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oh, we're on our way

i know we are

to somewhere not so far from here




it's almost like someone wants you to associate Democracy with Cock.... and CK?





to ar.... dem




-the largest signature in the known Universe.


i find it hard to believe there are those among you that don't see "knowledge of e" as proof that schizophrenia is an attack on innocent people, perpetrated by the "thing" you call Heaven, and I really see as you, as e.   Stand up and speak, or you will be judged.  Your silence is not "building Heaven" nor is it protecting the source of Hell--only making you complicit in terrible acts of torture.
I'm really not sure why you don't see "the alternative"is allowing you to plunge yourselves and everyone else here further down in to the pit of despair.  This is sick, you know there's an evil influence affecting the thoughts of people everywhere--and you're just sitting there, watching.  This is not a "busr ide" or a scenic tour of the fiery inferno--this is your home, and mine too.  Fix it.


que                  TACKON                             
-que = and (enclitic, translated before attached word); 
completes plerus/uter;            ADJ    1 1 NOM S M POS             
exceptus, excepta, exceptum  ADJ   [FXXEE]   
Medieval  uncommon only; excepted;            VPAR   3 1 NOM S M PERF PASSIVE PPL
excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptus  V   [XXXAX]  
take out; remove; follow; receive; ward off, relieve;


conditor.ibus        N      3 1 LOC P M                 
conditor.ibus        N      3 1 DAT P M                 
conditor.ibus        N      3 1 ABL P M                 
conditor, conditoris  N  M   [XXXBO]  
original builder, founder; originator/creator; author; 
preserver; organizer;
seasoner, one who seasons; one who prepares a
thing in a savory manner (L+S);
if you could only see the way, she loves me
maybe you'd understand.





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