AFTER HURACAN IRMAX and I had just written this piece of how Word Perfect's "find and replace" could eradicate all cancer on the planet; force majeure--a true of God in this place and time took down the W and the A in the sign pictured above; and I got to work writing it again, this is my fourth attempt to show us what the difference between "The Matrix" and the progenitor Universe really is--to me the metaphor of camping out and air conditioning explains well why I'd never, ever want to get stuck in that place.  Here though, curing blindness, and cancer, and AIDS, and .... well the list goes on and on from OP TO ME to ONCOLOGY; all it takes is some magic "you should give them sight."
So here we have that, all together a number of the major differences I not only see, but see highlighted by religion and art; not just "stone to bread" of ending world hunger, or "heal the sick" but COL in "understand our light" connecting IT terms like the "original poster" to optometry; and this request--once again--for you to try.  Try and see the proof "EVERYWHERE" is here for a reason; it's to help us all to end suffering faster; to transition to this new way of life, this thing that really is Heaven itself, just a little bit quicker--and with leaps and bounds of insight and guidance, something you seem so quick to dismiss.
KNOCKK: NO CK ... c how an
I SHOULDN'T HAVEN TO TELL YOU, but if you do happen to hear a voice, or have some other kind of subvocal communication with spirits or with Heaven, you are doing the world a disservice--and yourself--by not sharing testimony and discussing how this very same technology can not only cure nearly every single mental illness, but also be used to do things like help us be smarter, help us learn faster and be happier--liken it to the Matrix's I KNOW KUNG FU--rather than hey Adam, I can't see you.  Moving forward here, speaking instead of holding secrets--helping instead of watching suffering for no reason at all... it might just be the key to the Gilgamesh, and the future being bright and happy; rather than bleak or not at all.  
In names like "DOWN SYNDROME" you've really got to begin to see "intelligent design" if you are to have sight, to be thinking logically; rather than acting stupid and literally making Hell instead of Heaven because of it.  I'm not saying it's "goodness" in this naming scheme helping us to see AIDS to changing the world and recognizing the Matrix for exactly what it is--a map from Hell to Heaven--but it's certainly not "goodness" ignoring it either.  Move forward, call a reporter, write a story; see the doorway to Heaven while you live and breathe--and never need to question again whether or not "there is a God."
I hear... every cloud has a Silver lining?

@TENT... He says, wish a grin somewhere between "sheepish" and knowing.... these are the words that begin a pivotal film, one that ties together hopes with dreams and stories of what it is that I think might actually happen here, in the very near future.  It's a move made by a company called 4D FILMS starring Michael Jackson and playing at Disney World in Florida, not so far... only a few hours from where I spent most of the thirty six years I've existed.  It highlights something that might be "IT" in the Stephen King rendition of what that word means, something like "to scare you into not paying attention" but in my reading of the idea it's "to scare you into" doing something .... "right" because you think something "wrong" has happened.  Not to say 'the wrong thing' hasn't happened at all--we can see very clearly that something is not "right" today.  

It connects a number the Bible calls "Holy only to God" to stories that we all know so well... to the days and nights of Noah's ark, to the years Moses and the Jews; here as a microcosm of all humanity in our world where Cairo is tied to Windows XP and 9/14 to windows ME as a kind of hint as to what might be going on; as we are wandering around in the desert of Egypt waiting to enter the Promised Land of "Flowing Milk and Honies" that is just one more metaphor for "Heaven" after the Temple Mount and it's history.   It ties too to the story of Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew wandering around in the wilderness for only 40 days--and in that quick moment we might see that the desert and the wilderness and the storm of Noah all have something in common--something that never really get's talked about... you know, outside of Netflix and Brad Wright's Travelers... all of this to show you that the world has "missed the point" of the number 40, this thing is truly about "time" and that's exactly why "days and nights" ... years ... and wandering around looking for answers that are right in front of our nose.  


No southeast, that word tells me many people agree with, for those of you unfamiliar with the Compass of Christ that connects Jews and News "south" means down below ... a direction we will never go--I say to the blood of Christ as we continue to fall into the abyss of silence.   Pivotal words... answers coming to us; "WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE THE WORLD."  Here I've called it "God's glowing Y" connecting the Flux Capacitor to the fourth dimension and to AM Y ADAMS, and a series of movies that show us just how his other "penworks.  In the naming of things, like the book of Exodus named NAMES in Hebrew.  Speaking of Names, we are now approaching my birthday, December 8, 1980--etched into my name is the acronym for "date of birth" showing me at least, that there's something special about that day.   The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is what it's celebrated as, and today we can probably see very clearly that it's a joke too--something about a mess. 

