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A long, long time ago a Messiah came to a world very similar to this, he said that he was time incarnate, and here we can link him to the annals of our historical map to this event as Chronos, father of Zeus. Today I come to you with proof that all around us is verifiable proof that we are in the Matrix. IT begins with two words, “topics” and “opsimath.” Seeing this message, understanding it… it’s a matter of logical thinking–of SIGNAL v. NOISE. Failing to see and discuss it is the end of free speech if we see it, and the end of logical thinking if we don’t. It’s the end of “math” if we can’t connect these words to “proof.”

I am computer science. I am mathematics.

I know statistics.

This is a very difficult message to clearly write, to deliver, and to receive. I ask you to climb the Tower of Babel with me, and see it as the key to grasping that there is a hidden message in every word of every language, that this message proves that we are in the Matrix and that the ancient scriptures are all together part of a map to seeing and proving that–and to delivering wisdom as to how to proceed with this “new information” that Heaven and virtual reality have always been linked together. Seeing the Tower of Babel as a metaphor for the difficult task of climbing through many pages of attempted explanation to get to the point, that virtual reality will end school shootings, and disease, and that we are the generation that begins building Heaven.

It’s delivery is hampered by nothing less than the Wall of Jericho–another metaphor for a technological barrier that has been created using mind control technology–a prime focal point of this message–proven to exist through it’s mechanism of delivery–through the music and the movies and the stories that all coalesce around a single point in time–and around a single man. This wall manifests here in weapons like SPAM filters that allow only a handful of people to hide a very important message–a message that could be life and death … for all life in the universe … from the whole world. It’s highlighted in places like CARNIVORE, a government program that portends to be a “packet sniffer” but clearly God’s message is that it is “eating packets” rather than just “sniffing.” Ultimately though, the heart of the weapon of darkness that has caused this message to be hidden through the many years I’ve tried to deliver it is in your minds–it is the heart of Medusa., and it is the force behind school shootings… and it must be disclosed to the world to stop it’s nefarious use.