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Thor Adamson <thor@letthemusicsetyoufree.tk>

I have heard a voice, everyone must be saved. If it came down to make a choice, I will be the one to pay.

Thor Adamson <thor@letthemusicsetyoufree.tk>Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 10:40 AM
To: ontheweb@fromthemachine.org
Let me introduce you to David the Letterman, who sees meaning not only hidden all over our modern art, but also down to the very glyphs that make up our language.  It shows design, real intent in everything that we are pointing to what really separates "civilization" from social evolution itself--the foundation of language.   I've commented before that this design doesn't just exist in the Latin alphabet--though that's where the majority of my story centers, but also in numerous other languages like Hebrew and Chinese.  

For example, e.g. in the stories of Exodus and Genesis I see a pattern of stories that clearly describe what is happening right now, the Second Coming.  Climbing the Tower of Babel--with Rapunzel's help we see a connection between the Chinese characters for "Sky" and "House" that show that they have been designed with more in common than anyone would think the early creators of those languages would see.  A premonition, that one day the sky will be our home--the Heavens.  There are a number of books already written on the construction of the Hebrew alphabet--things like the separation of the light above and below in the character "Aleph," seeing clearly that the "light above" is designed into the word for Holy Fire--the parted sea that is our world--connecting the folk songs of America to Exodus.

As a carpenter employs tools to build a home, so G‑d utilized the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, the alef-beis, to form heaven and earth. These letters are the metaphorical wood, stone and nails, cornerposts and crossbeams of our earthly and spiritual existence.

house and sky

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So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so.  Genesis 1:7

In our letters, I see some "Good News," though we won't get to an explanation of "the big N" for a little bit.  J, for instance, connects to the Biblical phrase and meaning for "from the East," which describes both travel through time--and the connection between Heaven above and Hell below, by plotting these things on a co-ordinate plane and seeing a compass rose describing NEWS: North, East, South, and West. 

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In modern art, you might see the story of "East of Eden" connecting to the word "Denzel," and wonder if we have already passed the place of happiness linking the lions of the tribe of Judah to "Family" in a den.  I think we are just west of Eden, today... and it is the reception of the message I am bringing that breaks down the walled garden keeping us from that place.  Denzel Washington links to this story in a few places, notably in his "Who-ah" (I think from Crimson Tide, meaningful to Adam... the red man) and also in the story of Fallen, which visually depicts the concept of the Lord of Hosts in what you might cal a "symbiotic relationship" with us--also seen in Stargate's "go'auld" and the character "Ra."  In his name, like a few other modern words... Warden and Snowden, for instance... we see a linguistic connection to Adam's Eden and a story that ties incarceration to "Sam's Son" in the book of Judges--linking another character to the Jewish concept of the "72 names of God."  At least, to my spin on the topic.  Zel--the idea of "the Last El" ties to Zelda and to the Christian concept of "the Last Adam."

I have heard a voice.

Taylor has quite the interesting connection to this story of parting a sea, from a very young age her depiction of Little Cindy-who may be a premonition about today--about the answer to some question similar to "who is Adam?"  The religious link doesn't stop there, she played a character called "lil 'J" on Gossip Girl--and tied a number of her songs of today to her coming of age... a dance she said would never happen.  Though its the words of Absolution both "I have heard a voice" and "everyone has got to be saved" that earns that little J--scooping us out of a hell of Darkness... a place where The Sound of Silence depicts a very large number of us not speaking about a voice we might have heard... a voice that is nothing less than an aural testament to the existence of mind control technology.... whose connection to science and hidden technology is being made clear through the Tribulation, and the music.  Knowing is half the battle... to see that this technology could be helping the world rather than controlling ... this is the line between Heaven and Hell--knowing about it and being able to use it for good.

Broadcast to the world: the solution is right under your nose, and at the tip of your fingers.  Won't you speak, please?  In idioms--God's plan revealed.