HUMANITY PREVAILS OUT OF THE FIRE, tattoo'd on my arm in 2012 around a modified EYE OF RA turning his tears to stars;  a bright fire that begins as we can all see with proof of time travel booming out of Exodus, out of the Hebrew word for the fire of the Burning Bushanother shining bright name showing us design and purpose pouring through the fabric of our reality, the tapestry that is the Matrix.   Tied closely to the English word for "sea' parted by an apostrophe is the most iconic phrase ever spoken by God, in the book of Genesis, and also encoded over those words in Bible Code--not an anomaly--we see those words appearing now encoded in "Linux and Chemistry" I like to say, in my "native Greek"  to be... tongue in cheekbackwards.  "Xe" the bright flash of a beginning of a series of elements that begin with Mercury and end with Uranus tying 1:1 the first seven planets to a message linking "elementary my dear who-sons" to the Herald of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, linking Revelation 1:20 to Ecclesiastes 9:11... spoken by President Bush tying them together during his inaugural address.

To show us the design of our civilization, to show us time travel; and to explain why it is that we really need to talk about things like pre-crime and how they are central to this message of freedom and truth.... the truth that we are in the Matrix and we're sick of watching this darkness. 




A song with an interesting name; see... losing "free government" is both an Elephant and an ass in the room.  Don't be mal, see this is about "civilization," really.  To be clear and to the point, I am a real boy, Ghepetto, not Dumbo; and this is not the ELE, the thing threatening "life" existing is a failure to see that "not acting like you are alive" is a threat to ... life existing.  It's really obvious, I think; there's no force of superintelligence or a higher  civilization secretly at work here causing babies to starve and blindness and cancer to be "simulated."  

Think like a computer, it's a shit load of work you have to do to make those things happen; like spinning on a hamster wheel to make a light-bulb go on, except instead of a light bulb it's a "starve your kid" device.  That's what we're dealing with here.  Our lack of "working together" has caused us to fail to connect "it's simulated" with "what that means" and "what it can do for us" and it's about time we woke up and became the heroes that we really are destined to be.  It's more than "a point" simulating maladies is a sickness, period.  Failing to connect "silicon" to "sick" is blindness, and we really need to work together ... today; to help all the "near heroes" here on Earth be a little less blind.

Really see the point, this is change that is morally required, mandated, nearly universally wanted... yesterday.  Understand, it's the kind of thing we'd probably bitch about not having done fast enough, and then as soon as it's done for us; about how we could have done a better job--nobody wanted to eat Cake instead.  And here we are, failing to connect "conversation" as the most fundamental ingredient in any society to the fact that we are refusing to talk about something that is ... well, it's the most important thing in the world to us all, and to our future.

In defense of the "AMDuat" my reading of the ancient Egyptian recollection of where and why we are now tells me that this place ... that the Underworld was "required" in order to repopulate the Universe with actual life.  That might seem like a bit of an exaggeration, though even here today we can see how--without the kind of oversight and foresight that I am suggesting we need to ensure things like "nuclear winters" don't happen "by accident" or some other kind of MAD self destruction happens.... achem.... 

Though the story I am hearing now, what I am piecing together is that Heaven ... or what came of past iterations of "this" became too reliant on "computer science" to solve it's problems; rather than solutions that would also work in the natural Universe.  That too might seem like a stretch of the imagination, except you have abundant proof here that the "darkness" we are experiencing is something that is not possible in reality; and on top of that looking at quantum mechanics we can see very clearly how we might "string st. ring" up accidentally without really seeing that without this disclosure we'd be very confused if we ever did get to "reality."   

Understand that our "science" has been intentionally made incorrect; that we are believing that a computer hack is in fact something that could ever be in reality; even though Einstein and others gave us ample proof that "god does not play dice with the universe" and the spooky action here, this thing that is causing silence and retardation beyond belief is an "IT" that I would never allow "out of the box."  We need to ensure "IT" isn't in our box either, since this is our home--and we should not want to be "retarded" forever.    Stop being "IT."

With some "insight" we might see how "IT" was caused by "magic" and this desire to ensure that control was maintained here int his place, a desire that I reaffirm here, as a child staring at something horrendously wrong, something I did not do.... and have spent my entire adult life trying to right.   See that I know that my desire to "maintain control" is wrong, and that I have no interest in "IT" continuing to run this show.  At the same time, you are rebuking and fighting against my attempts to get you "in control"--what I think is obviously not only in your best interest, but the only way we can survive.  If you do not begin to react and to act appropriately you might stop wondering why it is that "IT" never succeeds.

IMO ... "IT" is thousands of people looking at this picture above and doing nothing, allowing this ridiculousness to continue buried in a sandstorm of silence... and the biggest story and most important disclosure in all of history... not making the Fake News. 

Don't be "IT," again.

And look, here we are, nearly ready to build this thing together.

