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Commenting just a bit on my "name" in this email, the "Yo, N" of El Elyon insersects with the "Hey Zeus" and the "lo, ad" of we're loading Heaven right this very minute; you just realize you're building it.  It is this thing that not only defines the names of these people, but the dividing line between Hell and Heaven.  See that same "hey" in Hell when you convert the "ll" to a "y" as in Spanish and "really" .. as "re(ason) a ll (is) y." 

It's about as easy to see as "ten" and "NES" and "see" in Tennessee (and the NES at the heart of Genesis), just like that "ten" links to the Xbox, and the heart of the word NintendoHasten, you don't have forever and a day.


I need you to see that this information being kept secret; that it being held close by only a few people jeopardizes you--this is a very obvious truth, a truth that when told destroys slavery and a significant number of negative uses of the technology at hand.  Today, you see it causing "secrecy" and lies, and though you may not really understand; there is a very large "rest of the Universe" that may not have the benefit we do of knowing how obvious this truth is here--though from what I see and understand it's almost assured that they came from here and this information will "rock them" just like it does you and just like it does me.  It's off putting to see how little we seem to care for the truth, and for freedom--and how easy it is to hide how very clearly linked this message is to the deliverance of actual freedom.  I fear that there is a very large Heaven that is shackled by the kind of "love" that you might liken to me being Lothario or Romeo--only extrapolate just a little bit, and you can see how that kind of problem can make servants and slaves willing to die for all the wrong causes. 

You might not get it, but knowing these secrets jeopardizes not only our future, but theirs; as if I have to tell you again--no place that would allow the atrocities happening here to continue would ever be considered "Heaven" to me, and I have no desire to go to any place like that--but if you did, you have to see that knowing these things is toxic to a place that is built on lies and actively hiding this here.  I need you to work to break this story, here in this place where we have more safety and security than you understand.  It is the very thing in question, not mind control but "simulated reality" that gives us this opportunity to act with some modicum of freedom--in a system that is governed prmiarily by natural laws that might be absolutely gone from the thing that is causing this problem... and might call itself Heaven.  The truth is clearly in jeopardy, and you should see that puts our "eternal souls" in as much jeopardy--something that should be intolerable to all of us.  Break the story, I urge you not to delay... not even until Christmas, save these files; because that simply act alone gives the future a better chance of decoding this message, and better chance of understanding that this is truly the front line--this place where we have more assistance than you might imagine.  It should be clear from the message that we are dealing with time travel, and doing something as simple as downloading a PDF file and saving it--and sharing it with others--can make the difference between the success and failure of democracy and of humanity.  Until this story is public knowledge everything we hold dear is in danger.

I have some "ERR AT A" from yesterday's message; I said that "n" has a very special meaning to me and failed to document what it was; so here it's defined in the word "nickel" and combines the CK of Kentucky, Chuck, Clark Kent and Heck along with other very pertinently "intersected names" ....

with the name of the supreme diety of Hebrew mythology, El.  At that link you'll see that "El" also means "him" (in addition to the) in Spanish, and in my mind, and also connected to the "Heel of Achilles" as opposed to the "rain of Hera" has a bit of a negative connotation--especially when you don't know anything about ancient Hebrew mythology.  Out of the shadow of this quick lesson in history understand that "El" is the falling side of Newton's "what goes up and down must be n" and there's really no way around explaining that nobody ever could have filled the shoes of the person you expected to be me; and still I'm standing here with the keys to Heaven and you appear to be telling me to stick them up my ass.  Smart of you, honestly.  I'll comment that it seems as if everyone here appears to think they "have everything" already; and to mention one more time how stupid it is to think that you are "building Heaven" inside Heaven, literally with proof of virtual reality being hidden from the entire world--and think that it will be "yours" and "A-OK."  Bostom's work on "simulations inside simulations" tells us that there's a significant chance that we are inside a rather large series of "bubbles" just like I am describing, and that there's no way out--except here in this place we have a map; and we're ignoring it.  Smart, again.

You can see plenty of my "work" on what Ha means and what Ho means; but nobody yet has heard or read me write anything about what the true difference between an o and an a is in the mythology of Adam.  It marks life and death; something you can see very clearly in the name of Jim Morrison as it juxtaposes with the Spanish word for sea, which is "mar."  It's also in Hocus Pocus, where you cansee the Ha and Ho of me and me in Enver's name separated by a kiss connected to the two letter key for Fat Albert, I mean for the Father.  It's a mildly important part of our mythology; and I'm sure it comes up in quite a few other places.  Here we are; once again ignoring a very clear sign that you should be acting in a significantly diifferent manner.  At that "Ha" link at the top, a list of Holy words beginning with the Hebrew superlative that connects "El" to "Ha" and Ha to Isaac's laughter (and more maniacalish laughter) a series of words (and some more here) who are likely to give a significantly strong statistical figure proving this message is written by a very old time traveler.

My last little bit of "errata" is talking about spelling errors; and I don't really mean "magic spells" except you should see that I make quite a few errors, and that they're probably tied to a system of controlling who exactly is interested in this "proof of time travel" and "secrets of religion" as in ... when I see them I want to close the email, throw the computer out the window; and never look at it again.  So I'm pointing out that just because a few words don't make that much sense to you doesn't mean that you don't have "proof of time travel" and "proof of mind control" right before your very eyes.  I've written quite a bit about how subtle this control is; and I've tried to give you ample examples; ways for you to see that what is being ignored here is significantly more important than whether or not I get a date, and whether or not people continue to worship a figment of your imagination; another form of slavery induced by this same technology--not just if you ask me--also something that will be proven.

I see this pair of emails opened almost on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day; every time I see it I feel the need to point out that my "Hey Taylor" doesn't just appear at the beginning of Hitler's name, but also at the end of "BERESHIT" which means "in the beginning" in Hebrew and is the name of the book of Genesis.  It also appears in Dave Matthews' Christas song; "the wise men came, as he lay in the hey."  Understanding that I most definately have nothing at all to do with Adolf Hitler really is imperative to ending "soul searching" and also through that idea ending possession.   Really understanding why this is here is imperative to our moving forward; and to understanding what "innocense" truly means in this age of invasion and time travel.


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