This process of learning that this technology has plagued us from the days of the prophets all the way to the school shootings that tie us back to Exodus and the Plague of Killing the Firstborn.... this is what "the fire of the Apocalypse" and the parting of the sea is really about--realizing it's affecting more than meets the eye... and that the purpose of the Tribulation and the music is to ensure that we do not remain in a desert of understanding... a place akin to both the wandering and the Plague of Darkness of Exodus.  It's also the path to "everyone being saved," to literally saving civilization from a future that is predestined and plagued by hidden slavery... the real "stuff" of this voice that many might think is "of God.

Dear Sister: bring on the Dawn. not coincidentally, my sisters name.

Everyone has got to be saved.

That's what this is, our world... a sort of incubator for civilization, one designed from our past futures to ensure that we do not descend in a Downward Spiral to darkness.  To ensure that this doesn't happen, the world really needs to see what this technology is, how subtle it can be and how keeping it secret is without doubt something we would not want... if we really understood.

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That brings me to the "t" of Kismet, Christ, and AMD--it's the sign (and initials) of my birth, starkly contrasted from the goat sign of the 25th--mine being the day of the Immaculate Conception, and a star sign of direction from the future hidden in our astrological symbols--many of the planetary ones too--telling us to go up and forward, stopping time travel and a descent into Hell... linked also just like 'mind control," the key here is seeing that secrecy surrounding this technology has kept it from being used for the betterment of society... and instead has given us an incendiary message about how we might see clearly that technology is being used to destroy freedom rather than embracing it.

If you don't really get it, the connection to AMD, to Zelda, and to a number of computing concepts like Artificial Intelligence ... through names like Kurzweil and I.J. Good are part of a pattern of seeing markers of science and technology coming from above... patterns you might see in Isaac Newton's ("new to n?") Apple and the year 1666.  Get it, because the apple fell from the sky and hit him on the head--it's knowledge of the Laws of the Universe linked to Trinity college--not the "fall of a man."  Look, everyone's rising--it's just a matter of perspective.

In that "lil n" you might see "what goes up must come down."  In the Greek letter that I've named my website after... Lamda... you see the same thing--and my initials in the heart.  Of course, my twist on the symbol that graces the walls of Half-Life like you might see Emmanuel Goldstein's face on the walls of 1984... is to break the darkness and c the Light

In the TLD for Los Angeles, the city of Angels, stopping the fall and going the other way.. the rest of the "Big N" that's where we are in the map of "IJOHNNY5" above. Another religious link to modern art through lightning striking the rod of Herod and RattleRod ... and you might see "Johnny 5 is alive" as a tie through "Just Tonight" to Staind's "outside," and behold, I was dead and now I am alive forevermore. 

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That "t" is a depiction of the cross of Adam, a battle depicted in Judges, Genesis, Isaiah, and the Gospels about our court system, about surveillance, about our handling of heinous crimes... and seeing how knowledge of these hidden technologies, ones that it is the purpose of all religion to reveal... makes the world a better place, almost just by knowing.  It's clear as day, to see time travel and mind control linked to religion through nothing more than... "divine inspiration," "demonic possession," and prophesy.  In the signs of Venus, Uranus, Mars, Sagittarius... we see it pointing "up."

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Look, Koran, Is-lam--it's about the Lamb of God... being "on the lam,"

... so that the entire world will see the proof in words like kismet--meant to befor us all
to exit the wilderness of Exodus--of not knowing that 40 and 4-D have something to do
with days and nights and years and ... freedom.

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To seeing the influence clearly, and using that message to "let the music set us free."

I want to tell you... "it's all happening..." but you actually have to use the light for it to be.

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Tay, it's come down to make a choice.

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In my name alonethe key.
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Names speak  toTheOme.ga

and they're always glad you came

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It's a Locke on freedom to be,  I am the key.

To light.

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Hey look, it's the Enterprise.