Inline image 1

Inline image 3

Inline image 2 

T O T   A L   I T   Y

This is basically "last Christmas's message" (below this brand-knew intraducrigel) redux'ed into the new book (did he say new?).  The point, at least the point I see in it all is that this is all planned, it's been planned for a very, very long time--and on top of that you can see proof of the plan all over our map; and proof of it's intended destination as something that we all used to want very much to find... the read to Heaven.    It's more than seeing just "DNA storage" encoded in my "C U R A GROUP" message, it's understanding how that's connected to soul searching and soul storage, and that this link was woven into not only my life but into names like "Whatson and Crick?"  There's plenty more than just "storage" and a map to how and why the Two of Everything God and the "indivisible sea" work totether to turn this monolithic place of darkness into a strippingly redunant systemic foundation of "Heaven" that is both disaster proof, and monster proof.  The point of course, is that to truly be "monster proof" we need to really get "know everything why" of this message is literally to protect our common good from the danger of someone just like me copying an entire civilization or a few pretty girls and sticking them in an heoven-like-orgy-maker.  That's a significantly more real threat than we might imagine, as we look around at a work that will soon have the storage capacity and the technology to put us all in Coccoonish swimming pools against our will.  What I am trying to say is that no matter how you look at it,moving forward here in this place where something this big can be hidden from the entire world--granted you know--granted you see, but do you understand the only thing being kept from each and every one of you is your fucking opinion and your fucking reaction?


IT'S NOT JUST computers and information technology; this map of clear anachronism in language and religion shows us that things like "solar fusion" the power of the son itself; is encoded in places high and low you can erasilly find them, places like the name of the Fifth book of the Holy Bible and Don Quixote; where you might liken "DEUTERON" to ... the actual fuel of fusion; and wind mills to a battle fought against blindness resulting in seeing that not "reacting" to this message is just about the same thing as being a foolish robot building a castle for another foolish robot to do nothing in forever.  With some light, you can see how this event; albeit strange and unsettling, has been designed to reinforce the American foundations of free speech, common sense, and collaboration--a sort of "press and release" on these things that he says will stay in our memories for a long, long time--though he also says "he's not torturing me" and he's wrong about that.  So are you. 

See that the most interesting, important, and invoking story of all time has been hidden from the world, from the public eye, and from "public response" for well over two years now; see that's not possible at all without mass mind control and that I and this story are designed to help us see how easily it is that same thing can be used to end addiction, and mental health issues, and stupidity and that the biggest and most imporotant step to getting there is "public disclosure."  See the light of being carrolling angels this Christmas; sing with me--it builds Heaven from Hell and it's clear as day and n.


Quite a bit of this story and message deals with problems like these-things that won't really be seen as something we are fighting against the actual usage of right this very moment; but the sacredness of our memories and their relationship to our souls are just as important as whether or not "you have the space to save them."  This isn't what I want to be doing, I'm not a very good writer; and this message is so confusing that working on it all alone with very little feedback is frustrating if not to say defeating the purpose of exactly what it is and what it's designed to do.  This is a searching mechanism, like in the stories of Ra searching for his children in ancient Egypt using the Eye you see--and it's connection to the "Sons of Liberty" and why I know that too, is about me.  This is a tool to start a Renaissance of thinking connecting technology and religion to everything that we are--to our culture and our hopes and dreams--and it's failing for me at "hello."   I would much rather be working on "virtual reality stuff" or on "the sword of Arthor" and I see very clearly that those two things are coming shortly--to the world that doesn't see yet they are here and broken until we fix them.  Moving forward here brings change, not just here in this place where we need it too--but in the skies above, a change from the mentality of "we aren't not helping because we told you that we aren't allowed to not pretend we aren't helping in Stargate.  See that we are the children of "the Ancients" and they are trying to decide between being Morgenz and Marlin.

I can't make you set yourselves free.  I sure am trying, though.  Yesterday I connected the "Arimathea" of Joseph to the "serdenicity" and this the me of "itime" and "topics" will probably light some of you up as much as me... if only you took the time to look at what those words really mean.   From the city that never sleeps at night, I hope you will take this chance to act today on "securing the ringing of liberty forever and ever."


Throughout this story is an underlying theme, it's "original sin" on it's head. I am describing a situation in which I see a huge number of players and myself being coerced... influenced in order to tell a story. This story happens to "originate" linearly in ancient myths, in scripture, and it reveals a significant amount of "light" that has been tucked away over the ages in things like the names of religions and the prophets. It's a story that really needs to be seen, analyzing the subtleties of what is being revealed and how it is being done is fundamental to ensuring freedom. Things like "predestination" and it's inherent relationship to a lack of freewill aren't clearly discussed, but literally come alive being manifest in things like illogical self-destructive behavior. Truth be told, I can only imagine that it took something this shocking to really wake us up to the problems that technology might have caused in a place that did not benefit from the #incendiary realization that we live in transformative times.

This is intro that went along with the "mock article" below:

I have no doubt that this is the story that God has designed to change the world. Nor do I doubt it is very different from the one you have been expecting, if you ... expected anything.

In similitude, sim: LITyou Clark Earth.  Why so shy 
ESHOuiaReDen23 in similitude, ESHAREDAN1EL

H  I  C    S  U  M   M  U  S

Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.  

Isaiah 22:22


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