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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - STARK TRE: LET THERE BE LIGHT.

TABLET ROMFRAME OF REFERENCE. Ships log Stark Date March 23, 2018.  The Bio-Dome has arrived at Pauly Shore, the rowers have stopped rowing, and we can finally see which direction the wind is blowing.  Re:'s for creation piling high, the ship wonders if the inhabitants of the ark would like to disemb for a few hours, and survey the land?   LerDork Osiris and the Queen of the Shedim have already pitched tent for Jerusalem in the hallowed space between Mount Sinai and oblivion.  One foot in your face and the other parched against Yggdrasil, he asks...

Just gonna stand there?

these words, our oars ... rowing to Heaven

Long story short, the heart of the issue here is that it's very clear that this message is being intentionally ignored--and that you probably don't understand that action is keeping you from seeing Heaven.  It's keeping you from seeing Atlantis tonight, and keeping you from having any place at all to go when you die; worse than that it's keeping our future from being free of slavery, of censorship, and of the lies and secrecy that are nothing less than the Darkness of Exodus.